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Any genuine thoughts on this one?

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i genuinely think he is a autistic retard

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what's happening with the fed meeting, is he expecting a massive sell off?

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Perma bobo

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has this idiot ever been right in the last few months where he gave predictions?

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are the constitutions using reverse psychology on us?

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That, my friend is a buy signal

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He's not been right in years.

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I mean, anyone actually following his post is only gambling just as much as fomoing in as a result of shilling

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>Muh big short
Fucking jewmericans think their lives is some hollywood movie.

Yes. However sometimes they have to give correct information or else it's too (((blatant))).

Always this picture kek

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I think what he meant with that is buy.

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The new Peter Schiff

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>say the sky is falling for 10+ years
>market has well due correction

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He's a permabear but this is the most specific I've ever seen him get. He's literally timing the market now. He must feel pretty certain this weeks FOMC and earnings will cause a dump.

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I keep thinking about Jesse Livermore and how he made all that money shorting then lost everything and ended up shooting himself.

Although Burry is probably right.

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it says sell

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If Burry is on the same side as the reverse-Cramer index then this is more than a signal, it's a prophecy.

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I sold yesterday. I don't know about a massive selloff, but you don't have to be an autistic trader genius to know that if we're pumping leading into the fed meeting, we're likely going to dump coming out of it.

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Hes been wrong nonstop, he'll delete this tweet when he's wrong too.

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>if this eceleb is on the same side as that eceleb, it's a prophecy

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Broken clocks

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The odds of a dump after the fomc meeting is high. So it’s going to pump and he’s going to be priced out.

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which one is the real eye? they both look real, just not as a pair lol

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see I can just say things too

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he's posing and virtue signaling to his fellow doomers
since he didn't specify "sell WHAT", he gains the benefit of hindsight if he eventually says what it was, since he can just pick whatever the fuck went down from there

selling assets can also mean buying cash
does he really believe in central banking? does he really advocate for a infinite mint on the treasury ponzi scheme? those IOUs are the primary backing for the cash deposits of USD; is he really a fucking bond bull?

this retard makes very little sense
it's the reason why you won't see this autistic fuck debating anyone worth a damn, cause they will ask him if he's dollar bullish
he is a contradiction of himself, probably doesn't realize that, since he is from a different era, when the dollar was not obliterating itself at a faster rate

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If you are long-term bearish on the dollar you would be bullish short-term, because you would need to see a lot of pain in foreign currencies before the dollar's demise.

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He just deleted this tweet, what does this mean??!?