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will sam bankman fried go to prison

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oh sweetie

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Yes. The right wing chuds will have you believe that
(1) SBF donated to dems so he is above the law
(2) Biden won't act extremely strongly against China
Proven wrong time and time again.

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no lol

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Depends on how many other kikes he scammed. Like Madoff

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I also want Caroline to give me the slap and tickle.

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yes to keep appearances of "accountability" up, but it will basically be a 1:1 to a 5 star hotel. At the cost of tax payer money too.

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Sentencing guidelines for fraud puts him at 30 years to life, probably 20-25 if he pleads guilty.

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Why would he? He helped destroy the most serious threat to the usd. He should get an award for that.

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his prison will be a hotel, faggot. Jews are never held accountable by the justice system.

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He is a chosen member of g_d he is superior to you and above the laws of the goyim. Cope and seethe

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What does China have to do with SBF?
You’ve got to be fucking kidding me

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he needs meth to do that? what a lightweight

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jews are the justice system

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Probably gets a position with the Democrats at this point.