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If we only had 1 crypto and utilization/services were voted on, is botting really a problem?

If someone bi-passes a bunch of gateways to getting multiple votes, doesn't that just make it a necessary service that should be included and would be used?

If someone takes a piece of the blockchain and uses it for some nefarious purpose, do we not still just have the ability to not use/ignore the service?

I guess the space isn't exactly infinite but it should have a growth design should it not? One that maybe absorbs redundent pieces of work. Repurposes it for a more global well rounded use.

Let me put it this way. If a picture sharing site bans porn, we then need a second site to host it. But as the internet grows we find ways to seperate that content but leave it on the same platform (or chain so to speak)

Isn't the point of a free system that anybody can do what they want? 4chan has been left to its own corner of the internet for quite some time now. I'm sure some people have come after it but the pure existance of this space makes it evident to me that we aren't too concerned about "criminal activity"

and I truly do believe in a free system there would be incredibly less need for crime. More so each day as technology evolves and more ideas are sourced and implemented.

I just ask all these questions because it seems backwards to power this business sector with money. We should have a true democratic public chain that gets voted on like Pi and their hackathons.

The point is to not have a corporate head. But you pour money in to vote just like a politician.

Whats worse is you're just hoping that you'll end up more valuable than the elites. Like they don't all have their own small piles of bitcoin.

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