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>even the taliban have become wagies
what chance do the rest of us have then?

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Ahmed gets it.

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Looks like USA defeated the Taliban in the end.

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>Looks like USA defeated the Taliban in the end.
You're goddman right about that. America plays the ultra-complex, extremely long game.

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This was also what Russian vets said about 1944; it was the best year of their lives because it had none of the restrictions that were to come later.

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>Life's become so wearisome; you do the same things ever day.

You expect me to believe afghani some sheep shagger wrote that

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tell me you never been to Afghanistan, without telling me you've never been to Afghanistan.

Then squeal like a pig for me American (((Bacha Boi)))


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She's beautiful
Please tell me she's not in one of those fat farms in Central af