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They only buy when there is mania and FOMO. But when things are dead and trending sideways (the best time to buy) they shun it. Oh well, can't help midwits I guess.

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What's wrong a midwit FOMOer or a Bobo in denial when bull runs start?

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What's worse*

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grab the neck noooooo

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They are waiting for 10k, anon. 15k wasn't good enough for them. (Even though it was more like 12k adjusted for recent i flation lmao)

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Because they outsource their thinking to their social group and just follow the prevailing consensus. They consistently engage in logical fallacies, put feels over reals, and appeal to authority. They are NPCs, plain and simple, but they were never meant to make it, just to buy our bags at the top.

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Why would you want to change this? There wouldnt be nearly as much profit for us if this were to ever be altered.

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I can't belive we held 15.5k. Seriously the fucking number of people waiting to buy sub 10k were inumerable.

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Because people are risk-averse and they also think they can analyze patterns enough to somehow determine precise outcomes.