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Do you degens still pay with PayPal or there are other options?

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I pay with Monero

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Who still does that? Crypto payment projects will be changing the financial sector for good

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I pay with Binance Pay

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With the near zero actual crypto holders "using" crypto (the vast majority not even having their own wallets), and retailers and financial institutions vocal disinterest in accepting your pikachufart tokens as forms of payment, I think you have an uphill battle there.

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Not if when it is available for all merchants. El Salvador, Brazil and Lugano are some examples of where it is available for all and sundry

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Thousands of merchants are already accepting crypto through getaways like Binance pay, alchemy pay, cronos, bitpay, xmoney. just to mention but a few

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The privacy feature is one of the best that I've seen

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PayPal is so dead.
Blood fuck I would rather go with a web3 crypto payment gateway to get done with online purchases.
>Only boomers will use PayPal

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>only people with money will use legitimate payment gateways I'll use my fart tokens to buy stuff, but not really because I'm never selling

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Revolut is still my choice over this PayPal shit

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Paybolt is good. Not great but ok.
For fucksake no PayPal I closed it long time back.

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I am waiting for xMoney then my payments with crypto and fiat will be easy and transparent.
>PayPal is not dependable and trustworthy

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I am not sure if you can get cashbacks with that but I get 1.5% on all transactions with a web3 payment gateway.

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I prefer paying with fiat fuckers. Crypto will never replace that.
>crypto is a pure scam
>no regulations
>too many tokens, coins, hacks.
>shit show.
This is good for doing crime and not suitable for real life.
All you ranjeets are going to loose your money and stand with your dicks out in the open.

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Of course there are many gateways that help us to Pay with crypto but not all have transparency with their merchant list.
I know a crypto payment processor which has more than 20k merchants like shopify, yourmacstore, Whales of Watches, Nicolas Brussels and much more.

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Why Binance pay? Is the cashback worth it?

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I use the binance credit card, but just got double charged for a plane ticket... how do I fix this sirs?

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>El Salvador
This is not the shining example you want to stand behind. Go watch some day in the life videos of the everyday man in El Salvador, and how fucking awful and frustrating it is to try and pay for daily necessities with crypto. Imagine waiting in line for 30 minutes waiting for your BTC tx to go through for a loaf of bread and watching it get declined. Imagine doing this for every little thing you need to go about your life. You want to live that life?

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Wtf is PayPal? I just got a ticket to watch Benfica playing live and I used crypto for that

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Reach out to the support team.
Wtf are you doing in here jeet.

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This problem has already been addressed.Getaways for crypto payments make transactions seamless and fast. I haven't encountered such lags using them

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If you really want to use crypto you will not use PayPal.

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>Using Paypal after they changed their ToS to fine you for wrong think

Lol, lmao

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Smart. I recently booked a flight ticket using USDT from Malaysia to Bali with Alternative airlines no qualms at all.

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>wrong think

You mean being a racist /pol/tard spreading dangerous misinformation?

Well yeah, the real world isn't like 4chan kiddo. Sorry to burst your bubble

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a few weeks ago i managed to get a company to INSTANTLY give me a refund through starting a paypal dispute when there was literally no way to get a refund through the company directly and they said they didnt owe me one.
so yeah, i kinda fuck with paypal still.

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kek. Good try you fool. Are you working for FED? Want to print more worthless paper?

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Crypto adoption is growing as many groceries are now adding this to their method of accepting payment.

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What? If they used multiversx or Binance chain, this complaints about network lags won't have occurred

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Nice one bro, PayPal is the real MVP. Always got your back when those companies try to play games. Don't let them scam you, file that dispute and watch the magic happen but it's time you check out other methods such as using crypto as a means of payment.

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And Travala also accepts crypto payments. I think anyone can literally enjoy a vacation while paying with only crypto

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I think it's not difficult to find something better than paypal.
It must be because they don't use good infrastructure. Nobody in Lugano, Switzerland, complained about the Bitcoin payments.

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With on chain transactions it's even more better we have history, it's economical and swift.
Instead of paying high fees I get more cashbacks.

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All virtual chat agents are fucking useless. They're automated and expect you to ask them a specific question so they can respond in a specific way. When you don't give them what they want, they then ask if you want to speak to an actual human, which renders the whole virtual chat agent moot.

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Crypto and fiat will work in tangents that's the future of payments. Xmoney will be doing that which will disrupt the payments sector on the whole.

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Nice one anon you got some nice pussy deals, as I keep making payments using web3payments platform as it got some nice juicy shit , like I get cashback when I stake it too.

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While it's true that utilizing centralized platforms like PayPal to acquire crypto goes against its core principles of decentralization and P2P transactions, some folks might prioritize the convenience and protection offered. But in the end, it's a matter of individual preference and comfort level. I personally prefer to use Utrust payment gateway as they offer a better blend of security and decentralization.

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Totally agree, on-chain transactions are definitely the way to go. Not only do you have a permanent record of all transactions, but the added efficiency means lower fees and faster processing times. Plus, those cashbacks are a nice bonus. It's great to see the crypto community moving towards more decentralized solutions.

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>dangerous misinformation
As determined by whom? Paypal?

P-lease nigger.

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>le covid isn't real and the n-word!

yeah bro you fit in alright you are so hardcore

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Not to add that paying with crypto is not normiefriendly at all.
Theres no safeguards against stupidity, which is why pajeets, americans, south europeans and africans will never use crypto.

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LuganoPlanB is just the beginning we have alot more too see. As the speculation prolong hope I get to see ebay accepting payments through a web3 payment processor soon.
And that will bring in more mainstream adoption.

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Chads who truly care about adoption will not use it entirely. First, even if I spend crypto, those merchants will not receive it, so there is no point in paying in crypto if the platform is automatically selling it. This is not the way. Blockchain payments are the only thing worth doing.

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Who said anything about Covid chud? Go back.

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>implying crypto is actually worth something outside of being a ponzi scheme
Come on, man. Also, normies have largely given up on crypto as their major reason to buy it by making short term profit off it.
The only chance for crypto to surpass fiat is by being more practicable than getting shekels being deposited into your account every 28th of the month for wageslaving, which you can then use on the spot for any exchange worldwide. Also, loans are only approved with fiat, and banks are largely controlled by national entities.
Tell me how crypto is going to surpass that exactly?

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Agreed, they're just a waste of time. It's better to just speak to a real human right away instead of going through the hassle of talking to a chatbot.

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Go get useful faggot, when phone House, a recognized european electronics retailer and telecommunications provider, starts accepting BTC and other web3 payments services don't be a lazy dick anon.

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With the increasing cases of fraud and cyber attacks, it's no surprise that poorfags are seeking for a more secure option for their assets and web3payment platform is already getting that done.

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Not just other payment options but a secured platforms

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Yeah, who cares about that, just stick to fiat like a normal person

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The future of finance is clear those advancing blockchain interoperability which are ALBT, QNT , ALGO, DOT etc.

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>Tell me how crypto is going to surpass that exactly.
Crypto > fiat. Decentralized systems = better security. Low fees, fast tx speeds. DeFi gives access to the unbanked. Privacy and anti-censorship too.

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Only morons will stick to fiat despite the fact that the world is changing and crypto will soon replace the mtf fiat. Isn't it juicy that fags are getting cashback for each transaction on web3payment gateway and can now pay for bitches in crypto??

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I use cex wallets

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Will I get paid if I'm being spoken to?

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Yeah, agreed. Interoperability is key for crypto to reach its full potential. ALBT, QNT, ALGO, DOT leading the way. Keep an eye on those if you really want to make it.

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I pay with cash

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You are right actually, in the real world actions have consequences for a business, turns out people dont like being told what they are allowed to say by their payment vendor

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Fags getting cashback? More like retards getting rekt :))). But yeah, crypto is the future, my dude. The old guard can keep their fiat, we'll be living life like kings on web3. The juicy part is watching all the normies get left behind. Get ready to stack sats and HODL, the revolution is here.

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Real Estates, Tourism agencies, Luxury car dealers and electronic products other big players in the industry now accepts crypto payments via web3payment gateway. Anticipating a fun time Asian bitches.

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Making a list of blockchain interoperability without mentioning ORE and LINK is bias AF. YNGMI

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I logged on for a month and called the support techs niggers because they wouldn't delete my account. They demanded I supply them with a self dox for a $15 transaction from 2015.

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Sounds good summerfag as alternative airlines, a travel company based in the United Kingdom, has partnered with one of the web3payments cryptocurrency service to facilitate payments with crypto.

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What are you crypto fears?

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100% agree, bro. Safety first when it comes to our assets. And web3's got the security game on lock. No more worrying about getting pwned by hackers. The future is decentralized and the poorfags are finally realizing it. Let's HODL and watch as they catch up.

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There was a decentralized oracle network called ChainLink. It had a mission to bring real-world data to the world of smart contracts, enabling them to be triggered by events happening outside of the blockchain. Despite its success, ChainLink realized that there was still a gap between the traditional financial system and the blockchain world. One day, ChainLink received an exciting proposal from PayPal, the world's leading online payment platform. PayPal saw the potential of ChainLink's technology and wanted to partner with them to bring blockchain to the masses. Together, ChainLink and PayPal set out to create a seamless and secure bridge between the traditional financial system and the blockchain world. They combined ChainLink's decentralized oracle network with PayPal's trusted payment platform, allowing smart contracts to be triggered by real-world events, such as a payment being made or received through PayPal. This partnership was a game-changer for the blockchain world. For the first time, individuals and businesses could use smart contracts to automate financial transactions, secure their assets, and save time and money. The combination of ChainLink's technology and PayPal's reach and trust made blockchain accessible to millions of people around the world. As time went on, the partnership between ChainLink and PayPal continued to thrive. They expanded their collaboration to include other use cases, such as supply chain management, identity verification, and voting systems. The possibilities were endless, and the impact of their partnership continued to grow. In the end, ChainLink and PayPal's partnership proved to be a shining example of how technology and innovation can change the world for the better. Together, they brought blockchain to the masses, enabling individuals and businesses to take control of their financial transactions and secure their assets in ways never before possible

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Hack is inevitable, but selecting a good project with strong fundamentals and good security and Identity management system is key, my position on ORE is one of the best so far.

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The jeetery itt is an embarrassment...

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You gonna be a slave to the bank go get some sense anon as a Portugal-based on-chain crypto payments firm, has received a license from the Portuguese central bank to operate as a virtual asset service provider.

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I've got many options but I'm curious about getting my bags filled.

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>Portuguese central bank
Found an image of the top Portuguese central bankers

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Lunacrash, FTC crash... Who's gonna be the next.

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fucking pointless
See pic related for dealing with the problem.

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The cash back gains is a huge boost and UTK is moving stronger

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Be on alert anon, metastaking in maiar for 25% APY begin soon with the tokenburn, it's going to get more fucking interesting.

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Monero is the best way to go as a fraud
I pay with crypto, it is better than fiat

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Look here anon, fags that care much about decentralisation, privacy and Identity protocol have got no need panic.

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Won't this be affected by the market?

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Faggot save on Cex and that's why they got so burnt badly, it's not your key it's not your money, that's why I prefer web3payment

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> these industries accept crypto

no not really

>real estates

lol the jeets are pluralizing stuff now for no reason

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Paypal is the best

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The main focus now should be the burn mechanism which is going to be ignited soon. In fucking 5 years the market cap will reach 250 mil.

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Fuck off jeet, shillscam

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Have interacted with Kensington before and it accepts crypto as payment, I think more people are beginning to see the true use case of crypto rather than Just a store of wealth

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That's for Cex, Identity management protocol should be a top priority as hackers are coming up with new technologies to hack and steal assets.

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Fiat is fucked, they keep printing more and more, it has no total supply and you trust it over BTC, you are a fool if I must say, do you know why Lugano, one of Switzerland's major cities, began accepting payment in BTC?
El Salvador made Bitcoin legal tender for its residents, simply because they see Fiat on its way to its doom

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Lol chud has covid on the brain

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Have you tried Binance, Bitpay or Xmoney, I bet you will not use any other payment option again

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You are with the FED Uh

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Market conditions, in my opinion, have little impact on adoption; last year, there were many new merchants that accepted crypto payment, including Zome; crypto payment is Satoshi's vision for crypto, not a quick pump-and-dump scheme.

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binance issued my card to someone else, if i had money on my funding wallet it would be gone
fuck those retards
also i got 1 random refund of 15€, withdrew that and closed my card with them

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That messed up, Are you sure not one of your shawty compromised your account

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Paying with crypto is the best way possible now, the charges it lower and it delivers faster, compared to PayPal which is freaking Shitty

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Fuck off

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Only new fegs get rekt over some shitty quotes as as UTK has many passive income opportunities and a deflationary tokenomics that will address the inflation of the token. all you need do is just earn without fear.

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There is even a cashback opportunity with crypto, I prefer it too

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Fuck off, that the worst shit ever. The charges and delay in payment is stinky

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I still don't know why privacy and self custody focused wallets are being ignored.

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no, i literally never took the card anywhere, only used it on steam

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You are like the kid in that jewish gif that keeps money grubbing too fucking hard, while the old man in that same gif does it in a subtle way

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Some people would rather empty their funds on CEX then wail of their stolen assets.

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Just a waste of bunches

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This won't make you ass rich go get some GSD and don't die trying .

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Morons will never learn until they focus on cryptos that builds security with self custody as a priority.

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Not your keys, mine money