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Which coin/token should I invest in to have 4500 dollars in 2 months?

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transportation to work

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Checked and it's ogn
Probably will get your x10 or even more in 1 month

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That zoomed out all-time chart convinced me. I just bought a little less than 3000OGN

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wtf even is it tho

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its on binance so its less likely to be a giga-scam and chart looked good enough thats sufficient for me

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1 Link = 1 Döner, heute wie auch in 2 Monaten

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Check this one out then

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Doesn't look trustworthy because it doesn't show that it's been as high or higher before. Wouldn't invest. MCap?

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Ill give you data:
>Ticker: VINU
>MCAP 13 M
Pic for ATH

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You still need more LINK op

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Isn't it funny that I was here when LINK was shilled in early 2018 at around 40 cents and I thought that it was an organized mass-shill campaign and that LINK was a scam? I remember how one anon back then said that he would just buy some LINK because he would unironically kill himself it LINK was legit and he would end up missing out despite seeing like 15link threads around the clock on /biz/. And isn't it also funny that I had 20k back then, which I have since lived off of, that I could have invested in LINK at .40$, giving me 50k LINK which I could have sold at $50 for 2.5 million dollars? didnt buy a single link. it do be funny
link had its time though and aint going in 2-digit territory any time soon again.
case and point: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8nEPWUFgfvk

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You might be the lucky one in the new era of Allianceblock. Make sure you get NXRA immediately after distribution unless your generation will remain 450 dollars poor.

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shave some homeless guys, take out a loan in their name, give them a sandwich and a bottle of beer in return

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sorry, didn't see that this was yet another embarrassing shill thread. i change my answer to fuck off

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Not my favorite, i bought it when I was extremely drunk, fortunately i made over 25% gain on it,
also got Ride in my radar for long term as crypto moves more into the automobile industry.
You sons of bitches, you really got me thinking about link now. Seems like its well regarded in here

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ORE, you are welcome.

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I just don't understand why people put money into this cumdumpster. CVP is ×10 better than some crap

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If you could consider an identity management project, that'd be better

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Just listed on MEXC, I already bagged, wagmi.

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A very good niche to invest in outside AI currently.

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I've been staking this on Polygon, over 100% apy.

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ORE will be a good option, since web3 is gaining more adoption, tendency of seeing good price is possible

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YLA, get some good liquidity mining rewards

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Web3 is the new way to go

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Fuck this

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A good choice to invest in outside Privacy project currently.

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bitcoin is the only way