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>literally never gets hit again
>not even for a second
>and just pumps from there
Fucking nigger market. They literally spend millions just so I lose 50 dollars. Petty faggots

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fucking hell, I'm pissed
>never goes to break even
>just dumps
>closes long
>never goes below where I closed it
>pumps back to my initial entry
THIS is why bitcoin is a meme
1. Boomer gains on spot meaning only leverage is worth it
2. untradeable on leverage
Alts are the only thing that makes money while also having no liq price. I've literally made more on alts than I ever would have on successful leverage trades too i.e. I've caught 100xs before. Fuck btc. Alt maxis ftw

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literally happens to me every time as well. i am actually convinced now that me investing in something that was otherwise going to pump now makes it dump.

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please do the needful and disclose your trades immediately sirs

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9 times out of 10, this is me. The 1 time I actually make any money, I lose it on another trade

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>the ocean currents shift just so I personally drown
You are a bad swimmer

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>gambling using leverage like a degenerate
>blames bitcoin and not being a degenerate gambler

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me too thats why i only invest in project i hate and want to see fail

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wrong. It's rigged. Ocean has natural waves. Not algo bots creating said waves

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bitcoin isn't worth it on spot unless you have 7 figs