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thank you for that last exit pump sincerely. i feel like god has given me another chance to coomulate linkies at the true bottom. i won't be wasting it.

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Thanks for reminding me Linkies are the bottom of the barrel

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What's your target, op? I was being too greedy waiting for $1, now I'll be happy with $2 LINK

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mine is also around $2

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I sold at $35. Now ill buy at 2-3$, best i can do

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Imagine not selling when it's over $7.

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never ever subhumans

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For me, Link is a buy under $100 and extremely undervalued.

Wish I had got Ethereum under $100 but $185 is not too shabby.

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oh yeah, i'm the biggest bull ever on link long-term dont get me wrong. its just that i need a 4 figure stack at least, so i bave to time the bottom carefully. it's hard

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Uhhh guys… someone AI Sergey’s voice


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this. thank you so much for the exit. now i can move on with my life.

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my only concern now is that everyone is talking about the "echo bubble"... so that surely means it won't play out as everyone is talking about it
(eg we go to 30k then back to 15k for the depression phase of the bear market, just like in 2018/19)

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based freelinker turned swingchad

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u should check the weekly

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it's looking pretty good so far. development pace is a tragedy, partnerships amount to nothing, money gets wasted on frivolous shit like half empty conventions all while the dumping continues. all this makes new buyers very unlikely, only the delusional without stable incomes remain. that'll keep pushing the price lower, an excellent opportunity for you to buy