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>Sell Both Your Kidneys

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>Work multiple fast food jobs to buy a house in cash by age 12.

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I fucking hate this faggot so much

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eat cum at the gloryhole to save up on eggs

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>Sell One of Your Testies

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>Eat Cat Food

We all do that is why we make the thread.

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Not me, I like Dave and his podcasts are good schadenfreude porn. His advice is great for the average person because the average person is retarded.

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>Build Your Own House From Scrap Wood at 16

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Dave is a scammer just sales funneling people into high fee loaded mutual funds and non-feduciary financial advisors.

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Even then, still based.

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>Distill Your Own Alcohol

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>Build a mathematically symmetrical cabin and write your manifesto in it

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>purchase half a tonne of plastic explosive and a couple of cheap apple knockoffs from AliExpress and start a business with it.

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All that and he pushes actively managed mutual funds that lose money relative to the spx

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Wish I could day I was surprised...

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>Regrow Your Own Vegetables With Your Own Shit and Rain Collection Systems

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>Learn Braille so you can read in the dark to save in energy bills

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we all do fren

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>Build a tree house near the duck pond to save gas

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>syphon gas out of cars late at night to cut costs

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lol noob, 220h here

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learn sign language so you never have to stop cocksucking to communicate