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Your last chance to get discount ROSE before the next bull run; why aren’t you?

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I don't buy chink products

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I’m not buying something that just pumped fucking 30 percent in one week. What do you take me for, some sort of amateur?
>t. ROSE coin MAXI

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I already filled my bags when /biz/ was fudding hard, I’m sorry for the people that fell for the Nigeria FUD. This is the most undervalued crypto at the moment imo.

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>product not needed

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What does it even do? How does it interact with Polkadot, the internet of blockchain, for example?

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deluded rosechud!!

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L1 privacy that relies on SGX is going nowhere. Sold all my secret after 2.5 years after fully grasping this fact

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>missed 3c because i was on holiday and ignoring crypto for a month
reeeeeeeeeeeee i just wanted to relax and enjoy my gains

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Afaik the people that mit exposed the secret flaw and decrypt their network were rose researcher

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Adds a privacy layer, you can make confiendital NFTs, secret ballots, sell aggregate data for analysis without giving away the raw data, do on chain KYC without ever exposing private information, the sky is the limit.
It solves the privacy problem with blockchains making it possible to use private data on chain without exposing it to everyone.

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Anon, this is going to $10+ this bull run. Just fucking buy.

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I got so GOOK'D by rose I'm still picking the bugs out of my teeth.

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I own 320k ROSE

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it's literally dumping right now. you guys bought a scam.

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Your life will improve as soon as you stop posting anime girl reaction gifs.

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Give me actual realistic prices. 10 dollars is like 500 BILLION market cap. That’s not happening. It’s going to find a place in top 30-50, maybe. I am all for hype but this coin is always behind GRT and even PRQ. It happened exactly in this run up, GRT 2.5x and PRQ 2x and ROSE did 1.3x.

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>confiendital NFTs,
Nice! I can finally secret squirrel my monkey pictures

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Why would I buy something with quantum increasing supply? You do realize how much harder it is for this shit to go to .50 compared to the last bull run right?

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It’s obviously not about picture NFTs but any sort of data NFT
Imo 1-2$ is a realistic goal

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a realistic goal is like 20c

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A realistic goal for last bullrun trash is 0 threads EOY, but the baggies insist on keeping us posted about shit nobody cares about.

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Dead shitcoin just like scams like harmony, jasmy etc
Id rather buy low cap defi shitcoins and high cap more serious coins (eth, bnb etc)

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Lmao talk about sell signals
Mind you, it's the biz way to buy when euphoric, sell when everyone capitulates
Enjoy staying poor anon
Unless you're the mountain climber fag then based

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I'll buy at $100 mil market cap. Alts haven't bottomed. ROSE has barely gone below $200 mil market cap this bear market. LINK was at $71 mil market cap at the end of 2018.

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Assuming the past predicts future

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brose we lost

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The bitcoin bottom is also 5x higher than it was in 2018, why would you expect your alt of choice to perform the exact same as another alt of your choice from 5 years ago?

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They are still fudding it!! You guys are fucking pathetic.

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cry more rosechud

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dude, you're emotionally invested in this shitcoin. you need to learn to let go of your bags. there are many more opportunities out there. like you could've bought arbinu last week and be up 10x right now.

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To be fair, I swing through every failed retarded cultcoin (rose, link, grt, icp, etc) thread, and gme threads, to kek at baggies every few days. Your particular bad investment isn't even special in that regard. Also, you all cope identically.
>this fud is bullish!

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I’m not the one crying. I’m making fucking money. You’re the bitch angry at himself that he didn’t buy at 3 cents.
Why the fuck would I do that? ROSE is doing well this year.
How is ROSE a failed project, tranny?

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holy shit this cope is hilarious
cry more rosechud lmao

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Don't mention it

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Remember when Oasis partnered with an AI division within Facebook? It's occurred to me, apropos of nothing, that Facebook would be the company in the best position in the world to train a chatbot to be 18 or 80, or anywhere in between. Whilst the ethical implications of this are mid, I can't help but think it would be commercially valuable, fr fr no cap.

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Yeah, the privacy blockchain is unique. This and AI projects are the shit now.

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>green candle
I almost bought. but posts like these are pure cancer. i'm becoming more and more convinced that this was a fluke rally.

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Lol ok yeah keep believe that. We’ll see you at $2 when you decide to buy.

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you couldn't even reach $1 in the golden bullrun

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Learn English and then maybe I will consider buying your chink coin.

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lol that esl, streetshitting rosechud is seething in multiple threads

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Irs pretty clear we will see 5c again imo, certainly wont buy anything near 7c

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i like how they included the self-harm scars lol

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The Rose dump boys yearning for exit liquidity. I'm going to add up more APT and then hold tight my ALBT until the airdrop is completed.

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>How is ROSE a failed project, tranny?
Price mostly. Also, zero actual usage, just a bunch of retarded fags sitting on hoards of never to be used tokens. The 2 might be connected.

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Not far off from the real thing ,

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figured a low iq, esl rosechud would keep pictures like this on your phone
get help rosechud

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I'm ready

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Lmao youre retarded

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10 dollars is 100 billion market cap with the supply fully unlocked

>can't even do basic math

opinion fully discarded

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Was that dinner oatmeal I ate clean?

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Yeah? Does it offends you when I post pictures of your habits, you disgusting beast?

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It's not worth nearly 100B even

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At the height of the bull market, rose with the marketcap of avax would have been 14$

Thats some delicious hopium

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>Lmao youre retarded
Lmao you hold rose

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>using linear charts
>calling other people retarded
anon I…

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Thats how EVERY crypto chart looks like. Thanks for proving my point retard

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>tfw bought above 50 cents
Kill me

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>if you look at the chart from a different angle, losing money is a good thing!

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This was during a bear market btw

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Hes literally retarded, half of all top10 coins have the exact same price action but yeah those arent failed projects

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>EVERY crypto chart looks like
A simple solution would have been to sell during laser eyes, but you bought the top, and think you're going to fix it by dca'ing your average down. You're not, because next run will be a thousand new scams to pump and dump. Rose will be fucking the new Turtlecoin.

You don't HAVE TO hold crypto, you know.

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Are you fucking bragging about mcap mooning while price shits the bed? Lol. You're basically admitting how retarded you are for buying a vc token inflation scam.

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Nice moving goalposts, so avax, polkadot and other coins that chart looks exactly the same are also scam pump and dumps? You said its a failed project based on price action and thats why youre retarded, there ar lots of factors that could be named but price action isnt one

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Half the top 10 is stables, the original animal scam, amd a ghostchain with no smart contracts. Crypto is taking a break.

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>also scam pump and dumps?
Absofuckinglutely. It's all a scam. Make money and get out. Or bag hold to oblivion. You've clearly made your choice based on "strong fundamental" (shit nobody will ever pay money for).

You bought a bunch of tokens for services that paying consumers don't care about, and you're going to sit on them forever, because you tricked yourself into thinking that a bunch of gobbledygook in a white paper (type of advertisement btw) was something that will connect with anyone.

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Are you ok man? You seem a little stressed.

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I had an evening cup of coffee and now I'm arguing on the internet. It's just tough being called a retard on a money making board by someone who's never made money, despite the fact that I actually killed it in crypto by buying early and not marrying bags.
I got really upset, and I apologize.

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Hahahahha I’m gonna get so fucking rich and you’ll bitch the ENTIRE way.

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You're gonna have a bad time. I'll be back for my btc and eth in 6 months.

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Word on the street is Dawn betrayed.

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Why can this thing break a dollar?

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Can’t predict the future you fucking NIGGER

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i counted 9 and a half?

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Yeah I don't really get the people acting like they missed the bottom of ANY project that they think is going to exist a year from now...

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>Yeah? Does it offends you when I post pictures of your habits, you disgusting beast?
t. low iq shitskin

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I'm broke and another hobo stole my kneepads.

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We in a bear market rally.
Its highly likely alts will go down hard.

Its a good project but the timing is off.

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Yeah probably. I'm banking on it pulling a 2019 LINK, maybe we pump for a while and retrace but we don't go back to the previous bottom, crab for another year, then hit new ATHs again. Either way I'm not selling below $1 and I'm gonna sit on cash as long as we are above 5c since I DCA'd heavily in the last year.

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The timing is perfect

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No perfect timing here! Go in and lose everything retard. Learn how to lock hodl or stake in worthy pools as those on LMaaS. In all, stay away from bearmarket..

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Most overvalued project in crypto. Literally no product outside of a shitty L1 that was literally copy-pasted from matic and sapphire has already been delayed for several years at this point. Just accumulate matic which is probably going to 100b mcap minimum.

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I also fell for this scam. At least I made a x3.

But you could have bought LITERALLY any other dogshit during the bullrun and made more money.

Most cucked coin in crypto.

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you matic jeets are getting desperate
lol, nothing in Oasis Network is copypasted
the same can't be said for matic,
matics whole business concept is A MESS

>> No.53641178

>matics whole business concept is A MESS
lmao. Have you seen our partnerships? Seethe more rosecuck.

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I don't think you know what golden bullrun means.

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Are you guys considering selling right now? I dont want to but shit the rsi is a total sell..

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Absolutely, sell and buy for matic, which is a total buy.

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Would probably sell a part but im comfy staking so no

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I'm not swinging at single digits cents, I'd rope if it kept going up.

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If the market actually catches wind of what they’re building $1+ is absolutely in the cards. But the market is dumb.

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If NFTs aren't giving any form of utility then they're shit

I have just two collection at the moment, mayc from bayc and the skyjack collection from holoride, both utility based with the second focused on vr gaming utility

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What's the apy for staking again?

>> No.53645216

meaning a dollar is a long way ahead

>> No.53645248

The general NFT narrative is changing
Bobros are now looking more towards utility based ones, not talking merch kind of utility but something with value

>> No.53645446

No thanks
I don't see any reason to be buying this

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It's the hope that kills you my friend

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if we get another GameFi hype, then you can bet on such projects performing

only if btc doesn't fuck everything up again but crashing lower

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>It's not worth nearly 100B even
Think about how much money companies are paying out the ass to obtain your data so they can market more effectively to you. The dystopian future is big corpo, and big corpo wants your data and will pay for it. Oasis Rose will be a part of that by providing them the data confidentially which will comply with shit like healthcare privacy laws, or just in general European privacy laws.

Not to mention, AI would love to be trained on personal data. But it would never be allowed if the data wasn't "de-identified". The future is AI, and AI wants your de-identified data (through Rose). This was already done with the Oasis / Meta AI partnership.

Anyway, I won't pretend that Oasis has got some monopoly on the industry like Chainlink does. It's still a much riskier play to go for Oasis over Chainlink for long-term investment, since Oasis has got actual competitors. The main thing to Oasis' advantage is that it's actually got institutional adoption (ie. they've got actual customers) and actual real-world uses atm, plus they've got some giga-brains working on the project.

>> No.53645751

if we get another GameFi hype, then you can bet on such projects with good products to perform

>> No.53645812

90% of nft projects are still shitty tho
long way to go

>> No.53645835

Have fun staying poor then

>> No.53645857

>actual real-world uses atm
Lmao. You're joking, right? No one is using this fucking ghostchain.

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That definitely gives it an extra edge
I'm waiting to make enough gains from the market and I'm getting one of those babies

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>Meta AI
^A well-established AI company is using Oasis...
^A well-establish tradfi institution is using Oasis...
>Nebula Genomics
Genetics companies are using Oasis to process patient information confidentially. The Genetica partnership was officially backed by the Vietnamese government (inb4 "le heckin Vietnam". It's an actual country so yes it's a big deal)

>No one is using this fucking ghostchain.
I have shown you well-known companies using Oasis products. I won't disagree that there's currently a distinct lack of web3 dapps built on Oasis. The main issue being that people don't want to port their entire pre-established project over. This is being solved by the Oasis Privacy Layer.

>> No.53646244

They are not using any of the oasis products. This should be easily verifiable and searchable. For example if you go to meta AI's website there should be a big ass sticker that says something along the lines of "powered by oasis". But you can't find anything like that. Because no one is using rose.