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And it keeps pumping. Was omega right this whole time? PRQ bros how are you feeling?

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I remember when I sold this at $2

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That’s nice, but he was shilling it when it was at 8 cents a couple months ago during the depths of the bear market and everyone was saying it was going to 0

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feeling pretty comfy desu, always do the opposite those fudfags tell you

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I sold half my stack at 15 cents for a 2x. One 1 hand, I wish I held because it keeps pumping, on the other hand, cashing out my initial has always been a good decision.

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yes, he was. im feeling fucking great.

t. 80k stack

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The guy got parsiq right. 75k stack...this baby has a long way to go yet. MC rank 600+ currently...deffo a top 100 coin. Severely undervalued

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Omegabro, i kneel...
Why is it pumping though?

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>selling my stack for 2x
>cashing out my initial
"Cashing out initial" would be "selling half my stack" in your case.

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pissed off I didn’t also get a another 10k last week though
bought more RLC instead

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Apologies, anon, i somehow missed the word "half" in your post.

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>2 years ago it was $1.40
There are so many people stuck with heavy fartshit bags that will be selling. Zoom out

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I hope it gets to $1 so i can dump this shitcoin

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New to crypto pal?

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PRQ and GRT always pump at the same time
i should have got a bag of GRT as well

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GRT is shit. PRQ is at a much smaller market cap and the fundamentals are way stronger.

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It’s less of a risk at least, I have 50k PRQ, I reckon a 25k GRT bag wouldn’t be a bad shout

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Do I swing my 100k PrQ stack bros?

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swingies get the rope

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What if it goes back to .1

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Who is this omega-anon and what did he say about my parsnips

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It has been retardedly undervalued this whole time

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No, prq will be the first coin in history to never retrace after a 100+% gain

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>Was omega right this whole time
who knows, he was right some times and wrong sometimes. He stopped replying or making threads. Probably in jail as he mentioned

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$88.88 eoy

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Holy fuck!!!

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I bought PRQ when it was $0.10 (the first time), and sold at around $2... good luck retard

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will buy 100k stack once i get my money mid february

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>Only 17k parsiq
What I am in for?

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$1,510,960 apparently

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short term, 17k $
long term, 170k $

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Wtf is prqboost?

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It was a liquidity incentive. Now discontinued.

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What's the token for? They accept real money

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Parsiq services are paid for with the PRQ token. Payments made in "real money" (heh) are converted to PRQ market buys behind the scenes.

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Token not sneeded

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>his digits check out

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I own 0 prq but I am going to buy nice 200k stack in summer at 5 cent. Feeling comfy bros

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$5 minimum in full bull run

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lmao look at this cope, you missed the boat faggot now fuck off

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based, checked, bag reloaded

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Everyone's memeing and having fun and making money and I bought this fucking shit at 70 fucking cents. I want to kill myself. Fuck.

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last dip before moon ?

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Opening a short. Will bet my house this shit is under 15c by tomorrow. Literally zero reason to pump. It's just following GRT

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Don't fomo anon. I bought some at 70 cents thinking I was smart buying the dip. Parsiq always dumps hard after it had big pump. It will probably be around 10 cents next week when whales that bought at a fraction of a cent take profit

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kek this
fartshit baggies are in for a bad time
completely useless shit coin, without even any memes, just some astroturfed narrative about gurt being shit therefore prq's centralized scamware is needed
enjoy your pump baggies, if you're smart you will sell this radioactive shit

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you missed the bottom. seethe harder

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kek actually I didn't, bags are up more than fartshit
enjoy the scampump (and subsequent scamdump lmaooo)

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there it goes. free fall

cope harder baggies

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I see fart shits CEO is advising Radom, wonder how long until they go under water as well.

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They'll be selling for PRQ tokens and stables via Radom Pay soon. The Radom backend is powered by fart shit as well so it's a win for both. Especially with Brave and Pornhub.com choosing Radom for payments.

There's actually a lot going on with Parsiq, it's just kept under wraps and will remain that way until they've finished raising marketing funds from vc capital. They're looking at several routes forward for putting more value into the token itself, become more active in their community if you want to stay up to date with your bagholding.

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I actually facilitated the initial meeting between Radom and Parsiq. Is that you Scott?

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Not paki osman but I do like the guy. Just a community member of both, happy to post my white hands. Assuming this is a member of the PRQ team or a vc?

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Reminder this is unique technology that's going to $20 minimum

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$PRQ is going to listed under Artificial Intelligence on coingecko

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I actually got word I may only face 5-10 years probation. And of course I was right. My shilling only occurs at the absolute bottom.

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love you bro hope that you only get probation for what you did

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Fartshit is a cope. Nobody uses fartshit or any other web3 app for that matter. You are enriching Estonian kikes and you do it for free.

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Thanks, when I come back in 4 years to shill again, many will forget the millions of PRQ I bought to hold the 8 cent floor or the absolutely relentless shilling I did for 16 hours a day to help anons make it. The ones who listen will be rewarded like I say everytime.

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Bloody 'ell...

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Thank you

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Thanks man. Good luck with the case.

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I bought 250k because of a random post on this board. I hope that's enough to make it

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How high we goin?

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Omega Anon...
I listened but only managed to acquire 20,000 fartshits since im a supreme poorfag
The hardest part now is when to sell and I feel like i'll fuck it up like I do all things in life..
Am I gonna make it!?!?

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aaand the pump is over
why the fuck didn't I sell the top god dammit

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can buy more now
want to get my bag to 100k

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