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Largest transaction in 8 months.
What do they know?

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is 50 link enough to make it ?

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is $4.05 million enough for you?

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yes moving from sergeys wallet to binance DUMPING as we speak

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thats a lot of burgers!

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Why would anyone move that many tokens iunless they were going to market dump them all?

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they're going to sell them and use the money to buy more LINK. bullish.

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We see that happen all over the place with other tokens. It's no big deal. Get used to it and stop panicking. Could be lots of reasons.

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Sergey is about to unleash the biggest dump linkies have every know. Like a full week of McDonald’s binge without a single bowel movement until now…

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SWIFT upgrade on march 1st

whole board full of literal retards completely numb to loaves of bread (yes, link alpha is no longer breadcrumbs, the entire tradfi infrastructure is like "yup we're going to transition to link in a month" and nobody listens, only listen to 'breadcrumbs' from 'asscummer' and 'chainlinkGOD'

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good because if the kikes think we sold our link theyll allow the price to go up

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Its just sergey getting ready to dump his 50m in Q1

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>last nuclear non-proliferation between russia and usa just ended

the world is quite literally going to enter a dark age no matter what happens. I've been holding 10k link for 5 years and I have no hope for the future, we're all under attack and money isn't going to help when you can't breathe, find food or withdraw shit.

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I have accumulated 500+ Link in the last 12 months. Yes I am a poorfag. I had 0 Link 12 months ago. I also became a born again Christian in the last 24 months. Coincidence? Perhaps.

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operation 2:16 dragon killer

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This is such a midwit take, and it pisses me off every time I see it. March is simply when SWIFT makes iso 200022 available to everyone. It isn’t some magic “now we use link” switch. God you fucking room temp IQ niggers make us look bad. ISO 200022 is a more data rich format which when combined with link ( and subsequently CCIP) has incredible capabilities, but there isn’t some magic march 16th all banks use LINK event happening. It’s simply another (yet important) milestone in the long road to adoption. I suggest you read up a bit so you don’t look like a fucking retard.

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This Bulgarian would be less angry at the world if the jews hadn't convinced him to remove his penis. Many such cases. Sad. Very sad.

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I’ve been bagholding since ICO kid, room temp iq niggers shouldn’t be posting literal lies like “march 1st everyone gonna use link!!” In march the capability to use link meaningfully is unlocked. You’re kidding yourself if you think there isn’t a ton of work left to do. Lmao it’s pathetic you can’t even tell someone their factually incorrect without niggers nigging on this board. Better just keep spouting stuff that isn’t true and make us all look stupid, right?

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You will never be a real woman.

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Yes that’s five suicide stacks for cryin out loud

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Hey fuckface faggot
I think people got the gist of what I meant
Obviously laggards are going to lag but the ability to utilize LINK = companies that aren't using link now are going to have option to use link = companies will begin using link because it is best option = pricey go uppy

Please post six more reddit posts about why technically adoption of world changing technology that requires companies to pay to use on both sides will somehow not decrease demand for token

That is what we need is another fucking insane goalposts moving session by the heroic LINK fudders you're so fucking cool dude!!!! You're like the 4chan sheriff making sure everyone knows that you think link demand is actually bad!!

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you sound really mad kek

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>posts factually incorrect information
>seethes when pointed out
Lol, lmao even. Take a moment of introspection (if that’s possible at >100 IQ levels, I don’t know.) and ponder why you’re getting so fumed over someone who wants the same outcome as you telling you how it is.

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>>100 IQ
Its <100 IQ anon not >100IQ
If you want to call them below 100 that is. i am being an ass i know idc

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Thank you for this. I'm sick of the moonfag zoomers who don't know how to discern schizo hopium from reality. It's good to know there are some linkies who can look at this shit with a clear head still.

Chainlink/CCIP will almost inevitably be needed indefinitely if blockchains continue to be interesting to tradfi firms and govt central banks but this March date isn't going to be some qanon capitol raid tier switch that's being flipped. Instead, as you said, it's a key/enabling feature (a messaging format) which aligns closely with Chainlink's vision for how they can create DONs and features which benefit SWIFT connected banks, which truly does mean a lot but it's not like people everywhere will be running on CCIP/Chainlink's rails this year. That's just delusion.

Before you call me a fudding faggot, I wish all the hopium was true - I bought in 2017 and have been staking since day 1 but I'm just not going to be some retard who's going to speculate on some coincidental overlap of events in March.

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iso 200022 isnt link related the same as swift gpi has fundamentally nothing to do with blockchain or link

there are just primed for blockchain and data usage for link
think of swift gpi link etc.

so releasing the iso standard will do nothing for link initially
banks are notoriously slow moving at that
we would be lucky if we see something substantial by the end of the decade
2-3 year release delay for the start of iso readyness lol

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>investing in the antichrist beast system for hopes of material riches

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when will i be a trillionaire

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>hating the antichrist
>worshipping an egyptian god of chaos

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>since ICO, kid
>5 and a half years ago, 'kid'

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This… but I’m not eating bugs. That’s why I bought. Knew Link was a catch 22 from the start

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The companies have debuted a “Cross-Chain Interoperability Protocol” to let SWIFT messages instruct on-chain token transfers. It will help the network become interoperable across various blockchain environments.
It comes as banks have needed homogenous connectivity with finances, and SWIFT is still a core gateway for new markets.


There is every reason to be hopeful of an announcement concerning Chainlink by Swift in March. Also, the date you're thinking of is the 20th March, not 16th.
Cue seething.

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Saturn in Pisces my melanated gents

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Whatever it is, it's priced in because fags.

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I hope you’re right and the prophecy gets fulfilled. But I remember how many of us got excited for Smartcon 22 and got cucked.

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hopium still valid unless we crash to a new low after april

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Why can't link just have an eth like run this year? I know everyone wants to be "le realistic grounded non moonboi" but what the fuck, why can't link just pull a 2017 eth? Its literally the first actual usecase we've ever seen for crypto. I feel like people are screaming there can't be a switch flip moment just to be contrarian and shout down potential moonbois, when in reality that might be exactly what it is. Think about it, if it were going to be a slow buildup you'd already see speculators piling into link and the price starting to move. They aren't, which means one of two things, the project is fucking dead, or its going to moon so fucking hard your head will spin and anons not holding link when it happens will likely kill themselves just like the ones who missed 2017 eth.

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pointless speculation is pointless. money shamanism is stupid and so are you

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This is dumb, ISO20022 is just a standard, the swift DLT isn’t even ready until 2025 at the earliest they said, there’s zero volume to be had there. All ISO20022 means is that custodial tech providers will update their back end to send and receive in ISO20022, I would be extremely surprised if they didnt keep the front end formatting to MT100-200 from the ISO20022 as well, given the boomers.

And to top this off, swift isn’t depreciating MT200 for years anyway after this update.

Cope and rope linkies, cope and rope

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Why would it crash after April?

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Let's compare ETH and LINK
Unhinged mentally ill trannies in fur suits = good for illuminati plans = moon
Schizoid Nazis that go against the grain = bad for Illuminati plans = no moon
Literally that simple

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I'm not saying it will. I'm saying that according to the pic link's low will be occur at some point up until april. So if we don't make a new low after that point, nothing in the pic has been contradicted. If we do make a new low after april, then the pic will have been wrong.

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>Why can't link just have an eth like run this year?
the world is literally on the teetering edge of war and America is being led into damnation by psychopathic elites. How much weed do you smoke? This isn't a fucking joke

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>America is being led into damnation by psychopathic elites
Those elites were our founding fathers you motherfucking nigger show some respect

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>the world is literally on the teetering edge of war and America is being led into damnation by psychopathic elites. How much weed do you smoke? This isn't a fucking joke
he fell for the (((narrative))). ngmi

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>doesn’t understand hotel California

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checking those digits. Link to $100 in March. More by end of year. Checkem.

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Unfortunately this anon is right. I have a good sized link stack. There isn't anything pointing to swift magically using link in March.
There are however long term plans for the use of link in their settlement process.

All these retards who shill these fake dates or milestones don't create any pumps at all, they just result in people selling when they realise another bit of fake hopium is gone.

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The fud this attracts is again unreal
Nobody ever said that on midnight march first, banks will mass buy link to process their transaction
It was always after this point it can no longer be hidden and the price manipulation down stops and turns into max accumulation
Speculators always frontrun known inside information and this is far more capable of generating the moonshot talked about then slow real world demand ever could

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stfu fudster faggot

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How is that fud retard

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