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Yes, it is too much to ask for you greedy little fuck.

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so what if I'm a greedy bitch you smarmy motherfucker??? I want to buy back in at $8k I WANT IT I WANT IT I WANT IT

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You had the chance to buy in at $16-17k for three months and you didn't do it
Now you have the chance to buy in at $21-25k probably for another 2 months and you won't take it
It's never going below $20k ever, ever again

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I wanted 8k Btc as much as you did but I realized it was never coming so I bought at 16.5k instead.

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Just wait for Binance insolvency.

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All I want is sub $1k ETH and sub $2 LINK

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February full moon is coming on the 5th we'll enter a small decline phase after this most recent upward phase then

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oh shut up. you know nothing.

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It's going to happen, Mumu.

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now that was a fat finger

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Wait about 4 months.

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it will only happen when whales decide they made their money and let btc crab for 10 years

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Yeah. Not happening. Literally no reason for it to happen all your "muh macros" have already been present WITH multiple black swan events and it brought it down to 16k. We already went back over 200 sma, it's never gone below it after ath and then back up above it and then to a new atl. It just simply won't happen. There will be a dip coming up though, to around 21k, I actually unironically advise you buy then, if you don't want to pay more later, or dont, if you do want to pay more later or are just a retard.

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Nope. It was a signal sent by Binance, by the exchange. They later called it an "error". That says all you need to know.

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lol k

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It already happened. Up only time now

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Digits wasted on a bulltard, sad!

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this seems unlikely

checked, this seems very likely

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Oh you dumb fuck

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>Verification not required.

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and what the fuck are you going to do if it drops to 8k?
you really going to buy? are you fucking serious?
you (OP) are telling us, that you want BTC to hit 8k so you can go 'all in' on an asset that dropped 15k in value from today and 53k from its peak 2 years ago?
and then you think it will go back up to 100k instead of going down to zero?
sure thing OP

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No, not wrong. You couldn't do TA even if you tried, and you did, and failed.

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you had 10 years

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Why is my timing so fucking bad bros? I finally have 5K to invest in Bitcoin and it went from 15 to 25K. Fuck this gay Earth...

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cope seethe shit shart dilate