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Stinky Linkies are dead and good riddance

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Looks like kraken is finally about to die too, then.

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If it isn't the sec it would be Nchain (chainlink is infringing upon their patents)

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SEC Chair Gary Gensler has previously said he believes staking through intermediaries – like Kraken – may meet the requirements of the Howey Test, a decades-old U.S. Supreme Court case commonly used as one measure of whether something can be defined as a security under U.S. laws.
Staking looks similar to lending, Gensler said at the time.

lmao. and one guy just decides this. no vote. no discourse. just wild, corrupt retardation

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what about my eth 2.0 i locked up there. how are they going to get me my efferiums back?

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Does this include all staking?

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what the fuck? I sold my entire Lego collection to go all in ETH for this???

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In case you're serious how is this bullish?
>Just stake on chain dude
Yeah 5%-20% of those people are probably going to that, but the rest of them are going to fold.

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on chain staking makes the entire thing a security and the devs will be liable

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Sucks that Ethereum is confirmed to be dead and gay. Oh no.

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there's an alert button there for a reason anon

Sergey is thinking everything in advance

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just burgers

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this. literally who cares? no one even uses eth anymore, it was already dead

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Oh whatever then, eth2 will be on sale

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no, and while it's good to be edgy about this development because it's nonetheless retarded, the sec's fixation is on intermediaries staking on behalf of retail users. apparently the retard rails offered by cexes aren't safe enough by the sec's standards, so if people want to stake they'll have to do it themselves, OR through the big institutions who want to dominate this space who can now register their staking services while their smaller competitors eat shit. thanks free market

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i've already accepted that my staked eth on Kraken is gone, I suggest you try come to terms with that and if it doesn't happen be grateful

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"ETH 2" and ADA just died

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isn't a lot of eth staked on coinbase for eth 2.0? are they gonna protect the retail by rugging them?

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He's right, though.

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Jews have the power to crash the markets on demand and we still haven’t gotten rid of them yet

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ADA can fight this
I know she can

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>OR through the big institutions who want to dominate this space
this is what it is all about
also added bonus those accounts will not have a withdraw coins to own wallet functions, your account is perma stuck in jpm
their biggest prize is to get all coins out of the hands of all retail
in a few years unrestricted private corns will trade at a significant premium to the jpm interbank crypto rate(tm) as featured on cnbc and bloomberg (tm), just like gayscale is trading significantly below nav because it too is a roach hotel
good time not to be a burger eitherway

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I am so mad right now guys I smashed my Nintendo Switch and wrecked a bunch of my Lego Ideas *sigh* I still believe in ETH PoS but this is just too much

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You're saying that as someone with shit staked on kraken that its frozen there forever now? Ah geeez

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only applies to burger retail and only applies to cex
gensler has stated private staking is allowed and as i am neither burger nor retail i am not worried at all
who here was dumb enough to stake on exchange anyways

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imagine staking ADA on Kraken on not yoroi
You deserve to suck dick

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It's not gone. You are earning rewards for your staked ETH until the Shanghai fork, then Kraken will unstake them. https://blog.kraken.com/post/17619/settlement/

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Reddit is in favor of the SEC

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BSV and enchain are irrelevant.

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All this crypto shit should've been shutdown years and years ago based on how flagrantly it was violating the law. Good old Gary had your back for a long time until FTX/Alameda. If you dont get out soon then you deserve everything you get.

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bullshit. this is just the SEC on a lazy power trip. hurr durr we can't regulate crypto staking on every CEX, so just ban everything

it's literally the biggest scam since they taxed people for casino jackpot winnings but you can only deduct crumbs from your majority losses

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Unironically Bullish for Bitcoin.

"Staking" otherwise known as "fucking interest payments" in the not-NEET world is where most of the scams, bankruptcies and Ponzis dwell in crypto.

Bitconnect was a "guaranteed interest" type Ponzi scheme, most people forget that because most of you are post 2021 newfaggots.

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Yep. Fucking Chain.stink and all of the shitcoin Ponzis.

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You have absolutely no clue what you're talking about.

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federal glowniggers I know personally told me that eth is going down and that probably is true but I hate glowniggers so fucking much I'm going to buy anyway because fuck them.

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kys gary

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Retard alert.