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What does /biz/ think about this movie?

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It's from before the Age of Darkness (2001-today), so it's good.

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If it has a bigger on the cover, I don't watch. Simple as.

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i remember liking it.

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>White people casually saying "nigger" and Akyrod in black face

Fuck life was so different then

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I met dan aykroyd in person once. He was really nice and gave me an autograph.

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Great movie.

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Absolute classic from the Golden Age of comedy. It's funny, the setting is extreme but it doesn't have giant plot holes that make it unwatchable, and while there is a message, the message is rather subtly delivered and doesn't take over the movie.

It's a 10/10. I guess we should be ready for an unfunny remake with fat black lesbian wahmen protagonists that has precisely zero of the original's charm and misses the entire point.

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pork belly stock ain't no joke

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>racist jokes
And it's actually a great movie about finance.

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I only it once when I was 11 or 12, the only memorable part for me was seeing Jamie Lee Curtis’s titties

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Pork bellies

The hooker with a heart of gold trope is pretty lame though ngl.

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idk what a bigger is but it's a good movie

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Manhattan financial firms used to ask you to explain how the main characters made a killing on orange juice futures during your interview

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If I had a nickel for every time I've seen a villain get anally raped by a gorilla at the end of a lighthearted comedy movie, I'd have two nickels. Which isn't a lot, but it's weird that it happened twice.

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It's a really fun movie

I honestly thought I'd never be able to experience the raw dopamine that is caused by open out cry pit trading, because pits were gone before I started trading.

Thank god with crypto I can experience that kind of insanity from the comfort of my home.

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its a good one

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Aaron Russo was a famous libertarian and anti IRS advocate, good chance he was poisoned by Them as he died shortly after challenging the IRS.

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I remember seeing Jamie Lee Curtis's boobs but didn't get to see her dick.

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Thank you for bringing up the fact that he produced this movie. He later went on to give still one of the most insightful interviews with Alex Jones (without much of Alex even speaking, in it, and actually being calm as well mind you) as a true "insider" who knew some the upper-echelons of power on a personal-level.

Great movie all-in-all but the interview has some even more important points hands-down.


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Bumpin' for Aaron Russo.

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a new challenger approaches

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Aaron Russo was a jewish/italian who was based, called out the head of the IRS saying all taxation is theft and it's written in the law that supersedes IRS law written thereafter.
He died of rapid growing cancer after the hooknose said something to him in yiddish which he knew, basically hexed him for calling him out.

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I bring up Aaron Russo every single tax season, I might be worth fucking nothing but I still contribute to the awakening more than someone worth millions.

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Just watched this around Christmas. If you end up watching it, make note of the commodities they put on the table when teaching the negro about trading.

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He also called out the jews doing 911. They fucking poisoned the poor guy with polonium.

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Afraid they might have gotten to me, I'm deterorating pretty rapidly, doctors always played dumb and would never do toxic metal testing on me or anything I would request now my organs are failing pretty badly.
Last few weeks have been absolute hell but I think I'll die this year, been calling out the jews for decades now and Bill Cooper etc all the super sensitive shit.

Then I went from perfectly healthy to sick as an 80 year old.

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based. but also a depressing reminder of what once was.

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>Then I went from perfectly healthy to sick as an 80 year old.
Uh, did you get the jab...the boosters?

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I think about amazing tits.

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How old are you?

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Aaron Russo did an interview with Alex Jones back in the 90s where he describes his friendship with one of the Rockefellers, who told him that the plan was to introduce one world government and chip everyone, the chip would be required to engage in commerce, and if people didn't go along with it, or did something they didn't like, their chip would be turned off.

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>would never do toxic metal testing
Can't you just do it privately?

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Great Comedy liked it back in the day.