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Explain why Bitcoin isn't Tulip Mania.

protip: you can't.

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I cannot tiptoe through the bitcoin

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Graphs are strangely similar aren't they.

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I don't know about Bitcoin.
But ETH and ICX are solid blockchain projects that don't rely on being a digital currency. So my bags are comfy.
DApps aren't going away. They have a very good future.

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you can't plant bitcoins and expect them to grow flowers

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>congrats on replying to yourself

who cares, I'm working off profits anyways, I have nothing to lose after paying myself back several times. Let it be. Stop making these threads, no one cares

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Nocoiners keep posting this please, I like the salt

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plus we have like 100 years before we have to worry about bitcoin mining to be over.. so we good senpai

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If it were then you would have posted a BLACKED picture.

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> Cuz my meme lines in log scale!
> but also meme lines don't work on BTC

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Bitcoins aren't flowers
Lmao are you even trying, stupid?

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Bitcoin/Litecoin is the perfect form of money.

1) Infinitely divisible
2) Infinitely fungible
3) Scarce
4) Extensible

I could go on.

People no longer trust fiat, so the world is moving to crypto. Get used to it.

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because bitcoin was only the first step in solving the jew bank problem and finding some privacy in the world. many people want this

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It is

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>disprove this negative
>protip: you can't

Sort of correct.

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The BTC bubble hasn't even started yet.
At the moment it is just gaining its early adopters.

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false sense of security

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Yeah because trusting something backed by governments vs trusting something backed by nothing more than people trying to make more money seems legit.

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ok, go on

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>Explain why Bitcoin isn't Tulip Mania.
Tulips crashed because of over saturation.
They were once rare and once farmed they were commonplace and thus cheap. It took a single growing season for this to happen.
There are a finite amount of BTC, they are as rare as they will ever be.

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What a bell end!
There's a limited supply for one

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land in mississippi isn't flowers
the south sea company isn't land in mississippi
south sea company isn't bitcoin

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really think about what you just said for a second and consider that it's unironically correct

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>"tulip mania"
If you had read a book of european history you would know the "tulip mania" was greatly exaggerated in terms of money at stake and social impacts and no historian/economist would call it a financial bubble.
You can compare cryptos with various existing financial bubbles (dotcom, real estate...) but stop using this "tulip mania" like a buzzfeed/slate journalist

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They're still only tiny pieces of data that have no real world value. They dont get used in any way shape or form in normal life. If your currency isnt used in the real world. Its not real.

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Because you fail at charts.

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its over boys

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>this post

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It took a single altcoin season ...

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nigga you are R e T a R D E D

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Tulips die and are more difficult to store

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honestly i hope to god

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Stay poor.
Just because you don't understand something, does not mean it doesn't have value.
Value is calculated by what someone is willing to pay for it.
There is little more to it.

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oh well at least bitcoins can't be grown and they have to be mined

when nobody wants the secret rare coins they're still worthless though

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don't you know that all govt is is people trying to make more money?

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1) Wrong
2) Wrong
3) 99% are not even in circulation

we seen that with segwit2x kek

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>Value is calculated by what someone is willing to pay for it.
And in bubbles that willingness plummets as soon as growth is no longer expected

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That's assuming anyone still wants to mine it in 5 years.

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Tulips you can plant and multiply.
Bitcoin has set quantity.

It means rising price of tulips was bubble, rising price of bitcoin is justified by the growing number of people wanting to buy it.

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reductionist fallacy

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They will be worthless if nobody wants them.
You are correct.
The flaw here is that they are gaining in popularity as they allow wealth to be moved internationally without the need of any exterior permission.

You pay for something with your card, your bank gives you permission to use that card.

I send BTC to my Brother in Australia, he gets it with my permission only.

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You cant use tulips to buy snuff porn.

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Look at every major company before they went public and tell me why if they go x10000 and then get stable its normal and btc is a bubble. cya at mcdonalds

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The perfect form of money has to be a good transfer of value, otherwise it cannot even be a good form of money.

Let's check: let me buy this thing for 100$ in Bitcoin. Oh wait, I have to pay 150$ with fees and the transaction won't get a confirmation before 1 hour. <-- perfect form of money right there

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The only real argument for bitcoin's price to be over inflated comes from the tether thing

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the duration of the bubble depends on the patience of the holders

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The fact you and all these other fools think a 20 times increase in a year is normal boggles me.
Sell it while you still can.

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b-but when bitcoin stabilizes at 500k our transaction fees wont mean anything cause we'll all be rich !

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no way mr sheckelstein
go back to your stocks senor

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Why do you care, have you shorted BTC?

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>What is Lightning Network

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>infinitely divisible
it's not

carry on

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Thats why buttcoin sucks and ripple, eth, or LTC will take its place

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>not knowing how LN works and how it won't solve the problem

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>tulips can safely store value long term
>tulips can be used to transact business
>tulips have been going up in price for years
>tulips are used to trade in all flowers
>flowers in general are slowly replacing functions previously covered by fiat
>the black market loves tulips

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How is this even relevant to the argument?

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hi dad

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I am just wondering the motive behind the hate posts.
If someone thinks this is all a bubble and we are all going to lose money, then they can think that, quite why they need to come here and tell us all is baffling.
Unless of course they want to push the price down.

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Unlike other stores of value (for example gold), bitcoin/litecoin cannot be physically seized by the government. So it's an excellent safe haven for when trust in established systems of finance and government is falling.

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saving, but not for the same reason you did :^)

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they are scared they missed out, jealous we are making tons of money, and confused as to how it works.

Honestly I feel bad for people like this, assuming they are serious. Their lives will be much harder in the future.

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>first bitcoin selloff occured in september 2017

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> buy dozens of physical wallets
> add some bitcoin to each
> throw them on the floor
> commence tiptoeing


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gotcha "son"

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> throw them on the floor
> commence tiptoeing
> throw them on the floor
> everyone walk the dinosaur
You fail at posting.

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Bye bye boomer

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luv 2 post tired memes

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>looking at the linear graph
this dip is nothing special

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t. t_D

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>There are a finite amount of BTC, they are as rare as they will ever be.

There are tons of altcoins

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keep telling yourself that buttcoiners

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it's not quite the same but it has divorces Bitcoin from its original purpose. I mean how do you promote Bitcoin as a legit currency alternative when you get massive 20%+ fluctuations in its value daily? At this point it's pretty much a financial speculation market until something gives

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yea history is some weird theory.

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Notuliper mad

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> I only have ten toes.
> Oh man, my toes will be worth MILLIONS

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stop that.

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>being this new

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>Explain why Bitcoin isn't Tulip Mania.

because its p2p electronic cash that is accepted in plenty of vendors and sites, tax free i might add.
but bitcoin barely does the thing it was meant to do. so iota,ripple or some other shit is going to replace it.
right now litecoin is the best candidate, altho its getting to a similar situation with bitcoin (shit supply,high fees). it would just get there slowly

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bitcoin is not tulips.
your argument is invalid.

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cause its not a tulip u faggot

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>bitcoin/litecoin cannot be physically seized by the government.
wtf are you saying.
silk road rings any bells?

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/biz/ was so comfy when peopel still talked about stocks.

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Because average people are buying cryptos even tho they are at all time highs.... nobody bought fucking tulip bulbs when they were 5 grand...

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Because there never was a "tulip mania"

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Except they literally did.

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>all this muh alt coins

If alt coins didn't exist and it was just bitcoin, the price of bitcoin would be like 150k right now.

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Because unlike tulips, Bitcoin and other crypto have real world utility.

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Bitcoin has zero utility. It's a big joke.
A few other cryptos have actual usecases.
The rest are pyramid schemes.

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because btc is directly connected to the value of the cryptomarket, it is the reference gold standard.
it can't keep up to be traded though, so find a solution for decentralized storage

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It's a number on a screen.
Show me anyone with actual tangible bitcoin

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>hurr durr fiat currency is tulips
This is literally how fucking stupid you sound to anyone with >high school education.

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So is all my real money. Credit cards, bank about, direct deposit. I haven't touched cash in years.

Don't misunderstand (I'm sure you will anyways) I think Bitcoin is overvalued right now.

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I can take Bitcoin and exchange it for cash or use it at shops that accept Bitcoin. I've already withdrawn $15k from an initial investment of less than $1k. In what way is that not real?

You literally had another chance today to stop being a nocoiner and you're still here coping as we go back to near 15k.

See you at 25k when you're asking if it's too late.

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Because Tulip mania lasted 1 year in the 1600's you stupid fuck

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ding ding ding

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t. IQ80

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Tulips aren't limited, bitcoins are. When tulips get lost you make new tulips. When bitcoins get lost it gets deducted from the supply.

Not only that, you are comparing assets with complete differen distribution. That from 350 years ago. It's blatant stupid.

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I rode bitcoin up since 2013 and made a profit.
Now I'm making more profit on alt-coins.
> tell-me-again.jpg

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> bitcoins aren't limited
> anyone can fork it and make their own

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Underlying advancements in applicable technologies that serve profitable industries in myriads of ways.
Pretty rare flower dick swinging contest.

Gee Anon, you're right! You're such a genious. Selling 100k.

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> Underlying advancements in applicable technologies that serve profitable industries in myriads of ways.

You just made an argument against Bitcoin and for Ripple.


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Human population is a bubble guys

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Which isn't the real bitcoin. That's pretty clear by now. And only 1 got traction, there are 1500 other coins that got volume too. So i don't see your point?

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> thinks he's joking

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Exactly. You don't see my point :)

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Because unlike Tulip Mania it resisted crash after crash, always returning stronger than before.

>> No.5366627

Then make it clear.

>> No.5366640


I'm making the case for all crypto, while holding XRP and NEM.

If you want to be a pedantic cunt, let me rephrase ever so slightly:
>Launch pad for underlying advancements in applicable technologies that serve profitable industries in myriads of ways.
>Pretty rare flower dick swinging contest.

You didn't ask if bitcoin would last forever. You asked how it was different from Tulip Mania. Go tell your mother about your 300 XRP stack again.

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>that is accepted in plenty of vendors and sites
no, it's not

> tax free i might add
technically yes, in practical terms, not at all

>> No.5366725

>currency that basically noone can take away from you and you can actually use to buy shit

Yeah they're exactly the same.

>> No.5366736

t. guy who can't read IDs

>> No.5366793

You really are an insufferable prick.

Why are you even here, just to be a dick?

>> No.5366800

Yea, sorry pal.

>> No.5366889

If bitcoin does turn out to be legit, could you at least stop acting like such a cunt about it? If the people here are the new billionaires of our generation, keep in mind you are on the verge of a revolution and losing not just your possessions, but your lives. So maybe start thinking about how to make the world better before a mob starts thinking about how to make your lives much much worse. It might seem like a game, but there are consequences to your actions.

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Dude, we will be all on the fucking Moon driving lambos and flinging rocket-propelled-shit at the normies in Earth.

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>tfw digital tulips

>> No.5367242

You people shitpost here all day and still haven't figured out this shit? Of course bitcoin wouldn't be like 150k. It would be worth shit. Bitcoin is just being used as gold to father a ton of currencies and economies..

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t. guy who gets mad on 4chan

>> No.5367587

Why do you post somewhere that you obviously dont like?
You a moron or a troll?
I must be mad because you say so?
To be fair, if I was out and a guy spoke to me the way you talk to people here, I would have put you on your ass. Pricks like you must love the internet, where you can just be a prick and sit there thinking you are great.

You're not, you're a fucking cretin.

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Explain why Bitcoin is Tulip Mania.

protip: you can't

>> No.5367661

t. guy who is willing to commit assault over speech he doesn't like

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ID checks out

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>Bitcoin/Litecoin is the perfect form of money.

>fundamentally limited in quantity so naturally deflationary
>perfect currency

>> No.5367870

Unironic first time buyer. Should I invest 1000 right now or wait?

>> No.5367951

No... they didn't... Because you can't purchase a fraction of a tulip bulb like you can cryptos...

>> No.5368048

with climate change it is, yes

>> No.5368051

Peter Schiff getting BTFO


these shit arguments have been debunked many times, people think they're prophets for spouting le tulip bubble.

>> No.5368119

wait for 8k

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>Explain why Bitcoin isn't Tulip Mania.
>protip: you can't.

Bitcoin has been in existence for sometime.

Cryptocurrency in general would never have the same level of exposure, or public investment, had bitcoin not been there.

Look at how tough an asset BTC is? Lifespan, hardiness, recognition and it's costs. $ 14,000.00 is nothing to be sniffed at. No other cryptocurrency comes near it.

>> No.5368233

How do you know it's going to go to 8k?

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nobody knows retard just WAIT

pic related could be ur wife if you're PATIENT enough

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Nigga, bitcoin is nothing special. If Doge came before bitcoin then we would see Doge in the highs now. Youre essentially saying that cryptocurrency wouldnt exist without first crypto existing.

Kek, how are those lost coins working for you sonny
Yes, its the most popular at least for now.
>$ 14,000.00 is nothing to be sniffed at. No other cryptocurrency comes near it.
Thats false

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>Yes, its the most popular at least for now.
>$ 14,000.00 is nothing to be sniffed at. No other cryptocurrency comes near it.
>Thats false
Explain why it's false then faggot

>> No.5368531

what do you buy with bitcoin?

>> No.5368540

>explain why its false
Because there are more expensive coins out there :^)

>> No.5368578

No it's the other way around, you have to be able to buy shit with it for it to be a currency.

>> No.5368579

Dude, this isn't a a Dead Cat Bounce. This IS the rally.

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it will eventually stabilise once its all been mined

>> No.5368600

Real money.

>> No.5368622

You can't purchase fractions of crypto either.
There's a single base unit.
You're confusing yourself by thinking that 1 is the base unit.

>> No.5368625

reminder cryptos are backed by the energy and resources spent making them minimum

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Is this the gambling addict general?

>> No.5368673

Bear trap or not, I cashed out most of my crypto at $15k. If it crashes to the ground, I'm still happy with the gains I made so far. If it moons, I still have my ticket to lamboland.

>> No.5368753

cryptocoins and the tech behind it in general has practical use, more so in the near future.
tulips dont.
youre confusing mania with new tech adoption rate.