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Well done anon. I became a crypto millionaire from memecoins and still don’t know what a blockchain is

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Congratulations, you’re already in a small elite of mathematics, go for diff eq and linear algebra. You wont regret it.

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This is a larp thread I am the guy who made the other thread about failing calc 1

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Why would log on to the internet and tell lies? Who would do this?

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What level of math would you have to progress to to be considered "elite"? Calc 2?
What about being an above average mathematician? What about an average? What about below average?
I think the average in the US at least is an 8th grade math level. So despite being a fuck up in calculus (I will retake it and pass this time) I have progressed all the way through algebra and a couple other math classes.

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cool cool, so what did you calculate?

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I passed linear algebra with an A and discrete mathematics with a B.
>t. brainlet, which probably failed Software engineering

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Calculus 4 Chad here. AMA except answers to you calculus test. Lol lmao

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What is the meaning of life

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I got an S at algebra 69

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I passed with a C using notes I saved in my calculator during exams

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Im 18 years old and Im in calculus 5 with a 95% gpa

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I’ve naver even taken a calculation class, it just isn’t done.

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Cal 3 is easy. Diff is a bitch. All I have to take is diff for that sweet, sweet math minor, and I'm dreading it. I was one of those kids who could learn any subject effortlessly except math, so I actually find learning math and doing well in it more rewarding than most courses.

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congrats you've now learned something that old British guys knew like 400 years ago.

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if u suck at math ur never gonna make it.

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unfathomably based

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You are allowed to use calculators?

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now do 2 semesters of real analysis, 2 semesters of abstract algebra, and a semester of topology

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“elite” on the chans would be last two years of PhD math.
above average in normie is differential equations
average is calc 1
below average is trigonometry

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Not only that, since I got a D in calc 2 when the required grade was a C, I was able to substitute calc 3 for the calc 2 requirement
Yes, idk how you could do those courses without a calculator

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im failing pharmacology

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What the fuck is Cal 3 if Diff is a seperate course? How the fuck does that result in a math minor?!
t. Bong

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Then why are there news articles telling me that the average math level of americans is an 8th grade level

Also I really really doubt the memes about 4channers being super smart are true. I think there is a wide variety of people here just as anywhere else.

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math is gay

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Most of those surveyed are probably middle-aged white ppl (45+) along with blacks and mexicans lowering the average. I would say any white person below 30 yrs old and above 18 today would be calc 1 educated with some broccoli haired zoomer mexicans and wiggers lowering the average to trigonometry or 8th grade level. The average college grad (22) is at calc 1 level.

My math perception of 4chan is from lurking /sci/ and some of them (particularly the olders one) are smart. I’ve seen them do a lot of topology geometry, complex analysis, stochastic math, and graph theory. Personally, I’ve only gone up to calc 3 college course cuz that’s what my major allowed. /g/ is another board that I’ve noticed with high math knowledge.

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calc 3 is calculus 1 and 2 in 3 dimensions.

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Calculate DEEZ NUTS then lmao

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nice work

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But do you have an XMR stack?

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lmao nerd

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>tfw when made As in cal 1, 2 , 3, Diff. Eq., and linear algebra
>tfw still only make $66k
I was told being good at math was valuable. I was lied to.

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4chan still retains a numerous amount of 160 15sd and higher individuals even though posting quality across the board has been impacted severely over the years. Regardless of whether IQ is relevant or not to intelligence, all you need to do to find highly intelligent individuals for sure is gatekeep threads with many of the topics you just listed. It’s a great way to filter the political imbeciles and shills of the American politica system of the “left” and “right”, as well as blocking halfwits from contributing drivel in any real capacity. There used to be thread gate keeping on /biz/ that required solving equations to participate, around 2015.

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across the board, more like globally*

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You're doing God's work.
Keep outing faggots like >>53548205

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will /sci/ ever be this high iq again

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The [REDACTED] XMR that I own is also the only crypto I own.

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Shut up faggot mathematics has not served me well in life.

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OP carrying on the INCEL traditions of the founder of the movement, famous virgin and inventor of calculus, Sir Isaac Newton, I see.

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tfw got an i in calculus ∞

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Kek this makes me an elite and I'm a fucking retard
t. BS in math, did research, got bored of academia and now just work full time on building compilers for zkSnarks

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>required solving equations to participate
If pee pee poo poo number go up then who was pone?

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I took Calc 4 as well. Got an A.

I'm an Electrical Engineer. I just turned $700 into $18000 trading options.

Everything I just said is true and I could prove it if I wanted to.

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Calc 6 mega chad here. Got a 4.0 GPA

don’t @ me