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What if your job was to do push-ups from 9-5?

Sure maybe you could do that if you only had to do a push-up every 10 minutes.

But hear me out. We went from a 70 hour work week to a 30 hour work week while doing the same theoretical pushups. How? we let the body rest. We did more less often.

The thing is that: now business wants to repurpose those extra 40 hours into more work. But the human body can't handle doing push-ups every minute for 8 hours.

So why are some people so insistant that we should spend more time not resting? You seem to be happier with a 70 hour work week and 30 hour output. Do you not see the benefits?

pic unrelated.

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>So why are some people so insistant that we should spend more time not resting?
because they treat their workers like cells in an excel spreadsheet

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You sell labor. The company wants to buy more labor at the sake price. It's haggling, simple.

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These don't explain why business will choose to hurt over profits. It is not profitable for a business to act in this manner.

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>So why are some people so insistant that we should spend more time not resting?
Too much free time for useless office working eaters could have society crashing consequences. They sort of screwed the pooch with the fake covid hysteria used as a smoke screen to print money and make radical political changes to western democracies, but they're hoping they can still fix that with the memory holes they built into you with kthrough12+4.

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markets are irrational

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I honestly think it's an attitude thing. These people believe that others need to be broken down. Why? probably a case by case basis.

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I like this answer. It ties in with the elites fear of "misinformation" spreading. I think they're actually worried about the "truth" that spread during lockdowns.

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Society wants you on a railroad track from cradle to grave. You're not here to spend the actual 5 hours of productive time working and the rest thinking about your lot in life. You live, in honestly a pretty high quality life, at their behest.

Your allowed to opt out, but don't get up on a soap box and try to take anyone with you. That's how niggas get suicided.

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A business is a collection of interconnected decision-makers. Line managers get rewarded/punished for the total performance of their teams. They're generally not psycholgists, so obvious thing for them is to try to extract more labor via some form of coercion - subtle now, with whips in the old days.
As long as people are just burning out, the problem doesn't show up on any metric that they use. Once the problems become apparent, they show up as increased turnover in a report, which has so much of the underlying information removed that it is almost useless as a basis for action. Then the people looking at the turnover metric try to solve the issue based on their their limited understanding, e.g. with some employee retention programme, or, more specifically, perhaps they get some 20-30-year-old women to post tiktoks about how fun working at the company is, since it just involved going to the cafeteria and maybe putting up some post-it notes.

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I would agree that it is high quality if I weren't overcome by anxiety every step of the way. I literally live in fear for the day they finally "get me".

So I'd say all in all, pretty spot on.

I did opt out btw. About 4 years ago now. Been kinda rough but I'm almost on the other side of what I see as the tunnel. There will be more work in the future but I'm really hoping that this year I finally have an income again.

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That certainly explains how it ended up this way but not why the narrative is continued by individuals. Or I guess maybe it kinda does and they are just willfully ignorant at all levels of change.

But does my initial post not give some clear understanding of the problem? I'm curious as to whether it would change anyones mind on the subject.

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Good for you bro. Now delete this thread before you and I go on the problem escapees list. There's no point in disconnecting people from the proverbial matrix anyways. To be perfectly analytical, things are infinitely better for those of us doing our own thing with them getting on the train at 5am every morning and coming home at 7pm at night

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If only it were that simple. My income does come from a wagie and from this point I get into discrimination, disabilities and the fact that we simply aren't utilizing the workforce to its most efficient capacity.

But connections made at higher level education is the only system in place and I think it's pretty clear why they don't want to change that.

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i have no idea what you're trying to say with this analogy. are you questioning why we work 40 hours a week?

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>why the narrative is continued by individuals
Remind yourself of the tiktoks: they're a form of outward-facing propaganda. The point of propaganda is to inculcate some message in the public. If that succeeds, the people who carry this message "with" them will spread it themselves, since they believe it. If they spread it to other, they might get them to believe it too, though in that case, the message will have come from an individual, not from the corporation.
From the point of view of those people, it's just "common sense" or "what my father told me, and he was a good man". He was, but he was being used as a carrier for someone else's message. Your mailman might be a good man too, but that doesn't mean that the contents of every letter he delivers are true. What you're seeing is all the residue left from past propaganda (not necessarily corporate), sloshing around in society, spread around repeatedly.

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Thats one of the problems isn't it?

Are we talking retail or office jobs?

Are we talking about weekend hours or 10 hour days?

Is it back-breaking work? is it thinking work?

But the point was to highlight that thinking costs just as much energy as lifting heavy objects and that asking more of people produces less product.

Studies/experiments have shown that by reducing the work week to 30 hours productivity at work increases, profits for business increase and the average person spends that extra time accomplishing something productive. Mostly family but others pick up hobbies or volunteer work.

Despite this experiment, it is still getting push back and I guess I just came here to tell people they are idiots.

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i work in accounting. during the peak of COVID shutdowns my employer put us on a 20% pay cut and a 4 day work week, because we (medical device company) were losing money hand over fist due to the suspension of elective surgeries. our workload didn't actually get reduced, we just did """5 days""" of work in 4 days for about 2-3 months. the reduction in working hours was offset by a reduction in worthless meetings and retarded time-wasting projects.

when sales picked up we were put back on full pay, our schedules were reverted to 5 days, and we were once again loaded up with worthless meetings and retarded projects, so as to utilize our full 40 hours a week.

we unironically live in a society.

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Just FYI. Experiments on the 30 hour work week included being paid the same amount as the 40 hour.

Not sure what you're trying to say other than "lifes not fair, get over it".

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i'm trying to say that human psychology is mentally retarded and most people are complacent cattle who prefer stability, even if it's detrimental to their long term life. enacting a 30 hour work week would mean protests or physical violence

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>i'm trying to say that human psychology is mentally retarded and most people are complacent cattle who prefer stability
If that was true, then why did workers of the early 20th century fight for the 40-hour work week to become standard? Our society has grown to become complacent and lazy over time, but that doesn't mean it's some natural state of humanity, history is filled with examples of people not being complacent and actually fighting for shit

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You can say that just by citing the number of people that use tik tok despite it's terms and conditions. There are alternatives out there but most humans follow the trend.

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Early 20th century didn't have the automation we have today.

The problem being that we switched to more thought based process rather than physical which lead to an underestimation of how much an individual can accomplish. You don't know whats going on in someones head and you also need to ask how much effort it takes for someone to think about things that you dislike. For example a lot of people think math is stupid and dumb so how could they understand what it takes to sit down and do math problems for 8 hours.

I would like to know if when we requested a 40 hour work week there wasn't already a 50 hour work week.

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> then why did workers of the early 20th century fight for the 40-hour work week to become standard?
racial demographics and citizens were on an equal footing with law enforcement. burn a factory to the ground today and it's only a matter of time before 50 pigs in level iv plate carriers drive a 25 ton armored personnel carrier through your plywood home and slaughter your family.

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