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What are the financial implications of pic related?

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Remember when they were gonna take Kyiv in 2 days? Russia is an irrelevant country

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>1800 tanks
is that the other half of their operational tank force they already lost?

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If Russia is saying those numbers they have half that amount or less.

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finally the american style blitzkrieg will happen

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Long Middle Asian immigration programs in Russia, they are the only ones who will repopulate the country after all Russkies either die or flee.

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The war ends and the price of everything goes down.

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ruskies be lying. if they say they have 1800 tanks, they have less than half of that.

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I guess buy POWW

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>two more weeks

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Bitcoin will win WWIII

The Satoshi peace treaty is already being drafted.

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Henry Ford predicted it 100 years ago

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I remember the U.S. Sent billions and billions of dollars to Ukraine, and then didn't have the money to clean up a chemical spill in Ohio so they lit it on fire instead.

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> th-they must have half of that, uh just because!! It must be Russian misinformation disinformation (that'll make me sound smart) !!!

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tf is kyiv faggot tranny , go back to /pol/ you disgusting biological reject

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I was told Russia had already lost though?

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>180 tanks
What tanks exactly?
Ukraine is absolutely stuffed with anti-tank weapons. If it's the t-62 at large with some early t-72s, it won't be a smooth run. They do not have enough modern-ish tanks like t90m or those eh, tee-fourteens?
>700 aircraft
Good luck with achieving air supremacy after the ground is also stuffed with air-defense systems. >inb4 fighting to achive the air supremacy AFTER you get boots on the ground

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What’s the threshold for Putin to consider Europe and USA in war?

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imagine using your retirement money in USD with russian prices

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>Believing Russia is capable of anything

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Reminder that the jews want you to pick a side. Reminder that both of the "sides" in this "conflict" fully serve jewry and jewry's agenda.

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two more weeks , plz donate :3

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We're already at war, just not a direct kinetic one.

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Oil tankers will do a 10x because of fubar trade routes. + low tanker supply combined with clogged ship yards not being able to meet tanker todays tanker demands until year 2027.. Meanwhile, rest of biz are buying sonic arbinu while im doing a 2022 3x in the stock market.

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Russia will never going to have a peaceful relationship with the western world again.

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WWIII confirmed in 2 weeks.

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>1800 tanks
So they actually managed to gather those T-34 from museums, nice for them. Superpower at it's best.

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US will eventually declare war on Russia.

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>side A 700,000 mobilized about 1.1 million in reserve, 10x the tanks, 10x the artillery
>side B about 100,000 left, no reserve, no air power
>side A now controls 90% of the land where side B's food supply was -- used to be 7th largest wheat producer
"yeah but they won't win because i don't like them"

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Russia WILL topple Kiev in 2 weeks.

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Big bux for defense contractors.

Big expenses for anyone cleaning up afterwards.

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if they really have the numbers that you claim then how come they keep losing land? surely they should have won by now, right? do you maybe just need 2 more weeks?

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Are you visiting from /k/? How do you know so much?

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that sounds... based?

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No. Most of the time spent on this chan I threw at /ic/. The /sci/ board is good too, /g/ and /fit/ are also decent sometimes.
/Biz/ somehow manages to look even less alive with each year.
As for that thing, it's open information.

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>singlehandedly caused a global economic shift.

Theres a reason why the entire west is going hard with the proxy war

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the same us that got kicked out of vietnam and afghanistan?

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Ukraine will cease to exist
Americans are letting them die by the hundreds of thousands
I hope Russia and China nuke New York

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Without support from the West, Russia was gonna take Kiev in 2 days just like they said. Only thing that saved Zelensky was unlimited support and funding from the West and it's at best bought them time. Ukraine is down 20% of their territory and 30% of their population. They can't keep this up for much longer without boots on the ground from NATO.

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it's funny cause it's true
unironically (((zelensky)))

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Oh damn, Kazakhstan, Georgia et all better take advantage of this. They won't have a better chance than now.

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Big Hollywood productions usually make a lot of money else they're never made. Not sure how I would invest.

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>They can't keep this up for much longer without boots on the ground from NATO.

This. Ukraine has two weeks left at most.

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lol their "3 day war" was an embarassing failure when they launched it a year ago, now most of their modern equipment is gone, most of most experienced fighters are dead or handicapped (goodbye VDV), how are they supposed to make any real progress? Meanwhile Ukraine has more modern equipment than a year ago, plus about 700k additional soldiers who were mobilized and trained (some in the West) over the last year. what is this imp thinking? it's funny and sad how Russia was the boogeyman for decades and now they'll be remembered forever in history as the country of pathetic losers who can't even defeat the poorest country in Europe

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If you read “the art of war” one of the lessons is to appear weak to your enemy when you are actually strong so that they underestimate you

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>Seething because their 2 day operation is gonna hit a year
Imagine getting bitched out by a country the size of Ukraine. Russia is absolutely miniscule

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>This. Ukraine has two weeks left at most.
I bet we'll see an Ukrainian flag in Sevastopol before the end of this year
even if this "huge offensive" (which has started a few days ago and so far produced ~2k dead russians, ~50 destroyed tanks and IFVs, and only managed to move the frontline by a few hundred meters around Bakhmut) yields some real progress for russians, it'll stall within weeks and by June Melitopol will be under UKR control

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>goodbye VDV
You are delusional if you think losing 300 soldiers out of 45,000 airborne total in a country with a population of 150 million is gonna make or break them. The last battle VDV even fought in before Ukraine was the Chechen War and most of those dudes probably retired. You aren't "elite" if you haven't had any combat experience in over 10 years.

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Saw this on /k/ yesterday. If Russian command leads to this, Russia has no hope. There's something fundamentally wrong at the root of the Russian military system if commanders are compelled to make soldiers advance at any cost. In this case, advancing through a minefield.

Mods, plz no ban, it's not messy just sad.

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Do you american assholes care, that hundreds of thousands oif ukrainians are dying so you can put one over Russia?

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This webm is all Zelensky and his war monger friends doing, fucking war criminal should be shot into the sun.

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Yes I do. I also remember when Ukraine was going to retake Crimea.

Personally, not my countries. Not my war.

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Of course not. You think I give a fuck about your godforsaken piece of shit land? I hope you all get glassed, I hope the US declares war I'd love to murder subhuman eurocuck faggots.

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Do you Ruski ice niggers not care about the lives you ruin with your total war you've chosen to wage against the "hohols". The Russian screams in pain as he strikes at you.

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>I'd love to murder subhuman eurocuck faggots
Sorry to break it to you friend but the infrastructure here is really not designed to accommodate mobility scooters & I dont think the food would be to your liking.

The US already declared war when it provided Ukraine with most of its intelligence and high tech weaponary along with the totally-volunteer foreign legions that are armed and trained better than the ukrainian special forces. Im sure your combat experience and military training would be of great use to any of these volunteer groups so if you want to murder eurocucks you found the best time to do it

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Not our fight, blame globohomo! The fuckers are still trillians in US tax money to do it.

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Fuck your Anglo-Jewish shithole

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This statement might make an ounce of sense if, y'know, Russia wasn’t the aggressor to begin with.

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man their training is so bad. they're just plucking these guys from random villages and sending them to die

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Neck yourself, american asshole

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I'd tell you to cope, but it looks like you’re doing a bang-up job of that already.

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The image speaks for itself

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How stupid are you?

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>MUH 2 day operation
Where did you hear that? CNN? You’re an actual fucking retard. Didn’t the United States just spend 20 years fighting fucking goat farmers? And then lost? If you don’t realize NATO is dripping just enough cum to make this war endless you’re a retarded American cum slurping war pig.

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>roll tanks into kiev in first week
>take half the country
>expect negotiations to begin
>west refuses to negotiate
>forced to withdraw and systematically destroy the country and slaughter half a million people so nato can save face and raytheon make some money

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Scrap metal prices to drop again.

>> No.53665410

It was all only ever about Raytheon making money retard

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That and Nordstream

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you left out the party where side A's economy is in free fall and nobody, except for the other rejects of globe, wants anything to do with them. Through all the manpower you want at the problem. It does not mean anything if you can't keep them fed and armed. Death to all ziggers, as well as the traitors in the west (you) who run damage control for them.

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Russias economy is holding up pretty well, you lying american nigger
The worst country economically is the UK actually
After Ukraine of course, which is in free fall and will most likely cease to exist
Not that you care

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They're all old WW2 tanks, all their good shit is blown up


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And the next lying american nigger shows up
Between Russia and Ukraine, who do you think has more tanks?

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Dumb fuck

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I know people who have lived in Russia, their country is a failure.

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Doesn't matter how many you have if they are technologically inferior and can't pierce the armour. DUMB SHIT

>> No.53665723

and Russia too, don't forget. They're all in on it
case in point, Russian economy is doing amazingly with all this blood money. All it costs is the lives of young Russian and Ukrainian men. And gopnik here will fellate his gov while they do it

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What is that trying to show, you retarded assfuck?

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Ukraine has the same or older tanks, you retarded fuckass
I hope you get nuked, you american turd

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ITT: Russian niggers in cope mode

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Ukraine has European tanks you dumb shit LOL

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Russias inflation was apparently 11% for last year
A littler high, but nothign out of the ordinary, if you dont live under a rock

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No they dont, they hope to get them someday, if they can operate them.
They have no logicstical support for them whatsoever eitherway

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I save you the time, you incompetent turd, Inflation was 11% last year for Russia. Poland had 17%.

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Have a good night, brainlet retard

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Do you know that tanks break down constantly and need to be repaired, you retarded american cocksucker?
Ukraine has logistics for their soviet stuff, which is why they got soviet tanks from other countries.

>> No.53665871

>keeps saying American
>doesn't realise I'm not American
>Putin is in cope mode
>We've seen and heard from Russians ourselves about their Rusty rifles and tank barrels that aren't even centred

>> No.53665883

>The image speaks for itself
Speaks what? That people actually want the american military in their borders? Foreign bitches can't resist a strong american man.

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Such technology. Many wow

>> No.53665898

Yeah, after americans bombed them to shit

>> No.53665903

The major reserves of Russian tanks is T72 which is technology over 50 years old LOL

>> No.53665904

I've personally got no problem with that.

>> No.53665907

Well, what are you. Just spill the beans

>> No.53665914

cope harder Russian. Putin is waiting for his dick sucked

>> No.53665918

Thats the point. At elast you know what you are.
American goes around bombing and murdering people.
Fuck you scum of the world.

>> No.53665925

>Wants me to dox myself

Oh man you gotta stop, my fucking sides

>> No.53665936

you talk like a bitchboi that likes getting dominated. can we meet up so I can fuck you with my BAC?

>> No.53665951

See, you are an american afterall
Couldnt be anything else
Scum of the world
What will you blow up next, after Nordstream?

>> No.53665962

>begs UK for jets
kwk, Ukraine really is THE beggar nation

>> No.53665967

Noone sucks dick harder than americans suck jewish dick
Your whole government is jewish

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> Russian trying to justify their country's nonexistence in the world



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>americans calling others niggers
Oh the irony
Will you watch your nigger bowl this weekend?

>> No.53666017

You need to learn that America is only one part of the world. And I'm not in that part of the world, never have been. You are one dense motherfucker.

KYS Russian before you get force drafted for a losing war. COPE

>> No.53666040

You dont speak another language than american, Cleetus.
Go watch your niggerbowl like the good jewish cocksucker you are

>> No.53666049

American is not a language. English is a language though. Russians can't even win an argument, let alone a war.

>> No.53666054

And you dont speak anything else, nigger

>> No.53666059

Anyway, cope and seeth you dumb Russian. Have fun sucking Chinese cock and paying a million rubles for a loaf of bread in a few years

>> No.53666073

Says the jewish cock sucking american nigger

>> No.53666074

>Implying I need to speak anything else. I know tonnes of programming languages though. You are one dumb nigger LOL

>> No.53666086

As I suspected you know nothing about Europe, let alone speak another language, you can probably not even find it on a map, you dumb american nigger

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>> No.53666105

So, I take it you are english then?

>> No.53666113

Were you hit on the head as a child? I already told your dumb ass I'll never dox myself.

>> No.53666125

You have no idea, what doxxing means either, you retarded american nigger
You are one dumbass hick
Go suck jewish cock and watch your nigger bowl

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Oh wait I forgot, all Russians suffer from Foetal Alcohol Syndrome

>> No.53666134

Ukrainians and Russians are the same race, you stupid hick

>> No.53666140

>Is too dumb to realise that any information given could increase the risk of doxxing.


>> No.53666147

Lol. What risk. I thought russians are incompetent?
Are you drunk, Cleetus?

>> No.53666151

That's not really true since most Russians by nationality are mongoloid

>> No.53666188

>Z more weeks
The eyebrow will be raised

>> No.53666222

balkanization is one heluva drug

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what a trainwreck of a thread

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>little russians

>> No.53666371

Russia stalled on purpose to profit on oil and gas sales and to make Eurotrash and Mutts pay more at the pump and struggle to heat their homes. They also forced their adversaries to show their hand in fusion power development. They'll take Kiev in one day with 500k men and 2000 tanks. They did all this damage so far using the shittiest least trained soldiers and junk equipment. It's going to make Iraq look like a joke. Also Putin is probably waiting to see if Trump gets reflected because if he doesn't, Putin and Xi have absolutely no reason not to launch first strike agaisnt NATO in which case focusing on Ukraine makes no sense, it's just a good diversion while they prepare to nuke you to the stone age. They have nothing to lose either. Especially Russia. Life is so bad there it's further impact by nuclear exchange won't make it that worse, perhaps 2 to 3x worse, whereas comfy places, life would get 1000000x worse if nuked because they on the other hand have plenty to lose.

>> No.53666471 [DELETED] 


>> No.53667248

>us inflation under 10%
a retard made this map

>> No.53667646

What are you supposed to do in this situation, realistically

>> No.53667663

this is bullshit but I believe it

>> No.53667674

Americans got blown up in Iraq by mines all the time
You people just like to yap nonstop like you know shit

>> No.53667833

You are retarded if you believe any of that had to do with getting kicked out. Trust me when it comes to Russia it's going to be fucking over because we will have no reserves about attacking a country that was invading another. We left Vietnam and Afghanistan because of nation building bullshit with third worlders.

>> No.53667848

HAHAHAH the absolute fucking delusion

>> No.53667857

>a country that was invading another
The total lack of self reflection on this american cocksucker

>> No.53667863

>literally believing western imperialist neo-nazi corpo propaganda
Cope. Seethe. Dilate. Ratio’d.

>> No.53667919
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Putin is also jewish

>> No.53668017

Total zigger death

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Lots of cope here.
>Russia currently occupies around 20% of Ukraine since war started
>Said territory is easily the most energy rich /resource rich in the country
>US prognosis is low Ukraine can take it back
>Russia is a garrison state with near limitless capacity for war production
>Ukraine is taking casualties at a 3:1 ratio of Russia even on defense
>Russia has not engaged any of their active Military units
>Main front line units to date are Donesk peoples units, SMO consctipts and Wagner forces.
>Russia does not care about total air superiority over all of Ukraine, only over near front line forces if which they have near uncontested superiority
>Shahed drones cost $20k. Ukraine air defense missiles cost $100k each to shoot down. Ameritards think this is a winning strategy.
>Russian artillery is superior to Nato is every way. HIMARS are exception but are difficult to repair, replace and scale.
>Russia sees this war rightly as existential (NATO does not)
>Russian population is staunchly behind Putin on this. Any wish thinking of Putin being assassinated would only result in more bellicose replacement.
>Ameritards on this thread think war success is defined by land coverage; Russian strategy from the start is to destroy the Ukrainian army. I.e. 100 Ukrainian troops die per day on average during war to 20-30 Russians.
>Ukrainian goals are to provoke NaTo into the war. While NATO will change everything in this war, it is difficult to see long term support for a war where 100k+ NATO casualties will occur even without nuclear war happening.
> Despite all the /k/ knowitalls no American soldier has fought in a war of this intensity since Korea. None. Iraq, Vietnam, Afghanistan have all been safari rides by comparison to the current conflict in Ukraine now.

>> No.53669235

Its Kiev. Kyiv sounds fucking gay

>> No.53669398

Even the most gullible Russian laughs at this delusion. You got to sprinkle at least some truths in between to make it feel kinda trustworthy.
Cant believe I am giving tips to a vatnik on online propaganda. Russian propaganda has just fallen into absolute bottom depths of quality in the last year suddenly. It used to be pretty good, but now every one I know can easily spot and laught at it. As if the Russians suddenly arent paying their online propaganda trolls anymore and these are actively trying to undermine Russia. Western weapons have been sent to Ukraine in part thanks to the massive quality drop of Russisn online propaganda.

>> No.53669426

3 day SMO going pretty well

>> No.53669430
File: 55 KB, 620x414, 6062949.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It iz going pretty vell, indeed.

>> No.53669442

people are rushing towards something that will deprive them of freedom forever.
there will be no financial privacy in a digital system. no individual will be able to escape the group.
Henry Ford was a fucking idiot and part of a wave of morons that hijacked the USA and destroyed it.

>> No.53669462

Ukraine has very cheap electricity, it was heaven for miners for a long time, now they destroy all independent farms and kill all non state affiliated miners. It's over.

>> No.53669465

>Le every post that isnt pro ukraine is le russian propaganda

>> No.53669529
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The 1800 tanks.
>pic rel.

>> No.53669540

I don't really care about either side, but Russia's performance so far just has been embarrassing. They might still win in the end, but who knows. What a shitshow.

Also they recently had a poll in germany and only 11 % of the population would fight for it lmao. If it comes to that, i wouldn't fight for this shitty government either, what would we be fighting for?

>i'm fighting for more muslims and african immigrants
>i'm fighting for higher taxes and more social benefits for people who've never payed a cent into the system

>> No.53669551

Of course not. But that one clearly is a pasta influenced by Russian propaganda.
It just completely mindfucks me. How did their propaganda go so SHIT in just a year? They really are benefiting Ukraine with it right now more than Russia with that kind of quality. How? What the fuck happened?

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>muh USA expansion

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All in RT comedy skits

>> No.53671120

Why do you retards always bring up American wars as it’s a good argument? You do realized Russia lost more men than Iraq and Afghanistan wars combined right?

>> No.53671134

Not invade in the first place retard.

>> No.53671157

no way leafs have less inflation than burgers
>t. leaf

>> No.53671355

I am talking about Ukraine you faggot. That is what happened

>> No.53671364

You are the most retarded nigger I swear

>> No.53671392

>You do realized Russia lost more men than Iraq and Afghanistan wars combined right?
You must realize that listening to the arguments of vatniggers is worthless.
It's always strawman this, whataboutism that, denial of any common sense and the clearest facts, and lies all the way through.
Vatniggers use the same tactics as Jews, with the only difference being that they are ESLs, have 20 points less in IQ and they are not even interested in convincing you - they just create noise.

>> No.53671482

>>53665703 < (This retard actually believes in GDP numbers, lmfao
>>53665769 < (Americans change the way CPI is measured, cutting the number in half. "SeE CpI Is DoWn!!! Derrr!!!)
>>53668056 < (fucking based)
>>53670598 < (CIA shilling for American retards)

>> No.53671532

not my problem

>> No.53671568

What are these truths I need to sprinkle in hohol?

My sources are Col McGregor, French Ministry of Defense, Gray Connolly, Michael Brendan Dougherty, Peter Hitchens. Have plenty of arguments with any of these sources above, but they are credible.

Your counterarguments to these points. I would also highly recommend you check the sources in the West. If you dig into the facts you quickly realize that a lot of these objective sources are literally taking quotes from the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense facebook page .

And before you get all anti Russian, i am married to a Ukrainian woman from Odessa originally. Her and her family here in Chicago are fucking livid with the situation. They have repeatedly told me that significant proportion of proud Ukrainians are entirely OK with trading Crimea / Donbass for peace and prosperity. They all KNOW what the Ukrainian government was doing from 2014 onward to ethnic Russians in Ukraine was wrong.

But keep calling everyone Vatnik stooges. You are a useful idiot for the American Defense industry, who is sitting like a king on a field of Ukrainian corpses.

Its a fucking tragedy.

>> No.53671569
File: 95 KB, 1017x720, 1668262985088919.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

No matter how much you seethe you will never be white.

>> No.53671597
File: 1.52 MB, 1216x5852, 1666498106409752.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Care linking any of these sources?

>> No.53671605

holy seethe

>> No.53671881
File: 225 KB, 2126x1280, 1675800719250982.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>actually believing Ukraine's numbers and ignoring the 100k+ suicides of Americans soldiers are the war ended
Also we didn't solo Iraq or Afghanistan. We needed 30 other countries to join us.

>> No.53671919

Ukroid cuck cope lmaooo
At least the bitch refugees will have TIGHT pussy mmmmmm

>> No.53671932

Dedollarization. Anglo euro cucks btfo. Try to war with stupid Tesla battery strapped to a fighter jet. Lmao

>> No.53672001

Moralization is the most important aspect of war. As soon as soldier feels hopeless, it's over. Imagine living in absolute squalor conditions for 8 months and sacrificing every day to make little advancements and then suddenly the military you're up against sends an army as large as yours that is refreshed and on day 1.

>> No.53672049

Henery Ford was based and redpilled on the Jewish question and tried to save America. Kvetch harder kike

>> No.53672161

>still doing Russia/Ukraine
New patch when?

>> No.53672389

Vladimir V Putin has CONQUERED UKRAINE


The plan was enacted over the weekend... Only you never saw it.

Zelensky, his cabinet, and tons of both Servant of the People and For The Future deputies and other officials were arrested. Proof of their vast crimes was shown. They were court martialed and found guilty. However, it was decided this was too much for the global population to accept. Conquering Ukraine so quickly and effortlessly could lead to nuclear war.

So an agreement was reached: Zelensky and other Ukrainian elements will be allowed to continue their fake guerrilla war and fight back against the Russian forces. President Putin would "struggle" to conquer the country and eventually withdraw. But this is all for appearances. Behind the scenes, Vladimir V Putin has already won.

This plan, known as Shadowvlad, was seen as a last resort. But it worked. Any of the successes of the Ukrainian resistance is actually President Putin's doing.

>> No.53672413


>> No.53672436

Lmao I'd worry about your Russian woman fucking you faggot

>> No.53672499

War is always good for rich fucktards

>> No.53672516

Day 354 of the 10 day special ed military operation

>> No.53672522

>muh good vs bad
At the end of day, ukraine either becomes the US's or Russia's cocksleave, with a new generation of slavic plebs that hate each other

>> No.53672548

I cannot believe how insanely retarded you'd have to be to think that "the West" would somehow be able to stop af fully fledged ongoing military campaign in another country within two days. This is your brain on krokodil.

>> No.53672961

And also to appear strong when you are weak, idiot, it's the same maxim

>> No.53672980

the only industry of true merit left in america is the military industrial complex and if they dont feed the beast we will all starve

>> No.53673040

Trannies using globohomo Nuspeak, imagine my shock

>> No.53673124

I knew it. We are in shadowvlad timeline, nice. So when russias ageing population collapses their economy Putin will declare total victory?

>> No.53673139
File: 258 KB, 988x1024, monster energy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Who's soliders are these than? There are more than 10,000 dead Nato associated mercs in Ukraine ATM, this is during a back and forth campaign where Russia moved back and forth across the map

If Russia sat in Kiev, they would get overwhelmed by the thousands of mercs pouring over the border from Poland everyday, they would get slaughtered en mass as they sit as a stationary target in KAIEAV

>> No.53673250

You're the ones that invaded them you retarded nigger.

>> No.53673390

pic is kek

>> No.53673465
File: 353 KB, 1080x809, Screenshot_20220928_114852.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Vatniks seething KEKEKEKEK


>> No.53673475

fake ruzzian shit propaganda

die Shitnik

>> No.53673476

why are there so many people posting corpses of this war
Shits kinda revolting, young lad already died for nothing no need to spam his dead picks

>> No.53673486

>Germany will never have a peaceful relationship with Europe again!

>> No.53673523

kys deluded Vatnik mongoloid

how does it feel to lose 200k shit troops amd half your tanks

>> No.53673537

Anniversity of 3 day SMO soon

Long western MIC

>> No.53673701

Depends, is Putin going to attempt to capture Kiev again and over-extend or will he actually aim for an attainable goal.