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im sure evreything will be fine in th ednd

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PLEASE stop posting the dumb cartoon frogs.

They look stupid and they're fucking annoying.

I hate them.

I come to /biz/ to engage in mentally stimulating discussions about BUSINESS and FINANCE and every fucking time I see idiots posting the cartoon frogs.

It's sickening and frustrating to have to endure this every day.

Can you, like, PLEASE. JUST. STOP?


Take the cartoon frog images to /pol/ or /trash/ because /biz/ isn't the right place for them.


It couldn't be more inappropriate.

Listen to me, listen to what I'm saying, this board is business and finance for crying out loud and the frogs are distracting as hell and disrupt the serious feeling of the board and makes the atmosphere silly and childish.

It ruins everything.

The frogs ruin this board.

And they're not even remotely fun in ANY way, they're just dumb.

So stop posting them.

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Cool Frog.

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