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That most of the L2s research are fluff. And that the only players in the L1s game that made improvements or try to improve the landscape are Fantom and Avalanche, With Solana as question mark.

Did this rugpuller forget Cosmos? And he clearly talk shit about Rollups, They'll be functional by 2025-2026, I'm sure about it.



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Andre is based

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>Credentials: wrote solidity code
Sure, your opinion matters.

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yes Charles, writing code is how you get "thousands of dapps"

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Seems a tiny bit silly to say L2s/roll ups aren't a thing when Ethereum's 2 biggest both have more TVL than FTM. They're clearly functional right now

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andre is a cancerous scammer who looks like a crook

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whatever he'll just keep doing the work while you all complain

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>Scammer that rugged multiple projects has opinion
Who cares?

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>My tech is better
>it does the same as the other tech for a user
>but its better
>use it
lol, no

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pretty much this

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And all his iterations fail while others reap the fruits of his labor dismissing him as a scammer, a reputation that sticks like dried shit

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can you point to on the doll where FTM hurt you?

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What do trannies have to do with the scammer. I am confused

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okay, so you were anally abused, this is good. we're making progress.

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What? Most female to male trannies are bro tier, it's the male to female that are mentally ill faggots

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> inb4 TVL is a useless metric
How about DEX volume then: https://defillama.com/dexs/chains ?

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This retard literally abandons everything he makes after a few weeks. Why would he think he is some authority on any longevity and scalable solutions?

Im so tired of this fucking nigger why is he appearing again?

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Go pave your cave you fuckin’ caveman.

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why is fantom bad price !! this sisterfucker promised

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They are coming back
3AC guys are back too. Oof

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>andre conjob
he just plays the oldest conman trick in the book by conning you to believe he is the good guy "hey look there are scams there" and then you trust him with your money

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what wad that ftmbros

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extremely healthy organic growth sell it all