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Did anyone listen to the Chainlink interview with the Space and Time DB guys?

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why did he do that?

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The twitter one?
I listened a bit but not really

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got a link or transcript?

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I put it on but fell asleep on my bed as I was really tired and woke up as it was finishing. A summary would be good if anyone heard it

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Has everyone seen that thread on here going around called "CIA explains what Magick is?"

I've researched this topic prior to that thread but basically consciousness and thoughts actually direct reality.

If enough people visual a specific outcome intently for long periods of time the universe actually rearranges itself to manifest the given outcome.

That being said the more extreme the outcome varies from current reality than the more conscious energy(prana) it requires along with more time.

Honestly just consider the whole visualize copy pasta that started with Chainlink since the beginning.

YOU MANIAC etc. OGs know what I'm talking about. Even newfags have probably seen it as well.

So everyday visualize Elon Musk tweeting out something that is obviously Chainlink related. Take just a few minutes and see it in your "mind's eye".

This isn't that far off from reality either. It wouldn't take a lot thought to catapult a simple tweet into the zeitgeist.

When a certain thought permeates the ether it spreads to others in their vicinity. Especially if these people are high vibrational individuals. In fact it can be so pervasive that as a high vibratory person your thoughts and emotions enter people's minds just being around them and they believe its their own. They have what they believe is a random thought but its not.

The occult elites of the world understand this phenomenon and its why they spend infinite amounts of resources and currency in order to implant thoughts in the minds of the masses via propaganda because the efforts are seriously amplified because the affected spread it as well.

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it was really hard to listen to, so many words without saying anything

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Everyone has seen every thread here, we're probably 20-30 people. And that was just one page, you'd need the whole document.

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This was figured out in 2017-2018 when we started YOU ARE A MANIAC

Its also one of the main reasons why we started FUD campaign on reddit, those fucks are retarded brainlets ruining meme magic

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honestly it would be pretty based if transcript anon showed up for this stuff, since apparently there's no recording. it would be a real service (not that it isn't anyway, but it would be moreso i think)

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I would but I saw the mewtwo-guy there

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sergey should have FIRED HIS ASS after... the incident