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LCX chads stay making it

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100$ worth of lcx will give me financial freedom?

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Hell yes we stay making it.
waiting... waiting... waiting for it...

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>crypto exchanges committing fraud with maximum public exposure
>multiple large exchanges going under due to being over extended
>trust failing all over for normies
>governments trying to save the day with new laws and REGULATIONS
>Lcx founded in globalhomo HQ. Literally named after the City
>Wef approved
>you’re an investor in crypto trying to make profit
>Schwab is the literal mascot

Imagine not holding this coin with all the bullshit going on. If you trade crypto and don’t use it for a currency. How can you not have lcx in your portfolio?

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How many LCX's do I need? Kinda poor desu

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100k will set you for life.

10$ by 2025 (100k = 1Mil)

100$ by 2028/2030 (100k = 10Mil)

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>Imagine not holding this coin with all the bullshit going on.
I don't understand WTF people are thinking not holding LCX. It more than solves the problem of 2 key 2023-25 issues; regulated exchanges, and asset tokenization. It's my duty to give back to /biz/, but I'm really getting tired of spoonfeeding niggas.

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>7 replies
huh weird.

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Let’s go Bruno :)

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congrats to everyone who is this early. generational wealth incoming.

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me in the back