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if housing is unaffordable, why don't people move?

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Because housing is unaffordable.

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hey retard the sale price of a home is generally ~4x the household income of the area. the only exceptions are highly desirable areas (coastal cities) and highly undesirable areas (niggers, literally no jobs.)

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more importantly, why can't people just build their own houses on any one of the many acres of empty land

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not everywhere
besides being opposed to being near african americans, lots of major cities have oppurtunity. you won't find a perfect city for you. no one will. also, most people that can afford to move and purchase somewhere.....just don't.
i like this idea but not feasible right now

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The only places where housing is affordable are in places where there’s no work so the people are too poor to afford what other people consider “affordable” housing. If someone spends money moving to such a place, their progeny will be doomed to live in the area with no jobs. Why would anyone subject their children to that?

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Sorry, disregard my post. I didn’t realize I was talking to an ESL subhuman.

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Moving is expensive. Usually you have to front a big deposit.

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the cost of new construction is like $200 a square foot. plus the cost of land and land improvements. it's never cheaper to build your own home because you're purchasing labor at today's inflated price (vs. comparatively cheaper labor from decades ago, which is probably higher quality labor as well because it was pre-shitskin invasion.)

if you're suggesting that people build their own homes, you're absolutely delusional.

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kek both replies missed the joke completely like retards

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Do you want housing or a good place for jobs for your future children? You can't have it all. And if you want both of those things, you will need to sacrifice.
Good. Don't need a nonce derailing my thread.
Most people can move with a couple boxes of clothes and a few belongings. Everything else can be replaced.
Jokes have to be funny. :)

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Housing is unaffordable anywhere worth living.

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So just save up for 4 years and buy a house with cash.

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it's unaffordable everywhere

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>can't afford a house on minimum wage
>b-b-but boomers did it why not us??
>I so mad at boomers for ruining economy
>visits reddt and says things from there

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>culture war niggerbrain bullshit
high rates of home ownership are a keystone of high trust societies. people, even low wage earners, who have an equity stake in their community will be more involved and engaged in society and local politics.

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>Do you want housing or a good place for jobs for your future children? You can't have it all. And if you want both of those things, you will need to sacrifice.
Ima sacrifice you upon the altar of Gods judgement OP
anyway, these are non-issues for any non-mouth breather retard with a decent job. Here in Seattle, my cousin went into the electrical trades, joined IBEW 46, earned something like $300,000 over the course of his 5 year apprenticeship, and now earns $60hr wage + $30/hr bennies.
Poor people please dont reply to my post

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>$60hr wage + $30/hr bennies.
benefits are irrelevant. he makes 60x2000 = $120k a year unless he does the tradie cope of working non-stop overtime. $120k a year isn't enough to buy a home in seattle unless he commutes multiple hours a day. i make $100k in a cheaper city and it's barely enough to afford a home in a working or middle class suburban neighborhood free of blax or puerto ricans.

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>benefits are irrelevant
stopped reading there, champ

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you can't buy a home with benefits, retard.

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Anyone with any sense already is. The whiners will just sit there and wish for socialist revolution or something.

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In 4 years rates will lower and prices will rise, meaning you will have to save even longer.

Also, when homes are 4x salary that doesn't mean save 4 years and buy in cash, you lose money to taxes and you need money for everyday expenses.

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120k/year in Seattle really isn't that good. It's 900k+ for the nice areas in Bellevue/Redmond/Sammamish.

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>what is $60/hr in wage that only increases every year
>what are paid for insurance via benefits that frees up more of one's money to spend on what one wishes
sure youre not projecting some immense levels of retardation yourself? Get a job faggot and save

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>leave California, Illinois and New York
>move to Texas and Florida

What did Democrats mean by this?

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>if you're suggesting that people build their own homes, you're absolutely delusional.
literally what my family has done on all 3 parcels of land we own in Edmonds, WA. Literally all it took was everyone working for years to accomplish - a nurse, a reefer electrician on a shipping container, and my b2b sales self. Keep bitching and moaning and not succeeding

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The Democrats aren't the ones leaving those states.

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>2018 election

The image I referenced was 2020-2021, try again.

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This... meet three Californian refugees in my texas neighborhood all of them own more guns than me and would string up a leftist without remorse.

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Because it's a bunch of assholes that think they're owed the right to live in LA or NYC for cheap so they can get fucked up and party like degenerates all day while contributing nothing back to society except working some low paying wagecuck job. Asking them to live an hour away and pay much lower rent is like asking them for a kidney kek

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okay thanks for confirming that you're a mentally retarded laborer incapable of understanding basic personal finance.
>shipping container
from a (former) trailer park monkey to another, no one wants to live in a trailer.

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OK so save for 4.5 years. You'll still have income coming in, and you won't owe the bank anything

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>You can't have it all
It's illegal to say that in America kek

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It tends to be that "refugees" of commie/socialism/socialism lite tend to be the most hardcore opponents of it for obvious reasons, they lived that shit

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You have to dig deeper into the data.



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I wish I knew OP. Everyone I talk to in person who complains about housing loses their mind when I suggest they move somewhere more affordable. Meanwhile I moved for a few years, made a ton of money, and I can afford to live anywhere I want.

NPCs gonna NPC. Maybe it really is just an update to their programming.

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Don't argue with the bots. If they were making that much, then they would be too busy enjoying their lives to post here.

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It's absurd. Sometimes you only have to move like 1 hour away. The idea of living anywhere but the most "relevant" megacity shitholes triggers them into some kind of rant about human rights abuses.

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What makes me laugh the most is when they complain there's "nothing to do" in the areas I suggest, but their day to day life is literally drive to work in traffic (or ride crowded unpleasant public transit), work all day, then go home and watch j**flix. They take no advantage of the cool stuff in the area they live, just clutter it up with their existence. Nothing would change if they moved to some city in the Midwest or the central states.

This is the type of person who refuses to use ad-blockers, mind you. I'm 100% sure the main cause of NPCism is ad watching.

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i spent the first 25 years of my life in a rural town. unless you're a healthcare worker, teacher, or a lawyer, white collar jobs don't really exist. most people in the suburbs or the city don't want to give up their comfortable office jobs to work in a warehouse, slaughterhouse, factory, walmart, or dollar store for the next 40 years. also real estate is only cheap in these areas because you're on the outside, looking inward. that $170k house is "cheap" because the median household income for the region is $50k a year.
i work remote. it's not an option for most people. most businesses fail to make any money, much less a livable wage.
my dad is a millwright, my grandfather was a carpenter. trades in rural areas pay jack shit. they make more money in the city, like this brain dead retard >>53524615 pointed out, but it's still not a great wage.

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Literally every single major to mid-major city with jobs in this country has a multitude of small towns and suburbs within 20-40 minutes commuting distance. That is not an argument. Millions of people already do this. We're talking about the holdouts who act like doing the same would be the end of the world and then victimize the rest of us with their political decisions stemming from their pigheaded refusal to adapt to a dynamic economy.

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>that $170k house is "cheap" because the median household income for the region is $50k a year.
Yes, exactly. You're so close to getting it. Compare the tax rate for $150k salary in California vs $50k in Wyoming (or any other midwest state, not in a large city). Compare the monthly payment on a $800k California house to a $170k Wyoming house.

Then consider that the $50k job in the midwest doesn't require college and student loan debt, while the $100k+ job in California requires a bachelors+nepotism or a masters minimum.

The effect is non-linear you NPC. Graph it out.

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>20-40 minutes commuting distance
i doubt this is true for any of the top 20 cities. i live in the suburbs of philadelphia which is considered a moderate cost of living city and things only start getting affordable when you push it out to 60-90 minutes commute one way -- the exception being north/west philly, which is cheap for an obvious reason.

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Philadelphia is not moderate cost of living, it's an east coast megalopolis. You are the exact kind of ant I'm talking about. Move a few hours away to a Cincinnati or Columbus and suddenly you'll have affordable houses within driving distance of gainful employment.

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if you want an honest analysis you need to pick realistic locations with specific numbers and not one disingenuous extreme (california) to another (wyoming.)

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>Philadelphia is not moderate cost of living, it's an east coast megalopolis
cost of living indices say otherwise.
>Cincinnati or Columbus
how old are you? i'm not even trying to be a dick here, but your post smacks of inexperienced child. houses are cheap in these areas because they're rust belt shitholes with low wages and limited career prospects for career-minded individuals. in fact, these places have identical demographics as philadelphia (cincinnati actually has more niggers as a % of population.) if you move to these areas a non-remote worker you're not coming out ahead, because you'll need to pay a premium for a safe neighborhood while dealing with shitty local wages.

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Lmfao, go ahead and try to be a dick. I literally own 3 houses, selling the 3rd right now for a $100K profit over 3 years. You're a fucking retard and can't even wipe your own ass. Consider the horse led to water

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No you dont

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dude no one cares about the $40k plywood boxes you bought in central nebraska. i could buy one right now if i wanted to -- but i choose not. save the cope for an 18 year old child who might actually be impressed by your faggot bullshit.

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yeah you're right. Buying a house is just so so hard here in the US where they let people do it with 0% down :----((( wahhhhhhhhhhhhh

my ancestors got on boats and left a whole continent for a foreign world and I can't even move 40 minutes away!!!!

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No you can't you stupid cockroach brained little socialist faggot. You are worthless. The US government, by force, has made home financing in the US so fucking easy that a 70 iq nigger can do it. And you can't. Literally imagine that. The most tutorial mode economy, society, and housing industry on the entire planet, of all time, and you are failing. Kill yourself.

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>immediately launches into a /pol/ tier name-calling episode
get help, it's not too late.

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>noooooo don't name call me!

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Because lefties have to live by

They hate the beautiful outdoors .

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No you midwit, there's plenty of utility in establishing an upper and lower bound to demonstrate the effect of taxes and interest payments on larger principles for the general case. You only need specifics if I'm trying to convince you to move to a particular area (I'm not, I hope you suffer).

Everyone can tell you don't know math beyond a high school level. Loser.

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I wonder if some of these anons in this thread are glowies. I really doubt all these people who praise those rustbelt areas have really actually lived in them for some time. They have garbage prospects in advancing yourself other than if you are self-employed and/or have a job that is specifically curated for that area (usually healthcare is the best bet. For reference, I'm thinking of Upstate New York where that's really the only industry they have for any kind of advancement as no one wants to live in those areas regardless of it being majority white). Anyways, these areas will just get worse as time goes by, as the US further sinks into a 3rd world country. They try to pump money into them, but it's too late at this point.

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>Anyways, these areas will just get worse as time goes by, as the US further sinks into a 3rd world country.

it's going to get really ugly when the aging rural population dies off. it'll devolve into flint, michigan levels of dysfunction as local government lacks the tax revenue to support their already sparse roadways, utilities, schools, etc.

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Not everyone can appreciate the beauty of dead scrubland and the aesthetic rust-patterns on abandoned heavy industry plants.

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People who live in places with expensive housing have Stockholm syndrome, they think everyone outside of their shit hole is a subsistence farmer. They can't cope with the fact that housing is expensive due to endless immigration and capital migration from developing economies buying up all the real estate. They think it's expensive because it's the only place they could survive.

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>Everything else can be replaced.
Rebuying things multiple times is stupid. Buy a good one and bring it with you when you move.

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>coastie rats think a place where cost of living is low, jobs are still plenty, safe and clean and well ran areas abound are just a fantasy or a CIA psy op

lmfao. The urban coasts must be in worse shape than I realized even. This is just the lifestyle I apparently take for granted, literally get in a fucking car and see places

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only one person is complaining here duder. I'm laughing at you

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Because moving just puts you in a place with no jobs and no money. A good example is in some states if you work for tips you are expected to be paid 2.30 cents. Totally legit in the south.

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if you were happy with your lifestyle and didn't carry a deep and intractable inferiority complex, you wouldn't feel the need to vehemently defend it with ridiculous caricature-like behavior and relentless name calling. rural life is nice in some respects, but it's not a valid or reasonable solution to high cost of living.