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Owning a house is a privilege, not a right.
Change my mind.

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No point if it’s hamburger

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If I never have the ability to own a house on a worker's income, I simply will not work and leach off the system.

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That sounds like a very boring life.

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I have the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness
Me not having a house infringes on that right
Therefore, gimme

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That is how the government see it too. It's why home price is not in the CPI, it is a category of "housing" instead. You don't HAVE to own your housing. Especially not single family homes. Enjoy your pod.

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That's because you don't actually believe in helping the white race. Go back to Talmud studies, moisha.

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Well no shit but it SHOULD be right. The fuck do you think people mean? Do you think people mean literally currently housing is a human right? Are you autistic?

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Working 12 hours a day is more boring. Humans should be doing 6 hours of labor max.

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If housing is a privilege so is food and water since they are all required to live.

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what does privilege vs right mean?

Is a right something that everyone should have?

Is a privilege something that needs to be earned?

If that is the case, where are the menial labour wagies meant to live? with their parents?

I think it's a great way to save money but to force human beings to live in close quarters should only be done out of necessity.

You should be forced to have to live outside life with people that displease you. But in your own home? nah.

I would love to fill your house with a vunch of randoms and give you some excuse as to why you don't deserve better.

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maybe get some skills neetcucks lmao

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They think I haven't earned my place. I think they haven't earned my labour.

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>If that is the case, where are the menial labour wagies meant to live? with their parents?
In apartments or rented homes with "friends" or whatever.
>I would love to fill your house with a vunch of randoms and give you some excuse as to why you don't deserve better.
What point would that make? I worked my ass off to get good degrees, get a high-paying job, maintain excellent credit, and finally buy a house. I've earned the privilege.

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this is not what anyone said or ever ment hat all.

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I make bullets faggot. What do you do?
Probably shit around with your dick in your hand.

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You put the same amount of effort in that wagies do. The end goal was just more respected by your peers.

You're living a lie and continuing the narrative makes me want to put you in the position that you expect others to face.

You can disrespect wagies if you want but as you encourage the conditions to be worse and worse, less people will do it and nobody will serve you.

People will have to die for it to happen and half assed government benefits prevent that from happening. It's sickening.

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Trump lost

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Everything is a godamn privilage. Not waking up in a hut with a crazy warlord trying to cut my hands and feet off is a privilage. Not living in a smoggy futuristic cyber punk dystopia is a privilage. China. Just because we are lucky to live in a developed country doesnt mean we dont have have fucking problems.

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Home ownership and attaining an income in order to afford a home are two different things. You can say the latter is a privilege while also acknowledging that the barrier to home ownership is way too expensive.

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I voted for Biden, retard.

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How am I disrespecting wagies? I'm technically still a wagie and I've put in way more effort throughout my 20s than the typical wagie. So did my parents who immigrated to America in the 1980s with less than $300 to their name.

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You just think it's more effort because you experienced it.

You underestimate what employers ask of fast food workers. They are drilled hard and the effort is equatable.

You are not a wagie. Wagie's do not work overtime because what is asked of them is unsustainable in the timeframes already existing.

The fact that you did more than a 40 hour week says that your job is easy.

Doing more than 40 hours only helps you to reach what is expected of a wagie.

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I think you misunderstood me. When I wrote "way more effort throughout my 20s than the typical wagie" I meant that I focused and put in a lot of effort at school because I had the foresight to know how important it would be to my financial success later in life. I've earned the privilege to a nice house, car, vacations, investments, etc.

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Who's the real retard here

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It was considered a right in America for about 400 years. Now that all of the good shit has been carved up by the rich, the window of opportunity is closed. Sorry, maybe you can find a nice trailer park to live in someplace.

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Take whatever your skill is and move to a location where you're compensated enough to buy a home. If the wage for your skillset can't afford you a home in southern california then move to albuquerque new mexico.

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>makes bullets
>"ment hat all"

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Is it the person with nothing of value to actually say?

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Ticker VSTO

Look us up. Were the number one manufacture of ammunition in the world. We make bullets for home land security and the FBI as well.

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>"Buy" house
>Pay taxes (rent) to government
>Stop paying taxes / government wants to rezone
>Get kicked off your land

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Anons think homeownership is some kind of golden beacon of success that you shine onto the world. It's not. It's rough and it's expensive as hell. When the plumbing breaks or there's a electrical problem or your dog chews up a gas hose or myriad other things that can cost thousands and HAVE TO GET FIXED. This shit completely drains your savings. The only time you make money is the day you sell it assuming you bought between 2008 and 2021, of course.

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you are entitled to your opinion
in reality people with no hope for the future turn to crime, violence, and political extremism
coming to your neighbourhood next, faggot