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feeling generous. first to get trips gets 420 stinky linky. if you get dubs and tell me your middle name you can have 100

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my middle name is janny-ban-op

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Rolling only cause my gas is about to be shut off.
And I won't reroll or samefag.

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rolling just to laugh at this poor fag and his failed attempt to acquire trips.

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Damn oh well rolled to see if my life continues on this dumpster fire trajectory and it looks like that's the case.

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Probably just OP making a thread to mock me anyway.

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my middle name is BLACKSMITH

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My middle name starts with an R. Can anyone guess what it is?

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rerolling is fine. somebody better get it before i get b&


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Rnigger with a silent r.

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Wow free money thread. Jannies clean it up

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Shit, rerollin

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isn’t this against the rules

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Na bro not with my luck lately lol I got stood up three times today, it's not one of those W days.

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Obviously he'll just say "SIKE NIGGA" if someone gets trips.

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Last try

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Hey kikes where are you in the 1000 spam threads every hour?!??

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ay ay

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I mean I've made better bait threads if that's the case, I'd usually make people post pictures and their real wallets.

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nick gurr

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No single digits no single digits. Big trips come on

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Nice, I got dubs

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shitstink is gay

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I literally am. I’ve dedicated today to wiping scams off /biz/ I’ve been doing nothing but degrading shitcoin posts all fucking day.

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Here goes nothing, last roll

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Alexander, OP you best deliver, first dubs with real middle name let's fucking go, my gas might just get paid if true.

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im gay

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Don’t give away the link keep it for yourself

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0x6163Cd091d78aD5e2A9552cDb59338663e388655 poop

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I got dubs first, but I doubt this is true.

In any case, my middle name is Denise

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Okay nigger nice larp.

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Check em

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...that is really my middle name, asshole

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Tranny names don't count.

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see you in 3 days space cowboy

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There you go.

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Money me

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I could use a break.

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I was born with a vagina, you transphobic jackass

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Excellent excellent bait
>Real name Patel

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Women in crypto aren't that rare, idiot

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Sorry, no women or trannys are eligible

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Humans are rare here ranjesh, you really think someone with an X chromosome posts on 4chan at all let alone /biz/ kek.

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Sorry you seem like a nice guy but i'm never going to deliver

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no cheating

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Oh I know, I never expected you to this just has been the only real thread I've seen on /biz/ in awhile and don't give a shit about a 3 day.

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This is some bullshit

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Remember those "Elon musk here giving away 200 ETH"

Yeah me.

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how is this the only real thread you've seen? i just told you it's fake

no it isn't. fuck off

couldn't have been you because i'm elon

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trips checkit

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I mean it was made by a real human not some europoor schizo or just a shill bot thread.
Even as a ban bait thread it's still real to me damnit.

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Based. I actually haven't been on /biz/ in months and just came back to make this thread knowing i'll get banned. I lost a bunch of money in crypto i don't know what the fuck i'm doing

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kek we've all been there, 80k lost in 2021, 10k lost 2022 and now I'm begging for gibs so yeah, that's life in this shit world.
Don't worry you'll get used to being poor again.

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everyone has an X chromosome fren
in the shitcoin casino women-led projects were bearish as fuck

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I remember the anon who posted photographic evidence of his cats grave and death certificate and you never sent him the LINK. You're a dishonest swine.

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That wasn't me but sounds based. I hate cats and cat owners especially male cat owners. Eat shit

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I created PATTYCAKE and that went ok

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>women lead
No woman has ever coded or done crypto bro.
it's always just a grift haven't you figured this shit out yet?

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kek he had a death certificate for a cat?!?

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That is objectively false

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Prove it and I'll make OP send 666 link to a burn address in hell.

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I assure you there were shitcoins with female 'devs' leading the tg. but yeah they were always either using old contracts or fronting it as part of the grift. i briefly hustled with one who would have been a 4/10 on the street but somehow pulled plenty of sad cryptosimps

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You won 100 link buddy.

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hell yeah brother! congrats!

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oh hey look at that. dubs and i'm not a part of globohomo. too bad OP already said he was larping

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IOU's count this nigger is being traced as we speak and Ari's making contracts.

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What was the name of the project?

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Thanks Anon from the bottom of my heart

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Here we go

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My middle name is Louis
Rolling again

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God these dumb niggers are posting real crypto addresses in my elon thread...
how the fuck are people this gullible I knew immediately I'm just bored having fun and have a bunch of pent up sexual energy from being stood up.

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OP ser if you actually want to send me some chinstink tho we'll be frens for life
honestly i'd have to sift through the hundreds of dead gay coins in some of my wallets to remember the name but they were usually a bit more faggy sounding. like Kittymoon or something.
man BSC was wild back in 2021

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Herbert Garrison, formerly known as Janet Garrison,[2] Ethan F Garrison, and the President,[3][4] is a fictional character and occasional antagonist on the American animated television series South Park. The character is voiced by co-creator Trey Parker and first appeared in South Park's pilot episode, "Cartman Gets an Anal Probe", which aired on August 13, 1997

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Chuck *

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Middle name is Boris. Check my dubs

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I’m wubba

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Steven here thanks

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The absolute state of linktards.

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Lookie Linkie Loo

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no it's real.

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>never going to deliver
sergey that you bro?

>> No.53688529

>OP ser if you actually want to send me some chinstink tho we'll be frens for life
consider it done

formerly sneed?

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what's your tg?

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Ommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm(trips me cock)mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

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trips goddamn it

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i'm not trans


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GIVE THE MAN 420. Nice trips

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sorry no rerolls allowed

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i could use some linkies

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c'mon sergey i was the first non-troon to hit dubs first try. time to make with the stinkies

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Nice try nigger I was actually, anyway he already gave me it all.

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>bricked his first try
hope you can feed the village after you pay the gas bill ranjeet

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rolling. thanks OP

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The gas bill is for my giant oven for all the jews.
>tries to beg a larper after he's already said he's larping and tries to scam the scam thread
the projection is pretty unreal.

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what is crypto but scamming the scammers, really? you know what anon, you're alright.

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No you're wrong there I'm a massive piece of shit.

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I kill you, nigger.

>> No.53688757

ok prove it was you and i'll do it

there's more you don't know about

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if there was anything going on in the casino desu i'd roll with you
since sergay fucked off, lemme ask: you get stood up three times by the same ho today?

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0x58EB30E35516233e4e166077B2F8B5bE981037A2 bless me you double nigger

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no you're a fucking loser

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I believe.

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Rolling for bread
Can’t believe no one has hit yet
Middle name is Sean

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quints and chinstink is heading to five dollars

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No three actually like 4-5 now but only 3 I wanted to fuck, my cock is red hot because of nonstop expectation and the only thing I want right now to take my mind off my shit life is to cum deep inside some pussy.

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Motherfucking nigger, we all owe this guy 88k link fuck.

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pay up nigger

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you may be a larpfag but game recognizes game

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Based thread

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My middle name is Wallace.