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>it is now illegal to own crypto unless you're an oligarch
Wwyd? I'd move countries. Fucking faggots might actually do this

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Just break the law.

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>I'd move countries.
Why react at all in any way? They can't know you own any crypto, unless you tell them or keep crypto on some KYC exchange.

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they'll audit everyone who has ever had an exchange

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Sec already lost.
Their big pawn was ftx and it got destroyed by based chang binance.

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They can't know if you've done any exchanges at all, unless you're doing the exchanges on a KYC exchange.


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This. Do you think oligarchs get explicit permission from the corrupt swamp known as the US Gov that says
>no you don't have to follow this law lol

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Based, Americans shouldn't own anything.

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how do you think americans onboard usd to buy crypto with? It's all recorded