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best crypto wallet?

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Metamask. What's that phenotype called?

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need something physical for extra safety

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Hashpack had ledger compatibility
Buy from ledger directly, never from third parties
Citadel wallet is also an upcoming proper hardware wallet

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on deskop? electrum

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Trezor. Who is she OP?

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my gf obviously

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Her pics were spammed here last year.
I lost interest and forget her name coz it turned out its a nigger child inside her womb

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Trezo is cool, but lacks privacy, Railway will be a better option, my favorite atm though

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>browser extension

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I've been considering moving all my ERC-20 shitcoins to railway, is there anything similar for BSC or Arbitrum? I'm guessing not.

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So that's why she aborted

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paper wallet, brain, digital wallet. each has their purpose.

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She was likely hot 10 years before the pic was taken.

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Seems like some new arrival wallet, is it available in App store?

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But Arbitrum are on the verge of deploying Railgun into their chain, I think this will give normies access to privacy at will.

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Which of the hot, retard

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summer here already? ;)

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Everwallet - your biometrics are your private key.

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Brave wallet

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Best hardware wallet > Ledger
Best browser wallet > Core

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Finally, the days bitches were longing for has unfolded before our eyes because this deployment will certainly usher in the next era of DeFi.

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You can get it here. anon.

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When is the fucking deployment going live anon?

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she's HIV positive?

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Metamask fucking dope

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It's currently on the fucking Goerli testnet, will go live lovers day - 14th Feb.

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Imagine a privacy where dickheads will be able to tap into all the TVL and protocols on Arbi and beyond.

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coldcard + sparrow while running a full bitcoin node

>but i'm holding other crypto
then who fucking cares, you're just going to lose it all to a rugpull anyways

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Rabby + Trezor

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Feeling scared though

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Privacy is the future of web3

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Just wait until the AI revolution forces you to verify yourself with your DNA.

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I really love this shit, ZK Snark privacy is playing a big part to provide maximum protection for its users data.

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it's sylo, anything else is wrong.
you get a wallet plus messenger, tezos baking, micro payment option etc all together in one app.

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Only new faggots get scared

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After getting hacked I'm now hanging my ass on Railway wallet to get my funds shielded into a public smart contract.

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It's ain't a wallet yet but I feel secured on a web3payment platform because of its pussy-like seamless transactions

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then ledger

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the shills here are shameless

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Isn't it the same one working on all that futurverse and open metaverse shit?
I hold a fluf, that's how I know

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what were you expecting to see on a thread that's literally calling for shills?

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cold or hot wallet? got to be specific anon

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Hardly any other.
blockchain based social and comms app gotta be the next big thing

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Railway wallet.

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That's cool fucktard, it's thrilling to see that it allows shielded swaps, and sends being done directly from a goddamn mobile phone is a huge step forward in terms of usability and accessibility for PriFi.

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Ledger for cold
Metamask for hot

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it's chat feature gotta be my fav one.
sending crypto instantly via chat is next level stuff

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Fuck hot and cold... I need need a wallet I can have and sleep at peace. Lots of hacking softwares are now being used.

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If you want to trade on DEX then go trust. That's for common transactions. When you want to store something for a longer time, use Trezor.

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I use trust and ledger nano x
Metamask on desktop

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Then you go for privacy wallet, these hide your transactions from those retarded hackers

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You've got to check out Railway.xyz for a juicy pussy offer of the first decentralized cross-layer governance systems in all of crypto.

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i thought that was covid or MDMA

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I also use this, I'm never going back to any wallet that doesn't hide my transactions.

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I'm just waiting for the L2 integration.

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Rooting for a privacy project with a multisig and zk proofs could get dicks hard. Why not bang on it.

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This is fucked, what makes this difference from trust wallet?

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One of the best, I love trezo

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Very sluggish & frustrating

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god damn she is so hot. i love redheads.

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I prefer C98, it encompasses a lot with some sexy pussy opinions

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INTC will hold your cash anon.

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Could this be real or just a joke??

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Go get a life faggot, with Arbitrum, jeets can bridge to Railway Wallet using Arbitrum's official bridge: bridge.arbitrum.io

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This broken english + excessive swearing is one of the most hilarious tells of a jeet shilling his garbage, honestly it is kinda cute.

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I hate women so fucking much.

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It pays gas fee on your behalf in an attempt to hides your transactions addresses.
That's what makes it different from other fucking wallets.

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It's truly a good fucking era and I'll always give RAIL priority because it ensqures complete, secure, & adaptable privacy.

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Hey retard, are you aware that you can as well shield your btc transactions using its privacy protocols? Guess that's thrilling.

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You hate your mama too?

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Ain't ready for shits... Just low caps and I'm done jeet.

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Coinbase unironically
Pro was substantially better, don't know why they got rid of it.

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Don't. She'll give you beta ginger sons

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Then fuck her like a whore

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This could well be the mobile wallet of choice for Ethereum.

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I'm buying and hodling more YLA while anticipating a good run once the tension is calm and the bull run commences.

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Wtf is that fag?

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It seems they've got something good they're talking about. You need to dyor

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Oh yeah anon, it secures privacy for DEX trading and lending.

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>I lost interest and forget her name coz it turned out its a nigger child inside her womb
That is the funniest fucking thing ever.

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>So that's why she aborted
I doubt she did, most women WILL NOT abort their kid.
swear like a sailor
To use profanities or vulgar language very freely and fluently. (An allusion to the rough language presumed to be used by military personnel.)
My little sister has been swearing like a sailor ever since she started learning bad words.
My granny is the sweetest old lady you'll ever meet, but she swears like a sailor when she gets on the topic of something or someone she doesn't like.
Fat white people are the worst because you know those dumb fucks are getting TRIGGERED over using swear words, PROTIP nigger, 90 percent of the posts here are from Mutts from the US and the other ten are Leafs, JIDF and maybe some other Euro trash.
Like Hindus need crypto when they own your gas stations and rent out every building in your town.
Good for them too by the way, I love hearing my mother bitch about pakis owning the gas stations and apartment buildings.

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>You hate your mama too?
I love my mother because she's a dumb ass but she tried her best.
I hate her because she would have been better off aborting me than keeping me and living my life is nothing but pain and misery.
But me mother is a me mother.

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>To use profanities or vulgar language very freely and fluently. (An allusion to the rough language presumed to be used by military personnel.)
Here you go, fag.
I trust ZERO men who dont drink, swear, spit or even lie.

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Atlantean royalty

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What even is this jpeg? Schizophrenia?

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Explain the “redheads are from Atlantis” Larp please

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Fuck you Indians

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I don't think so jeet but that sounds true... It's true.

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she got the covid

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Aside that anon, having the ability to shield your NFT is a big development.

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Wallet of satoshi

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Fuck off retard, You've got to get your mind on web3payemnt Token burn and that's the only way that value can be guaranteed.