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How much did you make this month?

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Less than $1200 and I live in Kansas city....

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About 10k £ got lucky tho

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in taxes from tades. Haven't cashed out anything

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$3167 from work and my crypto gained $1000

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whats that app?

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About $12k

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100k so far on my XFT purchase

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Same as last year? Same as every year.

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>tfw $POND
>tfw $XMR
>tfw $FIL
It's been kind of slow but not horrible. At least I don't own any ICP.

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Wtf? I thought this board was full of megatetratrillionaires who knew exactly what they talk about at all times.

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used my shitcoin money to buy more bitcoin before it shoots up to 30k :3

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BASED and PEDOpilled.

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Half of this board are europoor trash scammers the other half are underage, then there's us stuck in the middle.

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3700 yuro
but only because of a 1k bonus

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$4500 from my job
$850 from sports betting
$27,000 unrealized gains

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>Lost a grand

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whats your job?

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More than some min wagies get in a year

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>screenshot of a screenshot
Okay champ.

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nuff to save my ass gotta save money up because I'm bout to get fired

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Been posting this around and screenshotted it so people couldn't change the gradient filter and see my routing numbers

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No you're just some schizo nigger who's posted bullshit like this for ages constantly larping about net worth and never proving it, some of us lurk 24/7 nigger.

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30 kg
sheep cheese that is

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You are now free to cope and seethe

That's 16k of commission, which you would know what that is if you made a difference in your job. You do have a job right anon?

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Jack shit, get em next time bois

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tech support

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Based and happy for you anon. How can I do the same? Field?

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Thanks anon, looks like that other guy roped upon seeing proof. Software sales is the job, truthfully it is a wagie grind with high risk and high reward profile but if you can be persistent you'll end up doing fine after awhile

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>Software sales is the job
tell me more anon

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Recovered a 15k initial from a dead project and made 6k on top, made another $1760 USD from my wagie job I get paid twice a week at after taxes, 401kcontributions,bennies,etc so good month.

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Oops twice a month. So I think I'm also dumb I made $1760x2. Math is hard and I'm pooping.

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Mint app. I highly recommend.

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Just took profit on the 30% BTC did and 49% ALBT did. Didn't buy other alts cus many self crowned influencers said it's a bull trap.

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software sales here. made 33k this January

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jeeesus dont post the s4+ mug on blue boards

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Probably around $4k after taxes

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what so special about it?

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what software?

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It connects all my finance accounts (banks, credit cards, mortgage, etc) and tracks every earning and expense. It's very good for budgeting and keeping track of where my money goes over time. I have data going all the way back to 2010.

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$10K from work and $35K from crypto (broke even from last year’s losses).
-$100 from stocks lel

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Uh net or gross?

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I got a job at Walmart!

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Including dividends and interest alone? Probably $8,500. Then add to that capital gains from options, the total was $12,500. This does NOT include full time job income. So total I made without my regular income adds up to be around $20,000 for the month of January

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Americans are so over payed it ridiculous

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About -200k, after +500k last year, now I'm done trading for a while

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I work two full time jobs and I hold a PhD in Physics. If these were boomer times I’d be making twice what I make.

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roughly about ~$450.

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still above what the rest of the world make

>I work two full time jobs

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lost 264€

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5k unrealized gains in dogpad, i keep DCAing kek

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Not bullshit. I woke up at 3am this morning and I wont stop working until 6pm. Every fucking day. My fiancee works too (she looks just like OP pic btw).
I want to put babies in her and housing prices are so fucking high even where I am, a flyover state, that we cant afford before her womb shrivels up. So I work two full time jobs to try to meet an unreasonable market. Not only that, but I tutor as a side gig for $60/hr to rich kids. That pays my groceries every week.

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2k EUR salary
55k USD in crypto

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Around 10K in Kabosu
Rotated out into something better today

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you made 55k profit in a month?

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>you thinking what im thinking?

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Won't say name of the company but digital marketing.

Software sales is a big category and covers everything from a Microsoft selling another business the office suite, to lead generation or website creation.

I started as a bdr/sdr which is the bitch work setting meetings for other people, now im in the closing role (Account Executive) where other people set those meetings for me and I also do that for myself.

It's a tough game to survive let alone thrive in but again persistence is key and not letting failure deter your efforts. I've been out of uni for 5 years and this is my 4th company. In order I was: fired, laid off, promoted & quit. Got new higher paying jobs each time with a higher earnings potential

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sixty dollars

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Mayhaps yes anon

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Kennelmaster senpai?! :3

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>It's a tough game to survive let alone thrive in
i guess, i'v been sales is a pretty stressful job as the managers always pressure you to sell more.
and if you're not achieving your target you either get a shit pay or end up fired

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Not really, my portfolio is up 55k compared to last month to a total of 160k. So not profit. I only ever invested 3k EUR in crypto initially so my portfolio could go down 90% and I’d still be in the green.

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Indeed it is I, my son

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Youre asking the wrong questions. Its how much did i lose

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10k on $GIGA > flipped into $VETME for x2 > took profits and bought a couple max bags of $ZVOID for another ez at least x2. OTC project month, doing well so far.

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>I only ever invested 3k EUR in crypto initially
when was that?

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rotate $ZGOYD gains into dogpad and you are safe and sound

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mid 2020; Most of my gains were from shitcoin like bonfire and dogobonko. In fact all of them. At some point I had 1.3 USD of DBonk, it crashed like shitcoins do. Saved 300k USD in Dec 2021; bought BTC with it and held ever since.

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be like me and ape those zevoid gains into dogpad.
thank me later

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1.3 million USD is what I meant, I think I was a too 10 holder can’t remember

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isn't that smallhanded faggot in their team?

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may i ask what platform you use to buy those shitcoin?

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3041 USD from my salary
700 USD from rent
0 from the other flat on Airbnb (parents were staying in town so lent it to them for free) but it's normally around 1000 after tax

Around 50 USD on interests on my saving accounts Kek

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108.43 after bills

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Those are both men.

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can't tell yet, I'll let you know when I pull out my staked $orn

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nah the person on the right is FTM

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Won't sell my ORN until it reaches +$20

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Pancakeswap for BSC shitcoins.
If BTC reaches 45k-50k again I’ll gamble all my portfolio and try to secure 7 figs.

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Is there any good places to learn how to do sports betting?

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do they have leverage or were you 1x ?

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Those people dont post in data mining threads

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My Bugatti is Hot Pink
(I do not own a Bugatti)

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Is that Impa from Zelda on Switch?

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gross 10m profit 3m with Facebook ads + affiliate marketing

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I started doing doordash for like $400 a week

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I don't care that got sucks, i want to sniff emilia's ass