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You're never going to be rich anon. Just accept it.

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Did you gave up?

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Life is effort and I won't stop until I die.

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You can't make me, faggot. I will make it and I will continue to take care of my Mom

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I don't want to rich, I want to retire without needing social security benefits.

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you've already been everyone and everything
the universe is you

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I hate these kike JDIF glownigger threads trying to demoralize us. Fuck off, jew
Go back to staging train derailments and destruction of our crops instead you evil satanic kike mother fuckers

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i dont care about being rich. i just want a moderately sized house on an acre within 30-45 minutes of the city.

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Ive given up since dec 2021 op
Kys niggerfag

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I WILL be rich and it WILL be through putting all my paychecks in obscure shitcoins no one has ever heard of.

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Not with OP's attitude.

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already rich, also go kill yourself dont try to pull others down with you, you'll suffer alone

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Weak ass quote. It doesn't even apply here Noone mentioned effort you fucking retard