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You are witnessing one of the most brutal bear traps you'll ever see.

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mumu cope

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You misspelled bull trap, you dumb fucking hodl subhuman nigger.

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bobo seethe

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>bear trap
>in a bear market

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this aint even a dip

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It's not, every time I post this it gets slid right away. >>53648529

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I'm going max long here

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nice male pornstar name

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Max long at 20k

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Lol you are going to get absolutely fucked. This is a almost yearly bull-trap right around tax season. The plebs just poured their tax retuns into the market and it will now hit its final low until they capitulate.

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wrong, we have already been bearish for 15 months straight. recovery has objectively begun.

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Holy shit RIP faggot. You got got nigger

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A lot of alts just recovered to like half their ATHs, some made new ATHs, most others at least 3x'd. Sorry you missed the mini-alt bullrun holding whatever shit you got shilled here, but its over again until after summer

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Agree, OP. The normies are expecting a drop to 10k.

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>the bear market has to end because we've been in it for too long and that makes me sad :(

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The tax returns aren’t dumped into the market yet. The people paying to get early refunds are putting the money into tattoos and shit.

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Most alts are down -90-95% from ath, You can parrot false reality all you want but it doesn't change the fact you missed the pico bottom and will miss buying now at generational level because you're eternal subhuman loser

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Say what you'd like - the reality is your long is heavily underwater and adding to it, and bullcoping on /biz/ is not going to save you from getting anal raped.

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what statue is this?

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like "Bear Trap" or "Bull Trap" aren't.

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You are half correct. The pump is because everyone put a few thousand into the market hoping to max out their ira contribution before the deadline. It happens every year and this time it's a big dead cat bounce.

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>The plebs just poured their tax retuns into the market and it will now hit its final low until they capitulate.
This is a terrible misunderstanding of finance

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China is about to wake up

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My thoughts too

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youre early, im early. It sucks because im hemorrhaging theta and the Kwab faggot that wrote my options will be the only victorious entity

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young hercules you little nigger

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It's not a bear trap
It's not a bull trap
It's a crab market - better learn how to profit from it.

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Bobo was just waiting for me to let my guard down to shatter my hopes, my sora bags were supposed to buy me a ps5, now my ability to see has become a source of pain, I need evil mr beast to take my eyesight asap

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where's that tranny that coped about you saying pico in the other thread? do you think xe will appear?

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We will see a snap back to 23k stable and bears seething like never before.

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You didn't play your game well jeet. I took profit that's worth a post from my utk bag just two days ago

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Wtf is a bear trap?

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thank you, white man.

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OP is a fucktard, bear trap he says but low caps are getting bags filled.

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You think price will go down, and you sell
>He sold.
>Pump it.
Price goes up
you get rekt

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>Le heckin based anon is just like the ancient greeks!
Have you iced your balls today?

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Multiversx projects are definitely good picks. I earned from the run and also from the staking opportunities

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It is called a bull trap, you faggot

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Don't dare miss out on not missing out on decentralised ID management solutions.

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Don't fucking sell your shits nigga, rather buy more low caps. A pump is imminent

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so are the retarded bobos on here, that's the crazy part. After two years of bearish price action they're expecting new lows.

And whenever someone calls them on how idiotic that take is the bears just call them retarded and post one of their gay little reaction images

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I'm currently staking more to get bags filled. Shill me some profitable altcoins if you care

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That's not gonna happen, there's gonna be resistant and then a pull back. Get some cryptos in your bag

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Onchain staking of Utrust gives one of the best yield jeet. You gotta try it

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Just had an eye something, GRT is actually a good project from my research, I got some using DCA during the bear, but I think web3 projects like ORE stands a better chance to melt faces.

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Hodl and stake is more like it anon. I have my DCA schedule locked in for assets like AR, SYLO and DOT while earning staking rewards for USDT on Binance

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how do you know its a bear trap and not a dump?

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We'll see. I got 10 grand out there says different. If i lose it, I lose it all

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Keep an eye on ORE. Interoperability will be a big deal.

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Yes, bears have gotten greedy. They haven't been this weak in 20 months. We have them by the balls and they are about to suffer BIGLY.

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Because I have an intuition about these things. Bears have not been this weak for 20 months. We have them by the balls here. They have run out of steam and this is their LAST attempt at new lows.

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Its interesting to earn a cashback from its web3payment platform

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I don't care... I'm still staking on ppTorn vault.

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Never mind fag, I'm cool with a privacy protocol. I can evade taxes

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Is everyone ITT bots or just retarded?

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I'm Dcaing on them.

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which are you?

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Losers thread!
No one is talking about identity protocol

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Not bad anon. My picks are EGLD, SOL, ZPAY, RIDE and EVMOS for long term gains

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Not bad anon. My picks are EGLD, SOL, ZPAY, RIDE and EVMOS for long term gains

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>he thinks that it is a trap of some sorts and not just a room full of clueless, afraid, euphoric retards and pure chaos

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Ain't seeing any DiD project on the list? I'm definitely not missing out on self custody and AI tokens this time aorund.

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just to tell you yagmi cos I hold a good numbers of MultiversX tokens, and stepped up the game with skyjack NFT collection.

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Op is a cunk

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Stay away from this shitty shitty coin

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Have fun loosing out

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I was bearish earlier but not anymore. I started buying again. We may not pump immediately but it starts to look like "cartel" is defending this area. If this shit is supposed to go higher than current high it would make sense to not go lower from here. Everyone wants a bit lower.

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>Market dips slightly for two days on a healthy pull-back after a straight month of nonstop buying
>Bear trap

Did you really think the market was just going to straight up vertically forever?

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Holy shit, Bulls are such fucking cucks. Enjoy paying $100 for a carton of eggs by the end of the year if you honestly believe this.

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Sometimes you have to make a bit uncomfy decisions or you end up being sidelinoor.

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90% down from ATH only matters if you bought at ATH like a dumb gorilla. Personally I just made 200% on Polyjeet then closed my position that I had opened at local bottom. Basically what I'm trying to say is you're a big seething faggot.

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don't try to argue with these rankings, you'll end up looking wrong and stupid, either bull or bear, i always have my way.
i stake too, and earning on Uniswap for providing liquidity mining for wbtc/sylo pair

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We are entrenched in one of the toughest crab markets ever. Accumulation is needed and most real traders know this, this is in no way a bear trap because only dumbasses would sell right now. If you see someone buying they are doing the right thing. Look at XOR, the devs are doing airdrops and constant updates because they know that 2024 is the real bull start

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This isn't a bear trap. It's a mumu trap. Bulls will finally learn that line does not go up forever.

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I will keep investing in privacy projects but not to evade taxes like you brown hands.

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The novelty wore off. Normalfags have already seen the ups and downs. There are no greater fools anymore. You will have to wait for a new generation of idiots to rise and it will take two decades. The best you can do is swing, hodlers are almost as retarded as gold and silver baggies.

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In a time of unprecedented inflation, recession, cost of living crisis, war and environmental catastrophes I'm sure this digital asset backed by literally nothing will go up.

I literally can't even with the board anymore, it's like you people have go more and more retarded with each passing day. Literally donating money to kikes scamming you while they buy up all the things that matter and give you numbers on the screen,

You unironically deserve to lose everything.

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It looks like every post in here shilling and alt coin is a bot.

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>In a time of unprecedented inflation, recession, cost of living crisis, war and environmental catastrophes I'm sure this digital asset backed by literally nothing will go up.

This but unironically

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I already bagged ORE and ENS

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post your role model
have you castrated yet?

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I'm staking this on Polygon for some juicy reward.

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>I do *shills coins* and then I *namedrops shill scam*

I have to be a schizo the way I notice this template in every fucking thread.

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While trannies are screaming in terror, I'm up big on all the gems I bought. Only fools will pass up low-cost stocks like FLUX, UTK, and AZERO in search of long-term gains.

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I'm using this period to accumulate and also spend some time with my family. Crypto payment just made our vacation to Lugano much easier. While you trade, don't forget to take some time to relax. This space can be so suffocating.