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We're all going to make it aren't we?

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Depends on your stack size

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I have 50,000 ROSES.

I just want $50,000. That's all I want.

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350k rose
I know in reality I won't make it but it'll help pay the bills

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9800 suicide stack. we gonna make it bros.
$5 is fud

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>9800 suicide stack
cute. sui is 100k. make it 1mil. good luck.

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I think $1 is possible. We need 5 million rose to make it.

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im a neet poorfag with only $1000 usd bag. pls be gentle sir

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>bought at 40cents

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ROSE was always the solid play

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If I buy makeit stacks of GRT, PRQ, HBAR, and ROSE, I make it, right?

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I hope you get it, anon. I really do.

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and instantly back to dumping

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10k rose are minimum sui stack. That will give you a 6 figure return when this hits it's ath next bull run.

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Only another x4 to break even chudcels!

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i tried to swing and lost 20k rosies. ama.

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What make of condom do you prefer? For me, it's Lelo Hex.

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i'm 34(35 in 5 days) and never even held a girl's hand. i honestly have no idea about anything related to condoms.

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Sell your girlfriend and buy more, it's a privacy project so you are guaranteed future gain, make more money, then get another 9/10 loyal girl.

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I swung and lost 200k ROSES, we weren't supposed to pump today.

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HAHAHAHA I told you not to sell!

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it's valentine's day and you thought ROSE wouldn't boom?

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Check it.

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Honestly would prefer a dump, i need to accumulate more

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muh rose is doing a lil sum sum today

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>Rikaschizo is a Rosechad
I'm in

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bros, why can't it break 8c? maybe this is the top...

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We broke it briefly last sunday.

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8c is impregnable

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It just dumps every time it touches 8c. this is so stupid.

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there you go, happy? sell now

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I already bought back at 7.7c. I lost 20k rose in the process though lol. I think I'm done swinging.

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So many swingies ITT losing their stacks. What part of "swingies get the rope" didn't you retards understand? Just buy the dips you enormous faggots.

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Yep. I’m >>53710067
Swinging is fucking retarded and gambling at that point. No thank you.

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I swung and made 200 burgerbux ama

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I held and I’m up thousands.

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it's not retarded if you don't use your whole stack and can tell when something has topped

I made like 800 ROSE by swinging 10k of my stack today
I know that's not much, but considering 800 ROSE will one day be worth nearly $10,000 I'd say it's a pretty good trade.

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35 here.

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No because you don’t hold more rose. You’re capped whereas I’m up more rose than I was before. That’s the issue with hodl, you get more fiat, not more coins.

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30k rosies reporting

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What's the bullish thesis on ROSE?

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Is 100k ROSE enough to make it?

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10 billion rose. Does if have any use?

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Chinese takeout lady as a CEO

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Oh yeah, she's going places. I actually met her once. She's legit crazy.

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>We’re not a tulip bubble! I promise we have real tangible value.
>Anyway buy these ROSE tokens

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Why the fucksi it even pumping? W

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It's literally dumping right now.

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Thank God.

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Kek, many investors are still looking to accumulate based assets. Mine are metaverse gems like Mana, Ride and Senate

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I'm thinking privacy anon, with the coming regulations people would like to keep their business under wraps. Other platforms I see standing out are the ones that focus on decentralized communication and sata privacy in web3

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Hold onto your privacy coins anon. You'll be happy when there's mass adoption.

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Is 5m a good stack?

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What's your average?

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Of course, there's tangible value. Privacy is enough of a narrative to make it.