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everything except a soul

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you'll never get your foreskin back
your rabbi ate it and gave you herpes
now you're just an inbred jewboi with a half eaten cock and herpes LOL KEK LMAO

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This guy gasses!

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checked and keyed.

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don't you think you have enough?

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we should all be following the jews example

starting with expel all muslims from the western world

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said no greek philosopher ever

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>we should all be following the jews example

>starting with gangmolesting our 8 day old inbred boys and passing around the baby cock to chew on

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TSMT there are no better business people than the jews.

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>TSMT there are no better child molesters than the jews.

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Jewchads stay winning

>da jews be oppresssin us n shieeet we dindu nuffin
Thats the same cope niggers use

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>>we should all be following the jews example
>>starting with gangmolesting our 8 day old inbred boys and passing around the baby cock to chew on

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>jewchads stay winning

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>>>we should all be following the jews example
>>>starting with gangmolesting our 8 day old inbred boys and passing around the baby cock to chew on

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>upholding the tradition and covenant made with them by god the literal creator of everything, bad!

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>low iq inbred jewboy thinks that its cringe cartoons can compete with hundreds of images of his inbred ethnic cult slurping baby blood straight from a freshly chewed off baby cock


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>>>>we should all be following the jews example
>>>>starting with gangmolesting our 8 day old inbred boys and passing around the baby cock to chew on

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ahahaha look at how mad this mudslime is

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>our inbred tradition says we must gang molest and give herpes to every inbred moshe we get from raping our sisters !!1

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>We wuz aryan kangz but dem evil jews be oppressin us. Shieeeeeet we wuz finna live in harmony n build technology an shieet but dem jews be rayciss af mane

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FPBP. /thread

Verification not required.

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Jew chads we can't stop winning.

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I'm waiting for the day when Jews, Whites, and East Asians can all get along with each other.

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>why do they do that? Cuz god told them to

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>Jew chads we can't stop winning.

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We are getting along fine, it is just that a small minitroy of losers try to blame da ebil jooz for their own shortcomings.

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jews were atoning for their sins to cleanse their souls back when your ancestors were still performing human cannibal sacrifices. cope, you come from a backwards people. nothing can ever change this. cope.

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>why do we do that? cuz we can't get enough inbred jewboi babbycocks
t.low iq inbred jewboi with herpes

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>ackshually we da mastah race! Jews just walk us around on leashes because Uhh... They hella nepotistic n shieet

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the inbred jewbois in this thread are having a herpes flairup LMAO

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We Jews are evil and machiavellian though.

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>It is da jooz fault that I am incel, poorfag, loser without a future because they are keeping me down and shieeet.

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I would rather be poor/homeless than be a circumcised billionaire. Thank GOD I wasn't born jewish

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Jews aren't happy. They're neurotic, paranoid schizos.

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>I was about to lose my virginity and finally have sex. I was laying naked in bed with my waifu pillow. Right as my dick was about to penetrate her a jewish mossad agent broke through my door and grabbed my cock and put it back in my pants.. I hate evil jews its all their fault im a virgin loser!

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they aren't just cut, they got sucked on by the whole inbred ethnic cult and now they have an incurable STD despite being incel jewbois and that really fucked them up in the head, so much so that they are schizos posting retarded cartoons to cope with the fact that their mommy had them molested for the tribe

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Reminder that every Joo has at least $1 million that he “earned”, they don’t steal through multiple doors of separation. Ok goyem?

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>Da ebil jooz are just a bunch of inbred cultists with stds who control everything in my daily life, this is why white people are superior or something.

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>i'm about to take my inbred jewboi meds

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Daily reminder that the IQ difference between a jew and a white is bigger then between a white and a nigger.
Imagine losing to a group whos total population is less then 15 million. Theres no clearer case of supremacy then the stunning success of the jews. They didnt even have to use brute force like a savage nigger. Jews conquered the planet without having to fire a shot. They have done what not even rome at its height could accomplish. They have taken over the world purely through using their minds. The colonizing done by whites pales in comparison, conquering some savages with sticks and stones is nothing compared to subtly conquering all countries and their standing armies.

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>Daily reminder that the IQ difference between a jew and a white is bigger then between a white and a nigger.
>Imagine losing to a group whos total population is less then 15 million. Theres no clearer case of supremacy then the stunning success of the jews. They didnt even have to use brute force like a savage nigger. Jews conquered the planet without having to fire a shot. They have done what not even rome at its height could accomplish. They have taken over the world purely through using their minds. The colonizing done by whites pales in comparison, conquering some savages with sticks and stones is nothing compared to subtly conquering all countries and their standing armies.

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Yeah, the idea of getting sucked off at birth is really weird and there's no way that's good for a child. But what's really fucked up, in my opinion, is the permanent mutilation that is forced upon jewish/american babies. 99% of the sensitivity in my dick comes from my frenulum area, which, from what I've seen, gets completely removed during a circumcision in most cases. You couldn't pay me $100 billion to willingly undergo such a procedure desu. I thank my lucky stars every day that I wasn't born into a genital mutilation culture

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Imagine having pictures of babies getting their dick sucked saved on your device lmao
>no fair these jews get a complimentary bj when theyre born and im still a virgin at 35

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>I'm actually quite normal
>da jooz are ruining my life I swear look at these based an redpilled memes on my phone
>*scrolls past dead minorities and pedobait to the debunked /pol/tard infographics*

>oh no no no you see the dead black people and lolis are for BTFOing libtards on anonymous imageboards, you don't understand

>heh this one is my favorite, how can you bake 6 millions cookies in a oven that's impossible kek
>Chud, there were hundreds running non stop over the years, there were so many the had to dig holes to bake them all
>uhhh.... ummm..... errr.....
>(Whispers) ...s-shut the f-fuck up k-k-ike.

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based, being born into the low iq jew cult is hell on earth and every single one of these coping jewbois implicitly agree that they would have rather been a street shitter in india and kept their foreskin than be born to a tribe of inbreds that have been gang molesting their infants for over 6 thousands years

I love the jewboi cope everyone, keep it up

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>imagine being born to an inbred jew cult that not only does all this fucked up shit but also takes pictures of it and posts them on the internet where it's easily found with the safe search feature on

LOL you got molested by your rabbi LMAO

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Must be a goy thing to be obsessed with dicks. Jews are getting that money while the 35 year old unemployed goycel is busy seething online and going through his dick folders. Cant really be surprised when they take over the world now

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I love this inbred jewboi cope
take a look at your little chewed off cock and have a laugh with me, low iq jewboi

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>im obsessed with other guys dicks
Ok maybe if you focused on your own dick you would lose your virginity and have a family by now.
Instead youre sitting next to your crusty fleshlight taped to your cartoon waifu while the orthodox jews are busy raising and educating their 9 kids.

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>being happy about the fact that you didn't get the MOST sensitive parts of your dick cut off and sucked by Rabbi Shekelstein means that you're "obsessed with dicks"
Whatever helps you cope at night, Moishe

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>while the orthodox jews are busy molesting and eating every infant they can get their hands on

t.inbred jewboi with a half eaten cock

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>not right now mom!!! im busy talking about jewish guys dicks online, im saving the white race!

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>not right now mom!!! im busy fucking my sister so I can make a new little boy to molest for the inbred ethnic cult

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>NOOOOOOO you cant keep your race pure like that!!! You gotta love that bbc like me!!!

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Molesting baby dicks is LITERALLY CENTRAL to your entire religion. Yeah, it's totally the goys who are obsessed with dicks, and not the jewish rabbis who constantly harp on about the importance of chopping up/sucking off literal babies. Give me a fucking break. Your pilpul is beyond pathetic. This is why people hate jews. You're a bunch of child-mutilating, baby-raping, unapologetic, dishonest pieces of shit, and everything you accuse everyone else of doing is merely a projection of your own behavior

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KEK and there's the thread's first honest, inbred jewboi

>> No.53803152

Inbreeding is the polar opposite of race mixing. So the purer the genes the better right? If jews are inbred than that means theyre the purest, you are a mutt in comparison to their highly refined genes

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>here's why inbreeding and child molesting is high IQ
t.inbred, low iq jewboi with herpes

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This is how the /pol/ack is born. Passed on from one chud to the next.

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>This is how the seething, schizo jewboi is born. Passed on from one rabbi's mouth to the next.

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holyshit, this is the best thread i've ever made.

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>holyshit, this is the best babycock i've ever sucked.

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Jew” and “Judean” are the English words most often used to translate the Greek term ioudaios (plural: ioudaioi). Exactly which word to use, however, is a controversial issue. In literal terms, ioudaios refers to someone who lives in or is from the Roman province of Judea. It also used, however, to refer to people from other parts of the Roman Empire, such as the Galilee, Rome, and Asia Minor. These ioudaioi may have had a close, distant, or no connection at all to Judea, but they did share basic commitments and practices of the ioudaioi who lived in Judea. For example, they viewed the Torah as divine revelation, circumcised their infant sons, and observed the Sabbath and festivals mentioned in the Torah.

Until the early years of the twenty-first century, ioudaios was generally translated into English as “Jew.” Two main factors have led some scholars to prefer “Judean” over “Jew.” One stems from the “critical religion” debate, according to which “religion” is a modern Christian and European category that cannot be applied to the ancient world. According to this view, “Jew” is a religious label; if there was no such thing as ancient Jewish religion, then the ioudaioi could not have been “Jews” in our modern sense of the term.

>> No.53803573

The second is an ethical consideration. Most ancient texts, such as the writings of Philo and Josephus, use ioudaios in a neutral, descriptive way. The same is true throughout the New Testament, which refers, for example, to Jewish practices and festivals (e.g., John 2:6, John 2:13). Some New Testament texts, however, use the term negatively, for example, in describing ioudaioi as the devil’s children (John 8:44) and accusing them of killing Jesus (1Thess 2:15) and persecuting his followers (John 9:22; John 10:31). The ethical concern is that translating ioudaios as “Jew” for all New Testament occurrences may foster anti-Judaism or anti-Jewish prejudices today.

For these reasons, some scholars suggest that it is both more precise and more ethical to translate ioudaios as “Judean” rather than “Jew.”

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Everything except a foreskin.

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>you should be happy losing

>> No.53803673

I will own everything and you won't be happy. Jesus told us how to be happy for free and it is to reject material things.

>> No.53804164

Man the foreskin covenant is actually such a weird part of the old testament... I understand the cope of someone who had it done to them now just having to deal because they can't do anything about it but it's such a weird thing to have as central to your religion

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Looks like (((they))) sent out the damage control

>> No.53804409

yahweh is a fucking nigger?

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>green id & digits claim this

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The reason polcels hate jews so much is because theyre losers, being such losers drove them to turn to nazism where they can cope by telling themselves theyre the master race of demigods to drown out the failure. They love comparing themselves to lowly niggers because it makes them feel good and superior. They might be broke virgin failures but atleast theyre not some hood nigger on welfare. They hate jews because they throw a wrench in this whole little cope superiority complex, the jews are a small group which are overrepresented in all fields, with a long history of talent and success, this tiny group is somehow able to exert disproportional power across the whole planet and subtely enslave everyone else. Incels love jacking off to whites people owning slaves and shitting on niggers for it, yet when you point out they are the slaves of jews they go berserk. The jews are so powerful they have become synonymous with the 1% or the elite. The existence of Jews and their savvy intelligence is the closest thing to a master race that the world has.
Incels love jacking off to ww2 germany yet they suffered a devestating defeat, the nazis were defeated by jews without having to use their own manpower. Maybe thats why losers are attracted to histories losers. Meanwhile israel is undefeated and won every war it every participated in, that looks more like a master race than some loser nazis committing mass suicide. With daddy hitler the meth addict schizo blowing his brains out like an incel school shooter. Hahahahha

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You can do that anon with crypto you can own your money, pay for anything across the globe without any fee and own it. Financial freedom is what we need and now with web3 it's possible.

>> No.53806201

when you consider the fact that palestine never really existed and has always been part of lebanon/syria, jordan, and egypt you realise how psyopped even the anti-israel side is.
I would just like to say I was circumcised and while I wish I wasn't, it doesn't make much of a difference to me because sex is already shoved down my throat to begin with, if I could go my whole life without thinking about it I wouldn't mind one bit. I have a girlfriend and everytime after doing the deed an overwhelming sense of guilt overcomes me, frankly i prefer the celibate life.

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Everyone laughs at chuds

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