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What is the singular worst financial decision you have ever made?

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not buying a house 3 years ago because I was sure it would get cheaper in (((pandemic))).

I literally had cash for it.

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Buying $13k of mining shares when some "insider" told me the company had found gold. Sold for $3k.

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Investing $2500 in DB (the dog coin). Watched my “investment” spiral to $100 and sold it not long after. I was too much of a faggot then, now Im saving my money for bitcoin only.

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Being born

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buying meme stocks in 2007 and 2008 (chinese solar).

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black london gf

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sold shib early

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Using silk road in 2012 and not keeping any bitcoin

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buying this game

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Not buying link when it was $0.17 a piece, I was a teen then and I thought everyone here was lying jeet

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I borrowed 300k to go to pharmacy school. After 8 years of payments I owe 400k.

I cant do the job, either. Being robbed so many times has given me PTSD and I cant step foot in a pharmacy without freaking out.

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Had a nice 93 billion stack that I got for $200 would have been worth millions if I had held.

Will regret it for the rest of my life.

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To not build that doge coin miner for shits and giggles back when the currency was brand new. Imagine if I had HODLd until the craze in 2020.

Either that, or keeping 100k in a savings account for 10 years instead of going long in an index fund.

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Didn't think about this side of gambling shit coins. There is no real way to analyse how far they will go. So you're literally gambling tens of thousands once that initial pump happens. On something you're inherently going to be clueless on.

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giving a whore a monthly allowance instead of DCA'ing into ETH back in 2018

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>Gave up on school when I could have gone to an Ivy League or Oxbridge
>Didn't buy bitcoin when it was less than $5 per coin and I knew it was going to explode even at the time
>Spent 10+ years getting gud at writing when I was already good enough to get published

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Buying bayn at €90 after selling mos for $23 for five figures

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where to begin

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trying to trade with leverage... trading in general you guys are all fucking stupid by the way everyone here is just larping about making money from it FYI

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Not selling ethereum end of 2021. I had a networth of around 500k but wanted to wait a lil longer so I could cash out tax free (only possible after 12 months of holding in my country) and so I didn't. In the meantime my networth crashed to 110k at one point. I wage barely above minimum wage btw, I take home 1600€ after a full month of waging. So this fuckup was absolutely life changing bad for me.

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this and also buying a used alfa romeo

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>playing with shitcoins in 2017 made me lose a lot of BTC
>not buying into shitcoins in 2017 that did 100x like XRP
>not buying into stuff I heard of that did 100x in 2020-2021 like SOL, FTM, MATIC

overall still up tremendously and (((made it))) already so I don't stress too much over it

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Getting into crypto and gambling was not a great decision but im young and make 100k so we good senpai. Was also a funny experience but now im just going to embrace the boomer mindset and invest into some stocks/ETF and chill. Dont care about money just want peace of mind.

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I used to date good Indian doctor girl who would grind on my dick but never let me fuck her. I broke up with her because I needed to fuck.

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Speaking strictly in terms of most $ lost, it was only cashing out 50% in Dec 2021. 200-250k unrealised loss since.

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I sold a bayc for 3 eth. Holding it would have meant getting 100+ eth in airdrops and still having the 70 eth nft itself

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Leaving job at Google for a pre IPO startup. I got bored and wanted to see what else was out there. Then the market tanked. I don't think I would have been laid off either

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Using leverage.

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Put my 30k savings into chainlink in may 2021.
Currently on the verge of homelessness.

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using my 11btc i had back in 2012 to buy like a couple of grams worth of weed

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Only buying about 4 btc back in 2013 and not going all in.

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selling a trillion dogbats for $3000ish

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withdraw 4k of my 401k and have it stolen from me on kucoin

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Women and cars. Have literally spent at least $150k on pussy and wheels.
But I did have fun.

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Buying a luxury apartment outright. Sold it now to buy BTC but it was a fucking headache.

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Restaurants. They're a fucking ripoff.

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not buying bitcoin in 2011

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I sold a trillion SHIB in March 2021
I still lay awake in bed thinking about it

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that too. my college roommates were shilling it to me and i was too lazy and self absorbed to care

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I diversified 32 eth into DeFi. Made money but should've just stayed in eth

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Even though I sold by ~5 million USD stack of Shib for pennies couple of years back, I consider it play money since I was gambling with those. What I really think I should have done differently, was not buying corn when I started following it, around $700 a piece, but only jumped on the bandwagon after 10x from there.

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Not selling any tops during 2021/2022 when all my friends and family got interested in crypto

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It's funny how this tell never fucking fails. I have a friend that only talks to me about crypto when it's about to crash and yet I always get too greedy because this is when it pumps the most and I'm afraid to cash out too early.
Turns out "too early" is still the top if you zoom out.

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That's bad. I had a quarter trillion back then in January. But I think I have made peace with that. I don't think it's even good to make it as in fuck-you-money terms, but I want to make it in a way where I didn't just gamble, but was ahead of curve, and made enough to get some freedoms in life. Like, not really having to work, but still doing so, because it gives you things.

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I still made a decent stack because I had kept LEASH and it's still worth 5k today even though I just put 50 bucks on it back then.
All in all I'm still richer than when I bought SHIB but it's hard to cope sometimes.
The problem is that it makes it hard for me to sell now.

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Buy Hiens3 (Kucoin scam nft token) at low price and not selling it after it pumped x3. I lost $800. Not a huge deal but it still hurts.

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You live and learn. I believe we're still early, when zooming out ten years from here.

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Not selling everything during last bull run. 3mil? Not enough apparently

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Yes we learned some lessons the hard way. It's best to see it this way.

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Selling doge in 2018.

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I looked into mining doge back in 2016 but gave up because this was too convoluted for my tastes

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Investing 500 in db in oct 2021is nolarp the best financial decision of my life. Maybe I should have sold in dec 2021, but I don't regret it. Still my comfiest hold.

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Invested $2500 in Bitcoin in 2017. Lost the login a year later. Kicking myself ever since.

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Keeping near 100k in Celsius

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sold 10 btc when it was $800 per

Overpaid for a used car

other than that I've been fairly good at managing finances

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Move to a white country

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get a meme degree
sell d0b0 for a 3x
get a gf

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Be alive.

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not selling the 15k KDA I bought at $0.30 when it hit $30
i had like $400k
now worth $15k

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sex your mom

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I should have sold LINK when it hit 50, I would have made it and would be traveling the world in a yacht right now, now all those dreams are gone, lost to the sands of time....

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leaving my 400 BTC on Mt Gox

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Could be worse I sold at $1.60 on covid dip to buyback thinking it will go lower

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buying crypto

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Made 600 ETH from a smallcap that pumped overnight, and I didn't sell the fucking top...

Now I found another one tho, and this time I'll sell, move to ETH and stake the shit out of them until the next bullrun

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I downloaded the software to become part of a Bitcoin mining pool in early 2010, but I still lived with my parents and the internet connection was ass. So when I saw the download of the blockchain would take over an hour I abandoned it thinking it would not be worth it and completely stopped reading about crypto and finance in general until dogecoin blew up

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let me pump your bags. tell me the name.

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simultaneously listening and nôt listening to /biz/.

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They're doing some marketing rn, idk if it's the best time to buy.

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Majoring in anything other than computer science in college. I did chemistry and was basically in the poorhouse till I was 27

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Belgium? The good thing is you'll have 1 million this bullrun

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Being born

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Buying a nft

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Other than pic related

>chasing women in young age
>being born in a 3rd world shithole

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same nigga except i had 600k. Gonna dca 1795 usd every week starting next week into eth and maybe doge since i got kinda bullish using a dca calculator on it.

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Why would you ever go pre-ipo if you already were in with fag? Like selling bitcoin to go into some random shit coin

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I had bitcoin in 2013 that’s all I’m going to say

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Selling 700 eth for $10k after the DAO hack.

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>bought a grifter's cookbook $65
>College at first, but now have WFH job so eh

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I bought superdry shares in 2016.

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>tax free after one year
You're in for a surprise.

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Not buying meme coins in 2020, I'm definitely not missing out on privacy and AI tokens this time aorund.

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I made several hundred ETH by going all in on defi coins back in 2020. But I didn't sell them back to ETH. Could've been retired and traveling the world. Still think about it almost every day.

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I just added RAIL and AI to my DCA list.

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In 2020 I pulled out all of my investments after I justinvested them because I was new to investing and freaked out. Would have had so much money in retrospect.

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To be gambling alts without any TA idea instead of staking alts in pools such as those seen on LMaaS, Binance etc.

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NOt selling >>53610229
my 1000x Akita Inu bag at 120k dollars

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sold a house in 2019; and handled the taxes poorly.

Just fucking kill me

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buying blok at 0.1 and holding to now

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During the start of the pandemic, I bought $12,000 dollars worth of shares in Inovio Pharmaceutical when the price was around $10/share because I was convinced it would go up, and it did. It went up quite a bit actually. I was convinced it would go up even more when it hit around $18/share, so I bought another $30,000 dollars of it. It was sure to increase, because of the pandemic. When it started dropping a little, to about $14/share, I sold everything I had in a panic and ended up with a net loss. Then, it started going up again, so I bought back in around $20/share. I should have sold when it hit $32/share but I didn't. Then it dropped all the way to $7/share and I sold out everything I had, deleted my robinhood account, and considered killing myself.

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filling out a pain pill prescription after a knee injury when I was 22

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Not investing sooner.

Also i had like 20 bitcoins in 2013 but was a poorfag and had to sell them to pay rent kek

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This, my greatest mistake was choosing to be born in the late 90s, should have gone with the 40s or 50s instead

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Buying a Nissan Z31

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'97 here
Dodged '08 crash and covid lockdowns
WfH now
Millenials and younger zoomers are fucked

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Getting addicted to video games. So much time lost for nothing.

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Not realizing sooner that when I have liquid cash, I coast and spend it. It sounds like boomer advice, but "pay yourself first" by investing your money when you get paid works.

Bigger mistakes:
>Sold 6 bitcoins for ~$1000/each

>Bought 4 GPUs and started mining DOGE day after release. Sold as I mined to pay for electricity and stashed away a few.
>Won 6mil doge on a dice game within a month of its release. Sold half immediately (nobody ever goes broke taking profits, right?)
>Slowly spent the rest over the next year on gift cards.
>Saved my last 1mil DOGE in Cryptsy on the off chance it ever mooned. Crypsty rugged and DOGE was gone.

>Bought ASTROPUP for $80 on release, it mooned up to around $100k. Didn't sell, it rugged, made it out with around $2k.

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Be me europoor lurk on 4chan since 2004ish
never get into BTC over the years.
2021 comes around
pull the trigger and buy shib, Dog with bat (9000€ for 110B), one with the goose, zha0 one, mithril and other countless shitcoins. lose about 17K in total.

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I had a psychotic episode (basically I was a paranoid schizo for a week)
ended up costing me 6k
its the most costly thing that ever happened to me

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not selling.
cost me 580k

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At that point is it even worth paying anymore? LIke, what's the worst that could happen if you don't pay it, not being able to get a mortgage and scaring off potential wives? Half of zoomies won't be able get those things anyway

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sold all my eth at 800 then literally 2 days later it pumps to 2000 ive never been more suicidal

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did she get a BBL?

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Listening to my wife

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>Also i had like 20 bitcoins in 2013
Stop larping shit here. 20 bitcoins...? Then you are the dumbest coward I've known. Now it's the era of AI tokens like GRT and ALBT for data economy. Retards like you will be sleeping on those until 2030 when you will claim to have 200 BTC.

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Bought 30 bitcoins for about $30 in 2011. Sold all of them for about $300 in 2013.

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This thread makes me feel better because I am not alone in my stupidity.

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Htv vive insta -600

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Not buying arbinu sooner

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Being a neet

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Making up a complicated password for my 2014 dogecoin wallet and being unable to remember it when elon pumped my 200,000 dogecoins to $10

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Not using a self custody wallet and I was punished for it.

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Buying $2000 worth of xrp at 35 cents and not selling at its high

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Storing the backup on a flashdrive that literally had the flash memory fall out of the plastic usb case as it fell apart

And carrying this in a pocket with a literal hole

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started risky investing a year before the top of the cycle and didn't sell because I was not savvy yet.
An yet, if I didn't start then, the chances would be very low that I'd have started at the bottom of the cycle, after that.

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You're a fucking moron, you invested in shits without thinking of the security.

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Not hiding my transaction details on chain while withdrawing my last bullrun gains.

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Lmao, its all over fren you won. DCA that money into ETH, MATIC or even any privacy alt would have been life changing for you.

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I went all in on a token called Bingus

>> No.53621622

You can always go back in, trust me its still very cheap at the current price or just go long term on PriFis.

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Linkpool. I am still angry about it….

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ignoring a buddy of mine in 2014 who told me to buy btc, he unironically made it

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kek i remember this one

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I once got a payday loan out while broke in a casino and lost it all within about half an hour.

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Selling all my doge coin

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Bought a condo in a majority-Hispanic minority-black near-zero-asian-or-white neighborhood (Chelsea, MA). Thought it'd appreciate in value as nearby Boston gentrifies it but the town has resisted gentrification efforts unfortunately. Dumping my bag soon and moving to the forest.

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I should have used the Railway privacy wallet but I was too retarded to even realize its on the Appstore until my funds were gone.

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I thought the stock market was gov regulated and real. I lost a million$ investing in a diversified portfolio of mutual funds in 2008. Turns out jews took over USA and rob everyone from birth and all investing is just jews robbing people and getting away with it cause law is a jewish game of robbing Americans

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now I struggle to find a living wage job and even though I have a dangerous incredibly hard job, there is no work for me all year and no pay. If people rise up to kill all the jews and foreigners I will too

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You could have kept it safe in a self custody wallet with just a single point using just one login ID.

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bought a house last year at my local market peak with 100% variable loan

i fell for the HORSE meme

(YOU) genuius

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>implying you didnt use cmmg to play online poker with your buddies