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I enjoy reading other’s misfortunes

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crystal ball got a little foggy eh

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Imagine sending anything over $1k to strangers over the internet with the promise of "dude i'll give you 10% back in returns!!!" and you just believe it would be sustainable lmao

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poor people are always looking for someone else to blame, only retards used celsius

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>I enjoy reading other’s misfortunes

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>sirgay nastyslob and half the chainlink team lost money on celsius, bancor and FTX
>nastyslob even let a pornwhore manage tens of millions of dollars generated from dumping tokens on neets

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>someone thought this out, wrote it, re-read it, and hit send.
Nah ain’t no way dog
Read it in an Indian accent btw

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the one silver lining from all the link spam is knowing anyone still posting about it squandered their one shot at wealth

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no refunds sir

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thats funny. i hope the chainlink team and holders die and rot in hell

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nothing of value was lost

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Really sells the self-custody of btc from seeing people lose their life's earnings like this.

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Not your keys, not your coins.
Simple as.

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>rat faced
This is highly anti Semitic and should not be allowed on reddddit

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Oof, imagine losing all your crypto like this and then see it pump.

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there's no way this person had 100k bitcoin
100k usd in btc maybe

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oh damn, i misread

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That screencap is topkek

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always makes me lol

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God, I wish that was real

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>user name JoeCardano
lol the memes are all true

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>I made all the calculations