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Being early is not being wrong. They hated him because he told the truth.

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the truth is cassandra is a girl name

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something something broken clock twice right a day

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>Being early is not being wrong
yes it is

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If I say the Eagles are going to win the super bowl, and they lose, but they win next year, I was wrong. I wasn't "right, but too early"

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he's been wrong with every bet since his one-time lucky break.
his massive water rights bet turned to dust.
his calls for a recession were wrong every single time until the chinks started messing around with viruses.

every call he's made has been mistimed badly enough to be wrong, or just plain wrong.
if you listened to him over the past decade, you would have missed out on one of the largest global bull markets ever seen.

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>Being early is not being wrong
yes it is

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The truth is timing is everything unless you are ultimate HODLR.

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>Being early is not being wrong
tell that to your liquidated short

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He's also a neo nazi

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I think his most embarrassing one is his massive tesla short the he pulled out months before it actually did crash.

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you only idolise him because he was played up in some piss poor jew movie. Didn't even have a clue who he was prior to that.

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> always predict doom and gloom
> broken clock is right twice a day
> muh, he's not wrong, he's early

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