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Im 26, living off student loans (10k a semester in a meme masters program), 100k student debt, 20k cc debt, living cheap in colombia 500$ a month, trying to run it back turbo.
new loan just dropped.
>600k peak bull in 2107
>held alts, sphtx, solaris, intchain
>blew last 100k trading btc
>family still thinks im rich
>no friends, no gf, complete isolation
>semi alcoholic because of lonelyness
>actually a decent trader now desu, just need balls
I havent kms because of my parents, just know wagmi. i spend 12 hours a day looking at charts and just got a 100k funded ftmo account, pray for me bros.
seriously, anybody worse off than this?

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I'm not

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quit gambling and seek help

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happy for you anon

ive spent the last 5 years literally looking at charts and learning to trade 10 hours day, i dont have any other options. you think im just gonna get a 9-5 50k a year job now with 100k debt they can garnish if i file a w2? fuck that brah
i have no choice

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anon it seriously doesnt sound like you're in a bad position lol, why are you in columbia?

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you sound delusional like picrel
quit and don't look back

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Stop with drinking and accept being alone. It's really comfy. After a while you don't need people anymore... unless you are a narcissist.

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because rent in the states for a single apt would be 1500+ a month and i dont want to live in a ghetto shithole with roaches
i live in a comfy studio here in bogota with all the fixins for 525 on airbnb

not gonna demotivate me bro.
im not a normalfag, i LITERALLY have spent the past 5 years charting and studying, i have no other choice at this point.
quit and do what? be a wagie? with 100k student loan debt that can be garnish my wages if i file a w2?
I have a funded ftmo acct now, tax free on profits trading fx

thanks anon, yea, i know i have to, im down to like 3-4 beers a night just so i can sleep. ill try

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Download tiktok and follow some channels that deal with how to cope with letting go of your past etc... there are also a lot of channels that talk how alcohol is really bad for you even if you drink one a day.
or follow people that hit rock bottom like this guy
he literally blew half his face off.

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A friend recently started that FTMO challenge. How tough was it in your opinion, anon? My friend also spends most of the day looking at charts and testing set-ups. Should I be concerned for him?

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How are you not getting pussy in Colombia?

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No, I have a conservative portfolio of value ETFs providing a steady stream of dividends, with a small allocation in green energy tech for future growth and a small amount of gold to round it off. I avoid cryptocurrency as I don't see the value there.

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Too true mate

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Where are you going to college? You can live in $500 including booze? Why not get some hookers occasionally?

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you aren't a "trader" and sound like a massive faggot. you'll never make it

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He looks like a monkey now. He should find a fat gf

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Instead of crying like a little bitch on a mongolian internet trading forum you could be shorting BNB right now, now that Paxos will stop issuing BUSD the fake money keeping it afloat will simply disappear into thin air. This is actual financial advice, remember that BNB was once priced at $2 per token.

Do what you will with this information but act fast, it took less than 48 hours for LUNA to crash completely. Too big to fail is a meme. Good luck OP

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It's impossible if you don't know how to trade, some get lucky, but you have to know what youre doing seriously.
Im not exaggerated when i say i literally spend 10 hours a day charting and studying for the past 5 years. just havent had the capital to run it back, but with these loans now i do.

I bang whores for $15 usd bro a few times a week come on.
I literally dont have time to wine and dine a bitch or waste time on tinder because im NEED TO FUCKING MAKE IT MAN. no other choice.

happy for you anon. hope to get there soon.

I do get hookers a few times a week.
colombia is very cheap.
It's a private university in the states im not gonna name bcz dox and i just do online classes. It's not hard to find these online. 10k in federal unsubloans pays for tuition and i apply for 10k grad plus loans per semester for trading capital. they literally deposit 10k in my checking acct.
theyre not private loans so i never plan on paying them back, cant hurt credit score or anything and cant garnish shit unless i get a wagie job and file a w2.
which i dont plan on doing because i literally have no choice but to make it trading. debtmaxx secret.

ive been in your shoes anon. dont project, wagmi.

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Kaiji really is the quintessential biz anime.

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I hope you make it

Do you have any large hodl or all trading?

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>100k in weird loan service that gives money to retards to lose their money but they can pay it back with interest
>wagmi bros
If you're getting 10k a semester and rent is 500 it makes more sense to just fucking wait it out and apply for remote work or some shit while doing your master's. 10k a year into BTC at the lows is 200k when it pumps to 2025's highs.

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That means you think btc is going to 400k+ in 2025
What are you smoking dumbass

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There are thousands of women from your country on chaturbate. I think they are the majority. How do you not have a gf already?

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Wagmi bro

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Pay denbts. You had negative money the whole time.

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i was in similar shoes a few years ago, $900k peak in 2017 and spent 3 years looking at charts all day after losing most of it in 2018. luckily i made it back up to $2.5m in 2021 and at least cashed out a few hundred k this time. also stopped "day-trading" completely in early 2021 and made much more just by holding shitcoins. can't imagine what it must feel for you after 5 years, i was completely burnt out after 3. getting back to good mental and physical health (good food, working out, socialising) should be your number 1 priority, it's the most important thing in this world. good luck anon

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How much did you start with/ were you down to that got you back to 2.5 mill and what did you invest? I know you said shitcoins, curious how you picked your plays and how many

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at the bottom of the 3k crash in march 2020 i was down to around $25k so 900k->25k but i longed the recovery and did some huge degenerate trades on ftx which saved my ass like pic rel in 2020. the shitcoins i chose in 2021 weren't even crazy good, did a 5x with icx in december 2020 and then another 5x with fx in 2021 while shit like dogcoins or solana went 100x but i would say that it felt good buying shitcoins that had "good tech" with low chance of getting rugged but yeah, those aren't the ones that get hyped like dogcoins or luna/solana

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>ive spent the last 5 years literally looking at charts and learning to trade 10 hours day, i dont have any other options. you think im just gonna get a 9-5 50k a year job now with 100k debt they can garnish if i file a w2? fuck that brah
nigga you lost all that shit gambling, 100k debt is a lot better than 200k of debt
you have a genuine addiction

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nope not gonna do the alt hodl meme, especially in this environment.
im a profitable trader now, backtest stats, 70% strike rate, etc, just didnt have the capital to scale up until now. 10k loan dropped yesterday for the spring semester. it's grind time.
but my usd loan will be going into eth on the next damp.

read the thread retard. im american lol.
and why would i waste the precious time i have left to /makeit/ trying to seduce some dumb roastie latina or eating with a gf when i can blow my load in 20yo hookers for 15 usd? (60k pesos)

that's brutal anon, yea you know the mental state, it's absolute insanity and dread everyday, but still try and stay /fit/ besides the drinking, not fat, eat well, etc.
thanks for the inspiration.

no shit captain obvious, if i wanted a normalfag opinion i wouldve poasted this on le reddit.
6 figure debt is slavery for the next 20 years waging with a w2 tax form, have to just run it back turbo the next 6 months.

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I hope your savings and health can improve, friend.
I understand bonds with others mean I'm less flexible with my time so I just enjoy having my own schedule. But that's joyless for some. Still, appreciate what you have right now.
Oh and I hope your investments, present and future, go well. Be sure to keep adding to your supply stashes for various kinds of hard times.
Conditions will get worse, but after that they'll become better than they've ever been. You won't remember this post by the time you're enjoying that.

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you're 26, you don't have anything rough.

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Fuck those are risky. Glad it worked out for you! Hopefully you have something with your kid. It might mean more later

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I wish that was true.
But I'm afraid that if they pull it off and Naruto Super ends up as bad as Boruto then the whole franchise will suffer immensely

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no dumbass, it's going to 10k first

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>why would i waste the precious time i have left to /makeit/ trying to seduce some dumb roastie latina or eating with a gf when i can blow my load in 20yo hookers
We're all trying to make it but you sound soulless and completely consumed by materialism

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>i live in a comfy studio here in bogota with all the fixins for 525 on airbnb

Gtfo my country
Fuck off we're full.
I wish i could call inmigration on you.

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I put 400k into crypto. Lost half betting on BCH and then BSV. Been here since 2017 and I'm down 50%. I sold everything a year ago so I won't ever break even. Just moved on to other investments and carrying the tax deductions forward.

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who is this semen daemon?