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None and I mean absolutely none of you are shilling yhe top performing assets as per the picrel. Where were the APT shills? Where were the RPL shills? Where were the FTM shills? GRT shills? No instead you shill me the scams, the pump-proof shitcoins like Chainst!nk, Algoshit, Scamluna, XRP schizophrenia . Fuck you. I’m done staying poor with the rest of you retarded brainlets.

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>FTM shills
As someone who’s been holding Fantom for 3 years and unironically made it from Fantom but still browse this shithole from time to time — we’ve always been here but biz just hate making money.

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I hold HBAR and I can confirm the presence of FTM shills
this means >>53771764 is a faggot

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No joke I shill/ make threads on rpl when it pumps and anons either think I’m scamming them because it’s pumping or tell me to shut up so they can accumulate more. Obviously that token is going to go parabolic long term. Was buying before they launched…

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There was a fuckton of GRT and FTM shills in early 2021 wtf are you talking about lol

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What’s the point in us shilling coins with shitty liquidity? I don’t know about you but in this bear market my stack is too big to trade alts.
And people were shilling FTM for the record, your adhd brain was dostracted by the slide threads.

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Yeah you are a complete moron. I've been stacking GRT, ICP and FIL solely because of biz. All the other ones you mention sound like shit tho. I just stick to 3.

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>just hate making money
You have no money, you're literally a pajeet.

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you’re a newfag simple as is. the biz code is sell whats being shilled and buy whats being fudded. welcome new fren

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But Xrp is the ultimate play

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Correct. This is /biz/, not an airport so you would convey that there's no need to announce your departure aka gtfo and see you tomorrow

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There were APT shills but you would've had to buy after and 80% drawdown

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There's almost always a grt thread up since it launched. I also hold mina specifically because /biz/ never talks about it. Stop being so new.

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lurk moar.

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Check out Holochain and stfu

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You didn't even mention VELO. wtf is VELO? its mooning whatever it is

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FTM was being shilled here when it was 180 sats dude. many years ago.

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>stacking GRT, ICP and FIL solely because of biz.
Yup. This place has been a goldmine lately. Don't forget PRQ.

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It was total crickets here when anyone brought up AI or Fetch AI when it was 8 cents. Anyone who made it left biz years ago

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AI coins were being shilled. you just didn't pay attention. anything goes on /biz/ first and last. /biz/ is both the stealth mode signal of ta pump and the top signal of a pump.

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>we’ve always been here but biz just hate making money
Truer words have never been spoken. The people here are married to their misery.

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based catapultooooor

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I could remember getting in hot of the likes of OCEAN, FET, and ASTO(one of syloNFT partners), and boy don't even get me started on how good the scalping of AGIX gave me some sweet ass flips.

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GNS tops everything on this interms of 90 day return

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FTM GRT ICP MATIC HBAR SOL all have been shilled here repeatedly

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>APT shills
There were plenty.
>FTM shills?
There are plenty. There's Fantom generals every now and then with decent activity and predictions and TA readings, all there laid out for you, retard proof.
>GRT shills?

YOU choose to go for the -inu dogcoin rugpulls you stupid fucking mongoloid. Pisses me off just how blind you are.
Buy POND by the way :)

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you are blind as fuck dude, it's nobody's fault but yourself.

go buy more pajeet oins off telegram since that seems to be your superpower. avoid anything good and buy the trash.

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>he unironiccally fell for the AI coin meme

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Loads of these coins are shilled here regularly

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Not our fault you get distracted by the millionth "i can't sexo it makes me depresso" or "your take on the political is critical" or "read my headline on the western decline" threads.
All the things you mentioned are shilled all of the times.
The glow is just blinding you. Cries for medication deafen too. These agents accuse any mention of the jew.
Reject the opinionated to avoid the illuminated.
Seek the articulated and your desire will be satiated.

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Anon, OmegaMaker and 100X anon have literally been spoon feeding us a steady diet of PRQ GRT and FIL. Try understanding their logic system.

The LCX and SOL niggas have been talking industrial amounts of shit. Think about why they are confident assholes. Do your homework.

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Why you keep pics of nogs on your harddrive, anon?

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RAIL, buy now and don't come back crying.

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AI and Privacy tokens is what is trending, bobos who miss this will have to be a wagie till after the next bullrun.

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yes but the A.I pump narrative just ran for 4 months. I profited a bit on it but I think it needs a cool down now. I am buying into VAI for my A.I play and privacy well I've always been a moneroChad so. I don't think privacy is a trend this run. I'm stacking sats and some AI coins. also some "for sure not security PoW" plays like RVN and DGB.

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dumb to think privacy is not a trend but retarded to think AI is ded, multiple personality disorder. At least you got some good low caps.

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FTM & GRT get shilled non-stop retard.

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privacy is not a trend. sadly. I have a big unknown amount of monero for a long time.

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he's riding tripfag dick in that very post

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>TAO, ASTO and RLC on my radar for AI
>Privacy gems: Azero, Sylo, and Panther protocol.

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Ftm is so fucking dead, yeah read my lips.

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Putting it to his face these ones are based AF

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AGIX a 5year old token brought back the spice to AI, and then the likes of OCEAN, ROSE, ASTO followed suit, it led the way, these notion of saying that AI is ded is as a result of stupid ass degen plays on NoiseGpt.

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i bought 100k fantom for like 900 bucks

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It was shilled here at 2 cents

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shit man, i should have bought while it was still under 1 cent :'(

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why does a token even exist for an eth staking service

it's over

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ICP is shilled here non-stop unlike anywhere else and it’s near the top of your gay little list so I don’t know what you’re on about OP.

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You forgot that $40 EOY is FUD! fren.

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Have you tried opening a thread and ever shilling anything good to these morons except chailink/monero/avax and some meme coins.

It doesn't work, they're oblivious to good advice.

Most people invest good till they have 6 figures then they start believing in longterm technology and all that shit.

Look at their portfolios, they're just eth/link/btc and it's 6 figure hell.

You can't talk sense to these people, this board isn't what it used to be.

Any any tips from here what made me money are the threads that got ignored, those few anons who nobody even bothered to replied to lol.

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AI narrative is still good for a good run imo alongside some Data monetization projects like Ocean Protocol and AllianceBlock.

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Dropping in a few data monetisation protocols to get you the perfect portfolio so i will be going for AllianceBlock and Ocean Protocol.

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>Top performing
Hahahahahahahaha holy kek

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>Alliance block
I sold this shit at $0.80 like 2 years ago and it's $0.003 now

How are they even affording to pay you shills now? It's rugged and dead.

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You sounded like you were smart but your foolishness couldn't let go of you, the token is being redistributed as NXRA now but you won't know that since you are dumb.

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I know all of those mentioned except RPL
Can /biz/ tell me what is it?

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You didnt even mention TRIAS which is up 6x since December. This board is absolute shit tier now

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95% of biz is depressed, pessimistic, low-IQ, constantly complaining, angry-at-life, attacking/defending egos

biz has some of the lowest of the lowest scums of society
this board quality has gotten pretty garbage over the years
all the OG's have left or just lurk and barely post

even if you find alpha, or share alpha, you are sharing it with the lowest scums of society

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Where do you guys go nowadays for your crypto calls?

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now try over the last 4 years retard

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There are still some quality Algoshit coins around thanks to Vestige and the liquidity locker. Has the chain seething

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>spoonfeed me im too dumb to do my own research I QUIT
no loss

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>lowest scums
>lower scums

says the ESL streetshitter

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Where do you guys go for the redditor sentiment/shilling these days? Feels like cryptomoonshots is kinda dead, where are the good new shills at?

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Everyone mentions that all the good alpha is on Twitter these days. But no one tells you who to follow

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Faggots on twitter like Lady of Crypto, James Bull, Defi Mochi, etc. Spotted narratives like perp dexes, real yield, AI etc while biz was still talking about LINK. Biz is not the place for alpha anymore. It's stuck in the past.

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I barely see Arbitrum even mentioned on biz, which goes to show how fucking useless it is.

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Enjoy staying poor

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Duh idiot. Use this place for buy signals. This is nothing more but a condensed version of twitter and CNN. Its like ChatGPT, but instead its a version where NPCs take everything social media and their TV taught them today, and then they regurgitate it. Use that information to make your decisions. Its actually pretty easy.

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tldr, do the opposite of what these braindead faggots say.

protip: they think we are in a bear market and incoming recession and WW3, etc. So what did I teach you?

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Calling privacy gem without RAIL & SCRT is quite an oversight

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Now go and buy ORE before you come back crying.

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Who here bought?
This tommyonxrp guy is a german genius

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don't forget ID management solutions, those are the ones to watch out for.

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I got this before the mexc listing last week, I'm on some good gain already.

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High-IQ GRT shills were appearing in late night threads every couple of months, you just need to lurk moar and learn to filter out low-IQ noise

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Janitors and mods DELETE all the good stuff on that list, it's not a fucking joke. Janitors and mods on /biz/ are purposefully turning this place into a shithole while shilling their own scams.
Every janitor and moderator is a scammer in disguise shilling his pump & dump scams while deleting the legit projects.

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same but with GNS.
We shilled here but once we got rich we kinda left biz to the losers that fudded our threads.

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I was always advise you about GRT Sir

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yes, this board is full of shitcord pajeets protected by mods from being banned for good. what do your expect. Also you are part of a shitcord pump and dump group holding specific bags
nobody is going to buy any of your groups bags.

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sir i tell you GRT for weeks. sir please join thread next time. this is sandeep from india we welcome you to grt

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Crypto is over. We're preparing to revamp this place into an acutal business and finance board without retard scams.
Or at least less-retarded scams.

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Where is the good alternative tho
Fuck jannies btw

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Not /biz/ fault you only click on shitcoin threads. I've seen all that shit you named repeatedly for the past 2 years.

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>Where were the FTM shills?
Right here the whole time.

>GRT shills
Also right here.