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TRAC just hit discovery and turns out its the one to tokenize all assets and is actually the true DAG. Stop accumulating, everyone else is heading over to OriginTrail. How did this happen?

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>oregon trail
when will they learn vidya game coins dont sell

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yeah, better let Avery Denison know. I'm sure their label making business is safe...

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Lmao. All jokes aside, /biz, are these the pajeet shills you so often speak of? Why would an erc20 shill start a flame war with an L1, any L1, for that matter? This smells like curry.

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AI wrote this

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Hedera isn't an L1, but you'd know that if English was your first language.

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Lmao shills are seething

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le old deflection technique isn't a good look for you son.

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Why are you comparing an erc20 L2 with an L1, Prakesh?

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Do you know what a DAG is? No, right, I'm guessing no because both HBAR and TRAC are DAGs, not blockchains.
It's okay, it's okay, I bet you get this kind of embarrassment a lot.

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your right it's a layer 0

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Name one thing I said that is incorrect. You can't do it because (a) everything I said is right; and (b) you're a colossal retard.

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I got a lil stack. Teleported for some OTP couple of months ago. Partnerships and overall usecase seems great. Question tho - is the token rly needed? Unironically curious here. Would appreciate ur view on this.

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delete this, this board does not deserve to know of this coin

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Gotta be honest, that is a great question. It's a utility token that drives the DAG so I'm going to go with yes? The fact that already you have 4 companies with a combined MC of over $1T using it for supply chain tracking is pretty huge.

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So bullish on this. Sneed hbaggies

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How many of this dogshit coin do I need before it pops to get rich

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well, just from a pure math stand point, look at this. Besides a Staples tier label maker, no one is using HBAR. So just at HBAR's MC it's an easy 15x. I'm a stacklet, just have like 15K. But once this goes, it's gonna go.