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>the disheveled 50 something dude at work started talking about how he likes Jordan Peterson

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Yeah, I've had people recommend him to me too. I feel pity for them if I'm honest.

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he was not that bad before he went full jew

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I've got a novel concept for you: Business and Finance.

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>inbred, frogposting incel has opinions

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Never too late to clean your room.

When will you start?

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What do people actually learn from him? Is it actually just "how to be a man" for manchildren?

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He says a lot of good things but he has things he's dumbass about like most people

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go back

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>Jordan Peterson
its that "1/10 of people are sub 80iq retards (most of them are black)" dude? pretty based imo.

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>the Zoomer posted another cringe thread on 4chan

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>40 year old colleague is all in on tesla
>basically his entire portfolio is tesla stock
>its literally his retirement plan

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>the recently divorced 30 something year old is quoting Kevin Samuels and talking about starting his own crypto project

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>the poorfags still on /biz/ defending jordan peterstein

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There’s another guy I know like this, he shills random companies to me all the time and every single one rugs. Kek

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That's pretty good for a normie desu, you've got to remember you evolved to the point of your current thinking. If you look back, you will undoubtedly find that you were basically retarded years ago yourself. You've got to realize that we are put on this plane of existence to evolve, so the best course of action is to let people evolve and don't tell them what to do or think. They will eventually arrive at the red pill, in their own due time just like most of us here have.

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50 year old on 4chin

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Jews lives revolve around business and finance so I don't see how this is off topic

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The price going down is not a rugpull, dip shit.

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You call 1pbtid bots, "zoomers"?

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You all need a father figure, buckos. You should stop posting frogs and focus more on slaying your dragons. I mean, Pepe is not even a decent father figure, so stop being manchildren in this godforsaken neverland you call 4chan. You really gotta stop, man.

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I got too wise for Jordan Peterson at the age of 25, now I consider him stuipid. Your coworker is a very stupid 50 year old.

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Nah the ones he shills are 100% rugs, they’re not blue chips. The price goes down and it stays down, he shilled FSLY to me when it was $100 and now it’s $10 never coming back up. Kek

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he was alright before (((they))) started blackmailing him

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No they won't.

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>Wait, Jordan, you're talking about having sex with a biological male that has a dick. And that's not gay? But that's preposterous.
>MmMMMmm. Well, some would look at it that way, and it's like, fair enough man. But it's more complicated than that. It's like, as Solzhenitsyn once said, the line between gay and straight runs down the middle of every human heart. And I've looked at the clinical research on this, and fucking traps isn't gay, fundamentally. So then you might ask, well what about the dick? Well, as long as the balls don't touch and your dick's bigger than his, then there's no problem, technically speaking. So let's say you're at the gym and you're lifting some dumbbells, eh, and out of the corner of your eye you catch a cute femboy checking you out. And you feel this almost instinctual pull to just, grab him and go to town. That's a journey to the underworld. And that's no joke man. But, from a Jungian perspective you're exerting dominance over another man, and ascending to the top of the dominance hierarchy, and it's like, what could possibly be straighter than that? And what's so cool about it is then you can have him explode in your mouth, and those are extra nutrients! So...
>Look, buddy, you're losing me here. How is that not gay?
>Fucking traps isn't gay. And that's that. Now, on the other hand, letting your girlfriend peg you with a strap-on? That's pretty gay!

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I don’t talk politics with people because I’m sort of out there.

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I have like zero social status and nothing to lose these days so I just straight up sperg out and tell them what I know of JP that he is an intellectual darkweb subversive agent that has worked for George Soros in the past, defends the Jewish world order by gate keeping the truth by denying European Identitarianism as being the greatest evil and being hypocritical in favour of Jewish Identitarianism as being their human right. He constantly defends the Jews and dances around the Jewish role in the Bolshevik revolution despite obsessively talking about communism in many of his talks. He simps for Jewish power by saying they are simply have a full standard deviation higher iq then whites and that this makes Jews 20x more likely to be at a far extreme on the iq curve then whites so despite there being like 20x more whites in America jew make up half of all powerful positions. After a sperg session nobody talks to me any more and I usually get fired from my shit job which i don’t care about because my NPC co workers feel uncomfortable around me

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Kek, saving this