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Do people really believe this?
>16k rejected
>20k rejected
>23k rejected
>24k rejected
What will bobos post next?
You had almost two years of bear market, if you’re shorting now you’re not different than people who longed BTC above 55k

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bottom, top, what are you, a fag?
read whitepaper, buy a bag and hold it

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Can't you see the multi decade pattern of a true rainbow going downwards the next 20 years?

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Yea, it might very well be in.

-94% > -87% > -84% > -78%

It's believable, especially since the cycle top was so diminished too.

I think more people are now aware of the cycles, and there's slightly less retards dumping everything they have

Maybe that'll cause more people to frontrun the next cycle too, with an earlier top than expected

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All of those upward movements have been fueled by loosening financial conditions, which are now tightening for the first time in BTC's history.
You are being suckered.

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nice take

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It's probably in but we might be due for a pullback

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>the bottom is in because thin liquidity squeezed late shorting retards
No I don’t believe that’s how a bottom is formed and that chart doesn’t change my mind

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because high estrogen males are always waiting for the dump, or the dip, or the bottom.
the worst of them have been waiting since 2016.

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>What will bobos post next?
30k rejected
And it will, and then they won't buy in the correction at above 20k and then it will go back to 30k and they'll say 31k rejected every day for a week or so before it goes to 32k and they start worrying again.

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BTCs gain has been during historic lows of interest rates, BTC has never been through a high interest rate period.

Typically speculative assets underperform massively during high interest rates.

OP is a faggot who doesn't understand economics.

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Also lol'd at people who think previous performance can be used as an indicator that what has held true, will always hold true.

You know things CAN go down, and do the unexpected, right?

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>he reads whitepapers

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haha loving the bear cope, keep it coming!

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It's not cope. It's common economic knowledge, but being hit on the head at birth would affect your rational judgement, of course.

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Because things can do the unexpected your criteria here >>53576079 isn't an absolute certainty and doesn't have a greater validity than TA

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ze macro expert who always bought at pumps and sold at dumps. the only thing you are an expert at is being fleeced by "analysts"

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>Implying TA is worth more than global macro theory.

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>common economic knowledge
>the market is 100% rational
>every person functions like a robot and everything is predetermined
Ok kid, when we reach 30K go convince everyone of your common economic knowlede and tell the CEO of Bitcoin that he made the price go in the wrong direction retard

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I made a shit ton of money, midwit. You'll be bagholding for several years when fed pivots

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>implying everyone who invests in bitcoin cares at all about (((economic theory)))
>i'm not wrong the market is
Cope harder

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>Two years of bear market
What are you, a faggot? If you bought any time before June last year, which was 8 months ago, you'd be at a loss. You're the one who's a coping permabull here.

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>Implying the market cares about those who invest in it.

Did you know the coin doesn't actually care or know you own it, right?

Cope is with those bagholding... smart money already left. Good luck with Saylor, his company sure did well during 2000 bubble

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The bottom's not even close to in yet. $7500 is bottom.

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Dumb fucking cunt doesn't even realise nothing has happened before until it happens. Bitcoin hasn't been through a high interest rate period and there has never been a period of high interest rates where cryptocurrencies existed and were widespread. Lumping bitcoin in as just another speculative asset without considering what might set it apart from other speculative assets has got the be the dumbest thing I have read here today.

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>Bitcoin is pure energy.

Says the man who can't even make their company's share price consistently gain.

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Actual honest good theory.

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Implying there's anything different about BTC and any other speculative asset.


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>doesn't understand that rainbows go down too.

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Is the rainbow in the room with us anon?

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the fed was raising the interest rates up until 2020, now they are tapering off. No one gives a flying fuck about 3% savings rate

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Based bollingerfag

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Get a fucking grip, I'm a bobo but the bottom is obviously in, we've catapulted out of it and probably won't retest it anytime soon.

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>Implying there's anything different about BTC and any other speculative asset.
And this is exactly why you will never rise beyond a midwit