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What a year kek

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>64% down from ATH
>what a year

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Why is bitcoin acting like shitcoin?

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Gentlemen, I look forward to perusing the wikipedia article of the bobocaust over a cup of bobo tears.

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Up 48% YTD you fucking retard

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Why ISN'T bitcoin acting like a shitcoin?

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>bobo doesn't know what is a reversal looks like

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>what is a reversal looks like
hello streetshitter

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Because it's supposed to be digital gold. Inflation hedge.

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How is that an argument? Holy shit the seething LMAO
muh 10k LOL get liqd, bitch

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oh my
this inbred street shitter is livid now

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Retail longs had 10 weeks to get in at 17,000. Institutions gonna have to pay up now. Ha ha!......or not.

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holy fucking cope

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oh my bad, you're right
just market sold everything, I can't have my assets pumping out of control like this
I'll take steady meaningless gains over this nonsense, any day

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Dude. You have no argument and just starting whining because I pointed out how you bobos don't have the ability of spotting reversals.

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Good for you friend. I also unloaded 10 corn to buy back 11 corn. That is a 5% retrace.

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>Arizona and Ohio have massive chemical spills
>housing market is in the cusp of a massive crash
>inflation still not tamed according to Powell

Why the FUCK are we pumping?

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because the price was too low

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News is a meme, retard. It works until the jews pull the plug and make it irrelevant

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>can't understand why I'm making fun of it
keep raging, streetshitting esl

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that's awesome
I just unloaded 23 corn, can't wait to buy it back at 10k

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we're only 1.5 months in, too. It's going to get so much worse for them. Sucks to suck, I guess

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>Stating current news

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You're making fun of it because you're too retarded to understand it. Or maybe you're having an autism attack because the word triggers you LOL

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you're literally shaking while streetshitting, aren't you?

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>>Arizona and Ohio have massive chemical spills
nobody cares. If Trump was in office this shit would be wall to wall coverage but since a democrat is in office it's being hushed up.
>>housing market is in the cusp of a massive crash
It's been on the cusp of a massive crash for ages. If there's room for more gains before it happens then the market will go that way.
>>inflation still not tamed according to Powell
It's being tamed. The market is efficient, do you really think it's going to wait for inflation to be tamed before it makes a move? No. Everyone wants to be early so they front run that shit. Inflation will be tamed, and anyone who waits for that to buy is going to be buying the bags of those who saw it coming.

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You're projecting. All your posts = jew pics, saying "muh jeet" and crying all because I said the word "reversal" LMFAO. You're actually mentally ill. I can only imagine this seething is because you got liqd or because you're a nocoiner that actually thought we were going to 10k

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I think that guy is a faggot but you made a really obvious grammatical error in your post and you look pretty fucking stupid for having not realised it by now.

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holy shit this inbred streetshitter is about to go on a rampage

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>you made a really obvious grammatical error in your post and you look pretty fucking stupid for having not realised it by now.
LMAO imagine seething over grammar. Literally redd.it tier shit.
>he fucked my ass so let me attack his grammar!
Reason it's fucked in the first post is because I wrote something else and didn't proofread my edit. Imagine fixating on something so irrelevant. Kys, reddit trannie

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>more rage posts
calm down incel
even third world trash like you can make some money

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Imagine seething this hard just because you lost a measly hundred dollars on your short. It was probably your life savings so I can understand to a degree.

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>can make money
Says the nigger that shorted and got liqd. Lel
>muh 10k!!!
LOOOOL mentally ill

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>the incel is so assblasted that it's double posting
I genuinely feel sorry for anyone that attends the school closest to your shitting street

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post body and face :) kek
Pic related btw. I chose a redd'it tier ine so you can resonate better with it

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oh no!!!!! A spelling mistake, guys! Bobo is gonna talk about his love of street shitting again!

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alright incel third worlder, you win
just don't shoot up a preschool now

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Post body and face :)
You used the word incel which must mean you look like a 10/10, right? Post it, pussy. Kek you won't

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on second thought you're too poor to afford a gun
kill yourself streetshitter lol

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>still hasn't posted pics

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It’s over Bobros.

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bobo posters are like clott adams on overdrive with their inability to take an L but also pretend it's a win

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This was posted straight from Mumbai

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Did your favorite shitting street get closed down?

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Oh shit! I just got doxxed, guys!

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Imagine changing IDs without changing your writing style LMFAO
post selfie, fatass. Don't be a pussy. Prove how much of a "chad!!!" you are :)

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>YTD in February

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Both of these Faggy, fags need to to stop being faggots

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Uh, retard. Learn what a reversal is. Bottom is in. You're the type of retard that waits until bitcoin makes an ath first.

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I bought eth in 2017 and haven't touch it since. I'm fine