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>every single woman on dating apps has a huge fucking dog

Fucking shit this is almost as bad as having a kid. Why the fuck do so many single women adopt big smelly mutts? Even worse if it’s a shitbull or something

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Because it provides them security so they can go thot around with random guys and never marry.

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it's the abdul filter
you got filtered abdul

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they're getting pounded by big dog cock

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because women fuck dogs unironically

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I’m a WASP

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yeah well if you don't like dogs you might aswell be a slammy

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Lol they all live in apartments too. Imagine torturing an animal by keeping them in an apartment for your own vanity when it should be out herding sheep. Fucking sickening

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Bullshit. I'm not a jeet and I don't like dogs. They are high maintenance. I have a cat. They know when to shit. Usually leave me alone. Usually sleeps. Low maintenance.

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Dogs are the niggers of pets

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>he doesnt know

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>huge fucking dog

Mine has a small dog. We're hanging out right now while I lie to boomers (sales) and she teaches the youth of america

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Won’t ever date a girl with a pitbull any other dog is ok though

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Ask them if its male
If yes, instant ghost

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I don't like when they have cats, either
>wife has two cats
>constantly have something staring at me
>they never shut the fuck up
>it started meowing at us during sex and instantly killed the mood
I am so tired of cats...

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you have no soul and are genetically inferior
this is scientific FACT checked by PEERS and supported by ANECDOTAL EVIDENCE

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If you want to make profit get into selling pet services and accessories.
Extremely bearish on people having kids, extremely bullish on everyone coping with pets and buying them a fuckload of shit they don't really need to cope better.

Dog hotels, dog hair saloons, dog washing, dog handling, dog clothes, dog toys, dog beds etc. The future is bleak, but you can at least profit from it

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If the dog is big and has intact balls you know she has dog semen inside her.

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It’s a nigger magnet
You have been magnetized