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ICP bros

Wtf is happening?

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timeline shifted. prepare for the short squeeze.

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manmun here

new timelines, bobos will be expunged from existence

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>it has to go up forever
>to suggest otherwise just displays your ignorance
stay poor and stupid

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Complete Bobo eradication faggot I know you liked those green dildos faggot

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low volume pumps and whales are locked up

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>it has to go up forever
>to suggest otherwise just displays your ignorance
Imagine having the audacity to post this bullshit after ICP was perma dumped since its inception.

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the moment there's a market rally the dumping can't continue. Simply not enough circulating

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>low volume pump
wrong. i've made money in low volume markets and you have no idea what you are talking about.

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i mean relatively

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Every ICP shill is a grassroots community marketer who gets paid in ICP to do it. They reply to themselves with different IDs and create lots of fake interest and discussion. If you browse /biz/ for a few days you'll see how inorganic all of this is. Their objective is to make you buy ICP, hold it and maybe even stake it (for a negative inflation adjusted yield, which they will lie about). They will manipulate you with hope, technojargon, ICEEPEE shitcoins and dreams of riches while getting paid by higher-ups who slowly dump on retail with the tokens they created for themselves for free. Go look at EOS/ETH chart and read about the history of EOS. This is the exact same scam all over again for newfags like you who don't know how this works. Don't fall for it, they are masters at manipulating.


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wtf icp isn’t meant to pump

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what a day
the bottom is finally in

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>45% in profit on ICP

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So much for shorting at 7. Unironically the only time I've ever shorted ICP and it mega pumps. Amazing.

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>bought at $42

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Piss bros….we fuckin did it

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Our first pump. It's like rain hitting the savannah dessert after a decade long drought. It is glorious. Up only from now on. Icp is the best tech in crypto and the foundation upon which web 3 shall be built.

$1000 ICP eoy.

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happy for you piss bros

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ICP: i CAN pumps8kj20

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ICP: i CAN pump

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Dude we did a 2x to $9 end of July. This isn’t the first pump

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what are implying here? i donk know anything about trading

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What the fuck

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guys wtf, im not done acoomulating only have 375PEENORS

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Damn. It tryin' to go.

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I have 2 btc flowers, eth flowers, icp flowers, and all the other gay shit that ludo created. I also have 100 icp liquid. should I sell my NFTs for a total of around 700 ICP or should I hold on to them hoping the price will appreciate?

Im worried if the price of icp moons then the price in ICP value for each NFT will fall. Right now the floor for the btc flower is 160 icp. Thoughts?

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NFT faggots get what they deserve FUCK YOU RAJ

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All of that shit sounds gay

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im honestly super white. I bought the btc flowers as seeds when they were like 10 icp over a year ago. Ive just held onto them and got airdropped the other shit.

im asking for real advice I don't get why people here are such cunts

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eth flowers and icp flowers are trash. should stick with btc flower. sell all the rest and hope you find someone who wants to buy your jpegs

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fuck you faggot

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yes. keep btcf and buy SNS-1

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if you hold NFTs and don't have a single motoko you're a retard. motokos are the only NFT designed by dfinity themselves and will go parabolic if ICP blows up

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7 dollarinos?? WOW! That means you're down 98.9% instead of 99%!
ICPajeets never fail to amuse me.
This is a fake pump to provide some much needed exit liquidity for all the VCs that bought in at 3 cents.
I can't even understand how you idiots were dumb enough to fall for this scam in the first place, but I strongly suggest to sell now and mitigate some of your massive losses. This IS financial advice. Keep holding and you'll lose the rest of your lunch money.
It's your call, retards.

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As an ICP ecosystem dev I can confirm it’s true. Seconds-long response time as a FLOOR means that unless you’re delivering packages or transactions, ICP will always build weaker apps than those built on AWS (the thing ICP claims to subvert).

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Motokos were designed by Jon Ball retard

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ah shit mate, youve convinced me to sell

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I’ll keep holding thanks though.

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At most I’d only sell one flower and swap the ICP for sns-1 tokens, you can just about get 3 for 160 ICP.

I believe keeping a full flower set will be important for airdrops and getting whitelisted into projects and will definitely still go up as ICP goes up, maybe it won’t scale as good in the short term but when icp sees more adaption, good ICP alts and blue chip nft’s will explode. It won’t take a lot of volume for this to happen

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Nigger nobody even shills icp. We try and have a thread and 17 of you fucking jeets shit up the thread with lies like this within minutes of it being posted. Kill yourself you absolute fuck, I'm not selling me pee.

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ooo a bratty one. i'll have fun breaking you. you will enjoy licking my feet and drinking my icy cold pee. :^)

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>expecting real advice from biz
biz is for bragging, fudding, and shilling, leave while you still can

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1000 ICP at a cost average of 3.80
4.5 SNS-1 at a cost average in the low 20s
i will make it

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We're healing.

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Very based. Only 800 and 2.3 here, don't ask my average prices

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ok and deployed by whom? that's what I thought faggot

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Maybe I'll have to begin selling off my hundreds of motokos that I bought last december for around 3 ICP. The cartel sends their regards

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our ascension

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tell me more about this huge collection of hundreds of motokos you own anon. you don't possibly think your specific NFTs will pump by fudding others, do you?

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This is kind of the new normal as ICP is the premiere altcoin and nothing comes close

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Do you really think I'd be dumb enough to keep them all on one wallet? HAHAHAH. You will smell us.

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i do i have 1

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>bought at $56

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Is this true I'm scared bros. I'm all in with 2 cards, 2 mechs, 6 motokos, 2 SNS-1, and 3k piss. This is literally all the money I have invested.

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Then fucking quintople down now bro

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This pump should tell you we’re fine. Basically us and filecoin will be top 10 next round the question though is how high we go. I’ve got 2k piss and 1k piss worth of nfts (mainly cubetopia related). I was an all in fag like yourself til I decided to just buy a btc for leverage. I’d just dca for the rest of 2023 for Bitcoin and keep the icp stack the same unless there are some new nfts or tokens you want.
This is what I’m doing. If icp fails btc will cover my losses and I’ll have a nice profit still

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You did better then most. Congrats.

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He is lifting us up

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ICP is not a scam but Moonman is a scammer.

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ICP has some of the best tech in crypto. Why didn't you average down?

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Same, except I’m hedging more with ICP.
I think and believe it’ll perform admirably in the future.