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bought LINK at $20

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If you're still holding op, congratulations, you made it through the tough part. Somehow I doubt you are though

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Average price


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That is because your a stupid nigger.
>There exist other wef related coins, but instead youre going to listen to these deadbeat bandwagoning last minute "hurhirharbehur imma be rich buying a coin that can bring me a x10" nigaboo.

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Were gonna make it fellow marine

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Many will be jealous you got it so cheap in the future

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>Bought at $12
>sold at $34
Felt like shit when it went to $50 but eh, not that bad consider current price

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10x is fud

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did you dca?

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Whatever you want to believe Also do that thing you do when confronted with facts do don't want to hear. You know the thing where you put your fingers in your ears and go "LALALLALA I CAN'T HEAR YOU LALALA" whilst slamming your head into a hard surface. somehow you all are experts at running from uncomfortable truths.
>Sometimes it's better to live the lie.

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it's gonna be worth $1000 in a few years anon. Just trust the plan fellow linkmarine. Sergey of Nazareth will deliver us to the promised land

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You'll be in the green before you know it.

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old ponzi bro. There's new ponzis now bro

You were one of those greedy slurpers who slurped the dips all the way to 15k BTC

Got what you deserved.