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Why is everyone so obsessed with price when the only real important metric in crypto is TPS?

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You are right anon. TPS is important.

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>1500 TPS
Where are you getting that?

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yeah do you know why? because currently this very moment it isnt getting said transaction speeds. sure hbar is currently doing those transactions and capable of doing such transactions...BUT it doesnt meant that those are organic transactions. It constantly fluctuates depending on volume.


Nonetheless i also own hbar because its part of WEF.

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Nice cope. No one uses xrp. No one. Not banks, not you or I, only the retail dumb enough to buy it. I’ve noticed a lot of xrp chuds buy Hbar, but practically no one holds Hbar and then buys xrp. Make me laugh anon, is there going to a “buy back” and “flip switchening” and one day xrp will be worth $1000+? Lol lmao even

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What did ICP mean by this?

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I don't believe in the buyback, there is a way where I think it could be possible though.
The flip won't be overnight price increase.
I hold lots of coins including XRP and hbar because I don't want to put all my eggs in 1 basket.

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>muh hypothetical

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600? you know bsv did 20k? and solana does 60k? (altho many are for consensus finding and it breaks all the time)

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the only important metric is community

eth has the largest community which is why it's destined for the #1 spot.

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> could be possible

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80 new usecases slated for launch on mainnet in q1; don't fumble the bag anon

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BSV fans remind me of that tard wearing a Superman costume. I bet he really thought he has Superman

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I also said i don't believe in the buyback.
But thanks for reading.

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Why do people buy land in Scotland ? Some people are just not destined to make it.
«There are those who see, those who see when shown, and those who don’t»

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bsv has done 20,000 on chain already, demonstrated 100,000 privately and will do drastically higher tps with teranode, all on layer 1 with cheap fees and an open decentralised network anyone can join

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Hey faggot this is an hbar thread no one cares about BSV. Kindly do the needful and kys

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>I don’t believe in it
>I actually do believe in it

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You are a moron sir.
Something can be possible without being likely.

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>practically no one holds Hbar and then buys xrp
>tfw sold my XRP at 50c and bought HBAR at 4.5c

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Cool. Ghostchains can do literally nothing , or shit nobody cares about, or shit you can already do lightning fast for near free with existing technology. All you have to do is buy some retard's heavy bags by registering your confirmed identity with more supporting documents than required to get a driver's license, wire real money from a bank that doesn't block transactions to crypto exchanges, watch the charts 24 hours per day yo find the right time to buy, move your coins to a expensive hardware wallet or chrome browser extension and remember your 24 word password, AND YOU CAN SOON DO NOTHING AT BLAZING FAST SPEEDS TOO!

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Midwit detected. Stay poor fag!

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I actually make money in crypto, while retards here gobble up for the tech fecal breadcrumbs.

You're likely holding my bags of hbar, or grt, or any of the "strong fundamentals" dogshit I bought low and sold high. The only way to win in crypto, is to play against people who take it seriously.

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you buy crypto to make more fiat to spend in a globohomo world
I buy crypto to end globohomo and restore moral order to our future
we are not the same

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>I buy crypto to end globohomo and restore moral order to our future
Fucking lol. Just remember who you bought it from. ;)
See you next bullrun, when your bags have fallen out of the top 1000mc, and a totally new crop of "for the tech"/ "strong fundamentals" trash needs pumping and dumping.

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>dunning-kruger, the post
most smart people moved on from TPS in 2017
most normalfags eventually learned that lesson by 2020 or so
you're literally 6 years behind the ecosystem and 3 years behind the average, and you think you're in any position to call others midwits...
anon, even if it weren't for your dumb logic, i can literally smell your brown skin through the way you type

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oh look, it's a homosexual that has a fetish for cavemen. Tell me how many pictures of shirtless men do you have saved?

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because I want to MAKE MONEY I don't give a shit about the technology. Crypto is a giant ponzi scheme fueled by retards that don't understand how value creation works and believe their shitcoins (including ETH and BTC) are actually worth something.

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>bought a bunch of hbar @30 cents because of the feet anon
>~80 down with not enough liquidity to really push down my DCA
I did get a foot fetish that so far only 1 out of 3 women I've been with since have enjoyed, so I guess thanks hbar.

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We know, but thats why those who invest in the actual to be used crypto that has functional use, then those same ppl will be handsomely reward.

Crypto in general is dead, its no longer something alternative. Crypto has been a ponzi because before Hedera all crypto was, was a "promise" a "dream" of what could be. This dream is how 99.9% of cryptos funded themselves or were able to ponzi. ETH was the most useful of the ponzi as it DID in fact do some new and good things FOR THE TIME and rewarded ppl for mining however what they did good has already been legacied as useless for the future. Hedera is the future that they promised as its a promise and dream thats already been proven to work, and is actually being used.

Tps over 350 for last 2 weeks, even with sell pressure price has stabilized at 06.5/07.5. That TPS wont stay at 350tps for much longer... unlike ETH, rewards are given via TotalTPS (HCS/HTS). You dont need a gpu or a diesel generator to mine, all you gotta do is hold.

Doge is the only coin worth holding to ride the short term wave. If you're gonna have disdain for "normies", then use them for what they are, a predictable trend

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>minimal DeFi activity
>barely any users to speak of
>abysmal DeFi TVL (for reference one dApp on Polygon, Stargate, has more TVL than the entire Hedera DeFi ecosystem)

the absolute state of Hedera bros. if you’re gonna fake TPS at least make it believable
no one is using this ghost chain. giga sell signal

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The only important metric in crypto is having the least amount of pajeets shilling by weighted average. HBAR is amongst the highest taking biz as a sample size. Do not trust this scam

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Why do people care about things like price or TPS when the only thing that truly matters is anonimity, freedom, and decentralization? Have you all forgotten what this is all about?

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it doesnt really matter though its not like 1500 people use XRP anyway lol

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Stop thinking about men and trying to call out others for it like a schizophrenic projecting little bitch. No (You) for you either for being an attention whore. Go neck yourself.

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You called?

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>minimal DeFi activity
That's why I bought it. DeFi is all ponzi garbage and scamming and I hope those jeets and vultures stay away from Hedera forever.

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sorry anon but i dont think anyone gives much of a shit anymore because Cryptobro scammers literally siphon hundreds of millions of dollars by practically highway style stealing from retards with NFTs that never go anywhere and shitcoins and they *always* get scoff-free, no issues with the law or anything like that. In fact, the only exception is people like Bankman Fried who were moving quite literally billions of dollars.

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her armpits
my nose
nuff said

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sui/make it stack?

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I hate you retarded troll niggers. I am the whitest of the whites you fuck. I have a degree in physics, and that allows me to officially declare you a nigger. Print this post out and hang it on your wall faggot, it's your largest accomplishment to date. I responded to you.

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Look into sauce and their native staking which adds upon hederas and Lucky for shitcoin

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>the only metrics is TPS!!!
>the only metric is community!!!
>the only metrics is usecases!!!
>the only metrics is how cool the name is!!!
Got me there.
>and you still won't buy ICP.

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