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What dead projects produced the best memes?

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Dogbat without question

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PNK LINK RSR top 3 in that order

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I second this

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pregnant butt

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sad lol.
I'll second pbutt tho

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The OmiseGO skateboard is one of my personal favorites.

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I liked all the Ultrasafe puns
This is still alive though

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The conference yesterday revealed to the world the stuttering potheads that run this scam.

Price has already tanked 10%. Once it breaks through the $1.50 resistance the panic will begin and small holders and speculators will begin to offload, with the whales already long gone.

Once it shoots through the $1 mark, unabated FEAR will ripe through all ARKies. With all those who dumped their current accounts into this scam twitching at their arsehole continuously while refreshing bittrex.

The $0.50 mark will be met, the largest panic in history will ensue. The final deluded Nodes will begin to go offline, and wagecuckers with their engineering salaries loaded up in ARK will be left with it stuck in their wallet, unable to move it to bittrex to salvage some self respect.

The price WILL tank at this point to sub $0.10, and most probably sub ICO levels.

From that day forward the deluded Arkie wagecucking engineering nerds who bought this coin thinking it had fundamentals will go back to their jobs, with no money in their current accounts, to be made redundant by the next wave of pajeets arriving to undercut their wages.

Deluded ARKies will hold bags FOREVER, with no job, no money, and no crypto.

I warned you ARKies. There's still time to get out. Sell NOW.

Don't be deluded, don't be an ARKie.

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Statera and HEX and LINK in my opinion.

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BitConnect hands down.

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1. Kleros
2. Rubic
3. Link

Honorable mentions: LCX, RSR

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FUN of course

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I hope it's not dead the threads were comfy but it's been forever since they had any meaningful updates

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Rubic, Kleros, ICP

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omg is my fav

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