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Few know. Even less are ready.

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Yo where the fuck do I stake link at?

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We really need Sergey to rug these early stakers just like what happened to early adoptoors of bancor, lpl, celsius, blockfi, just to thin the ranks enough

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Few know. Even less are ready. No one cares

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hahahahah you fucking sad bitter faggot
You'll NEVER get your stack back.

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God christ im going to be making $7k PER MONTH in just a few months time?

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I know its staked and I cannot withdraw. I trust Sir Gay but is there truth to that?

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that'd be nice but it's not like we can have those rewards this year, or maybe not even next year

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>Few know.
Know what?
That the token absolutely isn't needed?

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>Few know. Even less are ready.
Why does this read so awkwardly?

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even fewer know.
real insider here

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have you tried bancor?
I heard they will have staking and liquidity farming on the same app!

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impermanent loss for the win

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>Yo where the fuck do I stake link at?


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>Yo where the fuck do I stake link at?


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ICP literally removes the entire need for oracles. Chainlink provides nothing to web3 or defi.
Its all built up to be “super mega ultra important” but during the time it was being strapped together with duct tape and dental floss some others came along and created truly novel solutions to bypass the financial hemorrhage required by using your dogshit token.
Cryptos moving forward will have native oracles that will never require your token or teams input.

Not sneeded in any sense ever. You lost retard. This isnt fud, just pointing out the obvious.

>Dis is fud
Its not
>buh buh totes needed
Its not
>how will they get data
Http outcalls natively
>how do you know is secure
Choose outcalls to secure resources
>how do you quadruple mega secret blind taste test verify your peer reviewed data sources are secure?
This is turning into tedious niche faggotry.

Go home shitlinkers. Your team dragged their fucking feet for so long that a new competitor made you obsolete before you even got started.
Chainlink is the Iver-Johnson carbine of WW2.

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This is a scam but would be good for thinning the herd of newfags or retard oldfags that fall for this shit. The only one that can win is I!

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that site is a scam, be aware, the true staking site is https://staking.chain.link/ but the pool is full

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you hold link

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the apy is 5%. this may change when we have staking v1 in 3+ years

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it'll be even lower then.

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This is basically just equivalent to a price prediction of $300, because a 7k wallet gets you 0.81 LINK per day.

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Link would need to be worth 240 dollareedoos per token

Thats a 35x from here

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Gay shitpost

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and another delusional schizo cult faggottry thread has been created

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Checked. My losses were permanent. Is there someone at Bancor I can call about this?

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another link thread

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The referenced thread had calculations for build asset returns plus link returns

What happens to the price of link if the apy of staked link goes to 50% @$7 when build assets are added?

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For those that dont get it
Spaceandtime had a 10mm seed round and recently 20mm series a
That puts spaceandtime total mc at 200mm
They gave 3% equity to BUILD or $6mm at current market price

BUILD has been adding a new project every two weeks, or 26 a year
There are currently 22.5mm link staked in the community pool
Take a 50% discount for all build projects and 50% discount for amount of build assets to link community stakers

Thats 25% apy for build assets to link stakers plus 4.75% from base staking
That 4.75% doesnt get diluted as link price goes up
That also assumes no build assets increase in value over time

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rewards will be claimable by 9-12 months from 6th Dec last year, which is 7-10 months from now, baby.

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checked and i find this exciting. doesn't everyone find this exciting? I can finally retire and begin my new, enjoyable without being too ostentatious life. I really want to take my wife on the Orient Express. I'm so doing that. Oh, please let it be this year..

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We have been here for a long time anon, we are half asleep

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>investing a jeet scam coin called Internet Computer

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Well, I'm not. I want to live, damn you all!

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When will I be able to stake more?? I staked 77% of my poor stack but have doubled my link around $6

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checked and no date was announced but i think it'll be sooner than later

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I got 150 LINK. Is it worth staking?

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you're a sad bitter faggot, you get what you deserve. Imagine thinking chainlink will rug, kek, does downs hurt?

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How many LINK to retire?

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>How many LINK to retire?
How long is a bit of string? I have a lot of Link (well, it is to me) but i dare say people will retire on less

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>Internet Computer
>I See PEE

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>Sergey promised!
Just like staking in 2019 right?

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Give me $.25 a month per stink and I'm still fucking happy. I just want to be able to pay for my life with LINK so I can pursue my hobbies and find a fucking wife before I turn 30

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Kek yeh right sure he did.
What's up, you not done accooooomulating yet?

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Seething new-linkers that fell for Sergey's infinite lock-up staking scam. Absolute cucks.

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I just hope my little 20k stack is enough that my kids will never have to work. I think it's pretty likely,, but I really can't bear to subject them to full-time employment for their entire lives.

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How much do you consider to be ‘a lot’

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I have around 60k, which seems a lot to me but I'm sure someone will screech that it isn't. it's almost all staked but for a couple of thousand in case it moons before staking unlocking. If not I'll stake it when I get the chance. How much do you consider a lot?

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$400 to $5

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If it happens the way we think it will, you'll be completely minted. Many of us will.
I don't even need that much money to be happy, but if it takes a long time to go up then i suppose i'll get there a bit quicker is all

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hahaha the linkies have no actual argument against ICP
your entire token's use case has been completely replaced by https outcalls and CCIP that's lightyears ahead of link
you guys are so comically fucked i can't wait to see the suicides

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Good luck with your internet computerings, anon. You're kinda in the wrong thread though

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>doesn't everyone find this exciting?
>we cant let the token moon but here are bunch of random shitcoins that just launched and will probably rug! enjoy!
no not really. why cant link moon?

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So what is the context? Price will be much more? Or early stakers are in for some suprise rewards?

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>why cant link moon?
it's invisible to the consumer market. some have heard of it but switch off as soon as they start reading about it. Sergey doesn't do that cult of personality crap you get with other tokens like Cardano. He's too busy actually working.
If you;re staked it shouldn't matter to you anyway until they're unlocked. I've held since 2017. I'd wait much longer if I have to, but i don't think i'll need to.

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Far more accurate

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>your entire token's use case has been completely replaced by https outcalls and CCIP that's lightyears ahead of link

Did I miss ICP's partnership with Swift where they were testing.....http outcalls? lol

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>Sergey doesn't do that cult of personality crap you get with other tokens like Cardano.
He does but not to the same extent you have with Charles. Besides ADA LINK partnership already confirmed
There is no reason for LINk not to moon unless capital is very centralized and controlled in crypto. Although it appears to react like a casino that is all part of the hook. crypto is effectively slots 2.0.

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60k is a metric fuck ton to me. Nice work anon

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>He does but not to the same extent you have with Charles
How? He can hardly help it if a shower of shepherds on a llama rearing forum decide to become obsessed with all things Chainlink.

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Quick math says about $230 per LINK if rewards stay the same to equal $1/LINK/month

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>it's invisible to the consumer market.
Then what good is the token? Just another pulp and dump on normie market?

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They did not decide to do anything they were trained to hunt for crumbs, to read between the lines, to understand middleware and the oracle problem. they were told to buy LINK and it fucked them. Anons could have bought anything else in the bullrun and had been better off. If Chainlink does not deliver results reflected in the token price during the bear market I am afraid that many will just rotate into BTC or whatever else. Will they rotate back into LINK next bear if it does not deliver this time?

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I suggest you read the extensive information available on this subject. In fact, I suggest you have already, but are being a dick, as you no doubt are all the time.

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can't wait for first build announcements. ct loves airdrops, this will give ongoing airdrops and that's without the very generous 5% in link
it powers all the of the dapps by providing them with reliable data (aave, compound, snx and hundreds more)
think of it like one of the backend tools that an app like uber or doordash uses to fetch the location or payment info
it will be worth more than anything else in this market in time but at the moment it is both invisible to retail and "too hard" to understand
it will become visible to retail when the price climbs and youtubers tell them to buy

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No idea what you're sperging on about, anon. Myself and others are delighted with the way things are progressing, and we're all stake-maxed and comfy. Screech all you like about the timeframe but we ain't selling and you failed in that regard. Sozpops.

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>price is driven by retail, not activity or use
Kek this shitcoin is worthless

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Thanks for playing.

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I accept your concession you scamming jeet

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>claims to speak for other anons
I think here is where you made a major misstep (((anon))). In 2018 posts were high quality and the fud was funny. This was the training grounds for thr hold cult that became the steak cult. You are happy because you have been conditioned, assuming you were here back in the day, to think and seek information out in particular ways. I see it on Twitter all the time. LinkDrake and the other paid shills scrapping together narratives to sell. They are the last bastion of positivity in the LINK holder community. The rest are staked and silent because there is nothing more to discuss no choices to make. They already made their choice now they have to live with it. I never said anything about selling but not that you have the option to anyways. If you are comfy there is no need to get so defensive. After all you already made your choice weeks ago. I wish you all the best but the narrative you are pushing is going to fail like the others.

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it is now, like all of crypto
but longer term with v1 the tokenomics will arrive in force with broad staking
it's speculative right now and you should be speculating on it

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Thanks bought more

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>referencing twitter faggots as if we know who the fuck any of those stupid cunts are

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LinkDrake shilled his new marketing personality on here before taking over as the unofficial crumb dropper in the community terrorgram group and on twitter newfag.

imagine only using /biz/ for crypto information 2023 then gatekeeping for your lack of try 1pbti

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>the narrative you are pushing
what narrative? That i hold Link and think it's a good investment? You're here screeching about how it's a bad investment and you expect people to listen to you? You don;t give anyone any credit for being able to see through that sort of stuff. You just keep at it, day after day after day; screeching about how chainlink is terrible and people shouldn't buy it. If you want to waste your life doing something like that that's fine, but no one here acts on the things you say. We're all happily invested and staked, in spite of your efforts. I'd venture to say that your efforts have actually strengthened the resolve of Link holders. Not exactly a win for you, is it?

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stop trying to advertise your online persona you stupid faggot, nobody cares

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Cry harder and louder and I might. But He is not me. I do not have the time for free marketing. Props to him for keeping it up though the internet is dead af.
You are the poster who writes dozens of posts as a debunkment attempt to own le fudders arent you? Most of your posts are worthless. You need to do better. It's pathetic and laughable you spend all your waking hours on here pointing out what's fud and what's not fud. I like it when you fuck up and the thread dies. Really highlights how organic the community is kek
Here are the fact. The only narrative is that SWIFT will drop something to do with LINK with their ISO20022 stuff in March. Beyond that you will have the bear market token narrative and when that fails and LINK performs poorly through this bear market the bull market animal scam hysteria will take over.

People will ignore LINK as it fades into the background taking over everything. It will be successful as a project assuming they ever ship something new like DECO or CCIP but unless Paradigm can capitalize on LINK like they do with MEV I do not think it will get much interest. I see the LINK token hiding in the background like HTTP it's there but people don't treat it as an investment vehicle because the money and media in the crypto space has agreed to shun it.

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i can't tell if this is sarcasm but it sounds pretty nice to me

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>but people don't treat it as an investment vehicle because the money and media in the crypto space has agreed to shun it.
It will be hard to shun/ignore if the $/LINK staking returns continue to trend up over the next few years with LINK becoming the only non ponzi yield bearing asset in crypto

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I think the Jews will send in Bankman 2.0 to create something to rival whatever legit mechanism staking turns out to be and all the crypto personalities will be tripping over themselves to get in with the new FTX.

Even Buidl projects still hand over tokens on the cheap to VCs. The VCs have superior access to tokens so retail plebs continue to suffer. Crypto is not about making it anymore it is about creating enough hype to sustain a bull market so that select few can accumulate chosen assets. This is usually just BTC but it might be a combination of several.

Is blockfolio still kosher? I miss those days before they weaponized data against anons. We used to have fun.

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Everyone can see you're insincere when you type that stuff. That's the difference. You can't fake it because your brain is wired in such a way that make you look like a weird dickhead to anyone reading it. This is why you fail in these attempts. You don't have any empathy and you stink of falsehood. Oh sure, you can be irritating, but in the end you don't achieve anything. I don;t even need to debate anything with you because you defeat yourself with your manner. What a terrible legacy for someone who devoted so much time to this. I'm really glad I'm not you.

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I notice that beyond insulting me in the hopes that people agree with you and another 1pbti will agree with you after my post that your post offers nothing in the way of technical information about LINk, speculation on the future, or anything of financial benefit whatsoever. You have failed to provide a signal to analyze and this fact is clear to me.

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Keep fudding, my friend. Maybe someone will sell their Link, though desu I doubt it. Maybe you will be lucky enough to find someone new who's on the fence about buying? Just make sure to spend at least a few hours a day at it. We wouldn't want you to miss any opportunities.

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Fuck off Rat Pads#4293

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Why sell? LINK is the bear market token?
Until that narrative is defeated LINK is still very bullish.
That's your reading comprehension problem like I said.

You think everything is FUD today.

The bear market is here LINK seems to have bottomed.

BTC cannot hold back the tide forever and the JQ are low on funds because COVID wasn't as successful as they hoped it would be.

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The JQ thought they would be able to get the masses addicted to a new substance vaccines that eventually kills them. It's like tobacco 2.0 after they took wholesome tobacco from the native americans and laced it with deadly chemicals so the government wouldn't have to pay for pensions. But they were wrong. Dead wrong. People did not get addicted to the vaccines like they hoped

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>Stake LINK to help secure the network!
Thing is ...
How exactly does me donating 7000 of my LINKs back to smartcontract make the network more secure?

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WOW! yea duuuuuude ur gonna be getting 50,000$ a month from staking your 7k link. Your retirement is only 3 short months away!! Im so excited for you marines!!

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Wow! Look! Another worthless web3 bullshit image! Opinion ignored!

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Real! Real!