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>BTC up 40% in a month erasing last black swan dump
>0.25% BPS hike
>inflation at 5.5%
>shitcoin shills swarming like flies again
>alts popping
Bears: duugguguhhh I'm waiting for the bottom

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This but unironically
It's not a proper bottom if it just shoots back up within a month

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it was oversold many times over from the massive CeFi contagion causing cascading liquidations well past any price point that the entities being wiped out wanted to sell at.
Massively oversold bottoms correct sharply.

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>btc up same amount as last bear market rally in the summer
>at least one more rate hike set to come after which it will probably take 6 months+ for the fed to start cutting rates
>very few new coins being launched, like YFI/CORE and all the respective forks, just a few ai shitcoins that mostly die sub 1m cap
>most alts still -90%


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>at least one more rate hike set to come after which it will probably take 6 months+ for the fed to start cutting rates
market looks ahead. 0.25% is as good as a pivot.

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pivot is bearish. markets crashed the most after Fed pivot in the last cycles.

Also bad news becomes bad news. currently bad news = good news since it means fed will pivot quicker. I would be careful what you wish for

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Wow, retard alert. It's very much a bottom when it shoots back up, the bottom does not stay for long and you missed the bottom at sub 16k.

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i guess we'll just have to wait and see, won't we bearo. personally, I'm all in

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if you've not taken any profit on alts that have pumped, you're mad

sold some ftm and sol in the last week
still holding eth but planning to sell soon.

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Still bullish about rate cuts?

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ftx collapsing and creating a crater bottom isnt enough guys!!!!!!! ill just wait till tether and binance and the everything else crumbles then bitcoin will go to 8k and i still won buy tyvm!!!

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the desperation is just sad now

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That's an analysis by someone who's lived through it, and runs a gigantic trading firm, but keep talking crap anon.

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Fantom is fucking mad
I sold 45c expecting to buy back 30c but it just keeps on going on it's thing

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you've never witnessed a world power changing crisis.
We only get to live those once in a lifetime.
In your table, it's 1974, when the UK inevitably fell apart after a rough WW2.

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I've not, but I can read what others who have and see the evidence myself. There is a war brewing and other shit which makes any market moon completely retarded.

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we'll never know the trigger, the direct or the edge consequences of a world scale inflation crisis.
PMs could moon, Real estate could moon, Bitcoin could moon, the only thing consistent and extremely likely would be growth and speculation crashing.

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>alts popping

BTC dominance only increased since the bottom, only sam scamcoins pumped

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Clownworld! :P

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Agreed sir

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this is a sucker's rally..